Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady Gaga & Strawberries

are currently Freeman's two favorite things. Here he is tonight, eating a strawberry, transfixed by Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video:

Another highlight of the day: I had a great speaker come in and talk to my students today about his time in prison, his rehabilitation, and ultimately giving back to the community. At one point he asked the kiddos: "Does anyone have a spiritual practice? Anyone pray or meditate?"

GM: "I be meditatin! I meditated up in Health class today."
Speaker: "Did it help you?"
GM: "I don't know. It was my first time."

hahaha! That kid (the one who just got out of jail) cracks me up every single day.

Our speaker spent some time talking about his involvement with the RSVP (Resolve to Stop the Violence Program) in the San Francisco County Jails--pretty incredible. San Francisco is lucky to have such a progressive sheriff . . . and he's been the SF Sheriff for 30 years!

I just finished a book that Gaela lent me called He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Trish Ryan. It has certainly made me think a lot . . . it's a memoir about a woman's search for the right relationship and her simultaneous discovery of spirituality. Although at times her practices are a little extreme, I'm pretty inspired by her commitment to self-realization, prioritizing love, and tuning into her spiritual center. Having recently been once again disappointed by a relationship (everything was going great with my rugby boy . . . till he moved to Chicago a couple weeks ago), I need little jolts of encouragement and occasional reminders to be PATIENT. I think patience needs to be my new mantra.

And last but not least, the sad news that Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London home today (only 40 years old!). Rest in Sweet Peace Mr. McQueen . . . and I leave you with some of my favorite of his designs:


passport in my pocket said...

I love your stories about school, students, speakers, etc. Very insightful and interesting.

Keep the book recommendations coming - I need to buy a new one. What's are your favorites?

passport in my pocket said...

Claire - Any advice for this girl?