Friday, February 26, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Okay so I'm not really a movie person . . . I'm usually much too fidgety to sit still (and with decorum) for 2 whole hours at a time. I maybe see two movies a year. But this May, Sex and the City 2 comes out, and you bet your britches I'll be one of the first in line with a flask of cosmo in my hand! Here's the trailer for those who haven't seen it yet:

Expect an amazing pre-and-post party from me, complete with pretty dresses and sky-high heels and all kinds of cocktails. I can't wait!!

An excerpt from my 5th period class today:

me: "Please be quiet and work on your journal questions so that everyone can--"
DT: "Ms. Kiefer you look nice today."
me: ". . . Thanks. So please write in your--"
LG: "You really do look good today."
me: " . . . write about one thing you're really proud of and one thing--"
EM: "You got a date tonight or something Ms. Kiefer?"
me: "ummmm, can y'all please focus and get out your--"
LG: "When I turn 18, will I have a chance with you?"
me: "Um, no way."
LG: "But why?"
me: "Y'all are kind of creeping me out today."
MP: "Why, cause we're all tryin to get at you?"

Ugh. Humiliated me in front of my new paraprofessional. But aren't they funny, though? Today in class I worked on my impressions of them. I've pretty much got ZT, MP, and EM down pat. Ask me to do them for you next time you see me. Heehee.

This weekend is gonna be chock full of babies for me (Milo tonight, Freeman tomorrow night), hopefully interspersed with a little bit of farmers market, a little bit of exercise, and a little bit of friend time. Oh, and a little bit of book time, since I need to finish The Hunger Games before our teacher/student book club meeting on Tuesday. And speaking of that link, if you're not on goodreads, hop to! And then add me as a friend. :) I love reading my friends' book reviews . . . especially Cheryl's since she actually gives really substantial feedback. ;)

Despite my devotion to progress, 2010 has started off a little shaky . . . beginning with a life-course-altering breakup, then a crashed-in ceiling (followed by the Indian meal moth infestation, omg gross!), and then it was Eric moving away, and now the news that my roommate AND my beloved neighbors are all moving out. So much distance everywhere. However, some of the folks I love the most seem to be experiencing all kinds of luck . . . Anna's been swept off her feet by an incredible man, Jennifer got a new job with a serious salary increase, Marisa's first book is coming out in April . . . which brings me so much happiness and hope.

happy weekend!


homemade grits said...

happy weekend clairey! i'm sorry 2010 is shaky stuff, but i know that all of this will result in something positive...just wait and see! so for the movie...when in edit html mode, change the width size to 400 and that should solve the size issue, although it shows up in my reader full size:) i love you and hope you get to squeeze in some delightful things and hopefully one of them being a phone call with me. sorry we keep missing each other!

bananas. said...'s only february. you have ten more months of 2010. it has to get better!

i can't wait to see SATC 2. so so excited!!!