Saturday, February 6, 2010

Babies & Art

Things just may be looking up. Yesterday was a spectacular Friday, starting with the news that one of my students is out of jail and will be back in school on Monday! That's definitely a victory and I'm really excited about his return. Then, the exterminator came and set traps for the horrifying little creepy crawlies that have made a home on my kitchen ceiling. Hopefully they'll be fully eradicated soon. Then, after school, I got to babysit sweet little Henry and Maddie May for a few hours! I met Henry when he was only about 10 weeks old--so tiny and new--and he's now 2 and potty trained and extremely communicative (in English and Chinese!). Crazy. And speaking of feeling old, one of my former students showed up to visit school yesterday with his wife and baby. How is this happening???Anyway, back to Henry and Maddie May:

Sweet Henry

Miss Madeline at 11 months

Kisses for little sister

Aren't they ridiculously cute? It's kind of crazy how adorable the babies I take of are. And I know I'm not just biased, cause I have incredible discernment when it comes to cute babies . . . I have no problem admitting when they're not that cute. ;) But Freeman, Milo, Henry, and Maddie? Geez Louise.

At 9 pm sharp I jetted over to the Mina Dresden Gallery in the Mission to see my dear friend Truong's first solo exhibit. I swear that man is the most loved person I know cause seriously there were at least 250 people there. Unbelievable. It's a pretty teeny gallery, so I think the owner was totally overwhelmed by the massive crowd filtering in from Valencia St. Although I got rejected at the door because I showed up too late, the whole thing was spectacular, people bought art, and then we all trekked to the Thieves Tavern for post-opening cocktails. If you're in San Francisco, definitely check out Truong's edgy, exquisite, provocative, multi-media exhibit, the lost and found. It's up till February 26th.

And I'll leave you with a video of my tiniest BFF, Freeman, at breakfast this morning. Happy weekend!

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