Thursday, March 18, 2010


People who are NOT Jerkfaces:
1. My sweet friend Amanda who left a lovely, kind, generous note in my mailbox this morning. This kind of support/encouragement really makes the bad things better. I have a wall in my office at school for sweet notes/thank yous/etc. and it gets me through the day often, for realz.
2. Gaela, who helped me through my wallet crisis by calling the last place I used it/double checking my office/calming me down/etc.
3. My neighbor Leslie, who gave me toll money to get over the bridge this morning since I had no wallet/cash/debit card to get money out thanks to the Wallet Thief of March 2010! :(
4. My student CM, who brought me a large coffee yesterday morning when I was running late (even though I ended up spilling it on my white dress).
5. My family:

me, mama, and sis in mama's kitchen

me, daddy, and sis in cabo san lucas

7. The Cobraz (my Wednesday poetry girls, Ali and Diana) and my far-off poetry princess, Heather (who is currently living in Chile with her husband). Did I mention I really just have the prettiest friends? In any case, thanks to them, I've been writing so much more lately and it feels gooooooood.
8. Everyone who stands up for social justice and condemns that Mississippi school's cancelation of prom as WACK HOMOPHOBIA. You know, our school is so awesome that we specifically have a clause in our "appropriate prom attire" letter that clearly states that there are no gender expectations as far as who wants to wear dresses/suits. Fortunately, I've seen all kinds of articles, facebook groups, and media attention to this story, which makes me believe that this egregious and hateful prejudice is now a regrettable anomaly and not the norm.

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Erika said...

I love how you listed Suri Cruise as someone who is not a jerkface - that is just priceless. Three cheers for the non-jerkfaces of the world!! :)

bananas. said...

really? suri cruise?? she's kinda jerky to me. hahahaha!!! juuuust kidding.

love me some non-jerkfaces. that coffee student of yours is so sweet. too bad you pulled a "mayra" and spilled on yourself.

happy friday!

Micaela said...

now this list made me so happy! and i giggled at suri cruise making the list ;) i remember that vanity fair when she first was shown to the world... i begged my then boyfriend to get me the magazine lol

there is nothing like family.

welcome to the world of blogging! i'm so glad you found me :) thank you for your sweet comment and yay to our friendship! xo

Claire Kiefer said...

I've never seen a more amazing picture than that Vanity Fair cover . . .

leslie s. said...

I'm glad that I was able to help!!!!