Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey, Jude!

Although I don't have too much luck with the grown boys these days (ugh), I sure am the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to baby boys! One of my favorite toddlers, Hurricane Milo, is officially a big brother! Jude Bradley Freitag was born Wednesday at 7:50 pm, a perfect little 8 lb. 19 inch ball of cuteness:

baby Jude, not even 24 hours old yet :)

baby Jude and auntie Claire

He's lookin' just like Milo, so we'll see if he ends up with Milo's . . . "energy." haha. I'm so happy for all the Freitags--they're one of my favorite families in the world. Welcome, Jude!

Today started slow, and then sped up real quick when it came time for 5th period. Ay yay yay, the dreaded 1 o'clock in room 102. Seriously, the security guards at Balboa know to be on alert & nearby my classroom. In today's episode of "Monster High," I had to kick two of the little beasts out after they refused to cease with their 'yo mama' battle. I mean, hello 1992!! One of whom subsequently stormed out of the class screaming at me: "F@!% this weak a$$ class anyway! GET A MAN!"

HA! ZT, of "Toby" fame, told me to "get a man" . . . which although frustrating at the time, is admittedly freaking hilarious. In fact I'm kind of smirking thinking about it now.

Okay so in order to get me in a better mood before my girly dinner-and-a-movie date with Annie (ohhhhhh how I wish it was dinner-and-a-movie-and-cocktails . . . Lent, hurry up and be over already!!), I'm gonna post some Friday favorites:

Favorite Shoes:
the Dior Chacha

Favorite Photographer:
Sally Mann

Where I Wanna Be:
the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman!!!

ha! but don't I deserve it??? :)


Erika said...

After that ordeal you so deserve to be at the Ritz Carlton right now. And can I just say that your desription of the "yo momma" incident made me think of "Dangerous Minds." Oh, I had forgotten that movie even existed.

Hello Baby Jude I adore you - so cute! Happy, Happy Weekend, my love!! :)

drollgirl said...

yo mama jokes are back?!?! THANK GOD! those were so funny!!!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

thanks ladies . . . and yes, the yo mama jokes are pretty funny . . . just not that funny during journal time in class. :) here's my favorite one:

Yo mama's so fat, all the restaurants around town have signs that say "Maximum Capacity: 240 patrons OR Yo Mama." heeheeheehee.

Iva said...

SUCH a cutie!!!!

bananas. said...

your nephew is A-DOR-ABLE!! congrats auntie claire ;)

loving the shoes and would love to visit a ritz carlton but in the grand canyon? really? interesting. haha.

ps. i own a home in the east bay. still pricey but not as pricey as SF.

bananas. said...

bahaha!! sorry. blame my quick reading aka dyslexia. i have no idea where that is but it looks amazing.

trishie said...

Sweet little baby!

And can i just say those Dior chacha shoes are just divine...!