Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day, oh and GET A BLOG!

Seriously, I don't get what's not to love about this holiday. A whole day devoted to love (the way I see it: lovers, family love, friend love, lovin', all of it!), endless chocolate and cupcakes, cute little conversation hearts (my favorite one this year said "What's Up"--haha), and lots of pink and red. Fun! Every year my girlfriends and I get together and do girly things and play games and eat cupcakes and laugh and drink pink cocktails. This year we started at Sho Chiku Bai tasting room & sake museum in Berkeley, but were a little unimpressed with its hushed & still ambience and our long-ass wait to get a spot at the bar (plus, I was standing in 4 inch heels), so we quickly retreated to my house, where we came home to this:

part of my spread

pink funfetti valentine cupcakes!

awwww . . .

Valentines for my girls

We immediately commenced the vodka & sparkling blood orange concoctions of V-Day 2010, topped off by a few bottles of wine, which rendered me stumbly and hazy and not attentive to photographing. Thus, the only picture from later in the evening is:

casual & low-key Jenna in my Louboutins!

Amazing. Everything went swimmingly until I decided to break out my cell phone, with which I did some serious damage . . . but we'll just stick to the good parts of the night. :)

Some of the girls went home late, Anna slept over, and then I dragged Anna to Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe, one of my favorite local brunch spots. Nothing like a decadent breakfast and some Peet's coffee the morning after a debauched night of liquor and sugar. All in all it was a great weekend, and yet another memorable celebration of Cupid's adorable and mischievous holiday.

Not to mention we had Monday off school for President's Day, which was MUCH appreciated, needless to say.

Regarding the Get a Blog! imperative in the title of this post: I was talking to my dear cousin Jennifer tonight about blogs, and she was saying that she'd like to have one, but she just doesn't know what she'd write about, that she's just not that funny, etc. . . and I had to call her on her nonsense-talk. I LOVE reading my friends' blogs, and I want all y'all to get them! I totally understand the sort of self-conscious thought pattern of "I'm not important enough to chronicle the minutiae of my life--no one's gonna want to read this!," but it's just not true. We all read each other's facebook status updates and sometimes unremarkable emails with verve and zest. I guess it's just a voyeuristic human instinct, to some degree . . . in any case, if you have a blog that I don't know about, tell me about it! And if you don't, consider getting one! They're so fun to read. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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