Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spring Clean(s)ing

Anyone know anything about the Spring Cleanse? My friend Anna has coerced me into yet another cleanse . . . we're aiming for Monday - Friday. Unlike the last cleanse I did, you can actually eat food on this one, albeit an extremely limited selection of raw fruits and veggies. We are allowed spinach, dandelion greens, a couple other bitter greens, beets (though they don't do much good uncooked), avocado (!!!), apples, and citrus. Yikes. I'm still deciding whether or not I'm gonna cheat and keep my morning coffee in the mix . . . it's finals week at Balboa, and the kiddos deserve a teacher who is at least . . . human. Good thing I bought a big bag of DELICIOUS satsumas at the Berkeley Farmers' Market today.

Speaking of which, what a day! Anna and I are both dogsitting, so we went to the farmers' market and then took the pups on a gorgeous, off leash hike through the Oakland Redwoods in Tilden Park. So pretty! It was a pretty difficult hike . . . almost straight downhill into this deep canyon surrounded by creeks and tall, tall redwoods, and then, naturally, the almost straight climb uphill back up to the trail. Man oh man. I'm so lucky to live in an area that is full of gorgeousness. And I'm finishing up the day in Marin with Mr. Milo, whose backyard overlooks water, boats, and Mount Tamalpais. Seriously???

My friend Josh Klipp lent me this book, which I just started reading, and about which (thus far anyway) I am very excited!

Being a teacher and a poet means reading so much nonfiction and poetry . . . I sometimes forget how amazing it feels to read a really good novel. So here's to that. And to the stunning dress on the book cover. And to any recommendations y'all have for other amazing novels . . . cause I plan on making a practice out of some seriously good reading this year!

I think it's about time for me to settle in with some United States of Tara . . . the show my sister got me hooked on when I was home for Christmas. If you haven't seen it, it's about a woman (with a husband and two teenage kids) who has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and whose "alters" pop up unexpectedly . . . not only is the story line fascinating, but the husband is played by John Corbett. On whom my crush is almost debilitating.


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homemade grits said...

i need to read more! it's always so inspiring to get out of your own head and in to someone else's. sweet relief! the cleanse sounds hard and good and what a beautiful place you live in. miss you:(