Wednesday, March 17, 2010


People who are Jerkfaces:
1. The person who stole my wallet out of my purse (in my office!) at school today;
2. The women who, after our thorough demonstration about appropriate prom attire to the junior and senior girls today, argued that there's nothing wrong with our teenage girls wearing micromini dresses and garter belts;
3. The school officials in Mississippi who canceled prom because their high school student, Constance McMillen, wanted to bring her girlfriend as a date;
4. The OTHER person who stole my wallet out of my purse last June.



Micaela said...

i wish i could hug you! :(

i'm sooo sorry for all these things and SO AGREE with you on the garter belts?! seriously!?!?!?!?!?!

hugs hugs hugs.

jerkfaces-- like the nasty person who felt compelled to comment on my blog with a fake profile to hurt me :( really?

i wish i could hug you!

ps. thanks for the tip on the texas pendant from Urban Outfitters :) i'm going to have to look for one! xo

Jenn said...

So awful!! Sending good thoughts your way!

CultAnthro said...

Garter belts!? REALLY? Is it a Moulin Rouge themed prom??

So sorry to hear about your wallet. Are you on your 3rd or 6th or 9th bad thing this year?

C'est La Vie said...

oh wow. not such a good day. ok. you need to get a padlock for your purse. and also ...that's about all i can say

Down and Out Chic said...

that's mississippi for you. ugh. i'm so sorry your wallet got stolen, hang in there!

drollgirl said...

#1! i am so sorry! some motherfucker stole my wallet at my job years ago while i was at lunch. if i could have found/him her, i think i would have murdered them.

and #3 is so unfuckingbelievable. that story infuriates me. let them go. let her wear a tux. how in the world is that a difficult decision?!?!?

bananas. said...

eww what's up with a*holes stealing your wallet...not once but twice?! unacceptable! definite jerkfaces!!!

as are the people who won't let a girl take another girl to prom. WTF people?! GET OVER IT! let her take whoever she wants!

bah. people annoy me.

Cheryl said...

I am so sorry about all of this crap. I am glad to see that things are looking up now (the non-jerkface list), but I am so sorry that all this ever had to happen. I have been ranting every day about the stupid ass folks at the Mississippi school who are not only homophobic, but reckless and stupid to do something like cancel the prom because of this young lady. They have put her at serious risk for cyber bullying, getting beat up, or worse. It makes me CRAZY. And then when I heard the story about the prom meeting, it made me even more crazy. I'd really wanted to think that the ignorant people are as far away as Mississippi, just for a second. On top of all that, your wallet was stolen??!!! Damn, Claire. Hang in, lady. Thinking of you now and always.