Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ms. Lesley Graham!

Happy happy birthday to one of my favorite girls in the world and the sweetest redhead I know! Some of you may know her as the-most-fabulous-woman-in-the-world, some of you may know her as Do-They-Make-Families-That-Attractive?, some of you may know her as a master seamstress, some of you may know her as the oldest daughter of the epically gorgeous Williams family, and some of you may know her as God-doesn't-give-with-both-hands-except-in-the-case-of-Lesley. In any case,

Happy Birthday Lesley Anne Williams Graham!!!

Lesley is my oldest friend in the world. Our mamas have been bffs since middle school, and sweet baby Lesley was waiting for me at the hospital when I was born in August of 1981! We've literally been friends since the first day of my crazy life, and she is just like a sister to me. We've been there for all the important events in each other's lives, and all the times in between . . . I wish I was in Atlanta to celebrate today--her 29th birthday--with Lesley, but I will do so from afar and electronically (which now that I think about it is pretty ridiculously lame, but nonetheless allows me to showcase photos of my beautiful redhead):

birthday girl!

Lesley with her best accessory: her daughter Matilda

(both images from Lesley's flickr)

my favorite picture of matildaface

Warning: if you visit Lesley's blog, you may be overcome with envy . . . she's gorgeous, her house looks like an Anthropologie showroom, her daughter's exquisite, she has the best taste of anyone I know, and she's incredibly creative and artistic (and can make the prettiest little girl dresses you've ever seen). She even made one for Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter! But you should go to her blog anyway. :)

Happy 29th birthday to one of my favorite people in the world! I love you so much!


homemade grits said...

are you kidding me? how did i get so lucky to have you as a friend? just when i was feeling down in the dumps i read this. i love you more than words and wish you were here with me. thanks for writing the nicest things i've ever read about myself. i'm blushing! literally. i love you.

passport in my pocket said...

awww, such as sweet post, Claire! I love me some Lesley Graham too!!!! :) Love the photo selection, especially of Les with the birthday cake because she has the best facial expression. Happy Birthday, Lesley!!!!!