Thursday, March 11, 2010

White People are So Serious about their Music.

Happy Birthday to my friend Miss Amanda Bowen who turns thirty today. It's such a year of turning 30 for so many of the lovely ladies in my life. It's funny cause of course it's just another year, but there's so much pressure around 30! Gotta do such-and-such before I turn 30, gotta be in some-specific-place in my life before I turn 30, etc. I have another year and a half till the big 3-0 . . . but I totally already feel some of the heat. In any case, last night we all went to Lucky 13 on Market St. for drinks (seltzer + lime for Claire) and then headed over to the lovely Cafe Du Nord to see Laura Veirs (who performed 8 months pregnant!!). Cafe Du Nord might be my favorite place in San Francisco to see live music . . . it's cozy and dark and charming, but also a little bit indulgent (red velvet couches, a decent food menu). Here are the only pics I got:

what's a party without cupcakes?

singin' to the birthday girl

Take note of Amanda's exquisite jacket. It's my favorite article of her clothing! You know, come to think of it, maybe all the anxiety around turning 30 has to do with the fact that by the time they were 30, my parents had a house, a business, and two (darling!) daughters. :) At 28, I have a (rented) apartment with a broken ceiling, 80K of student loans, and have yet to sustain a successful relationship. ha! But hey--I've had lots of adventure in my life, I have tremendous friends, and some really gorgeous pairs of shoes. ;)

But man are white people serious about their music. Last night all the glasses-clad indies were silently taking in Laura Veirs's pretty melodies, while Meagan, Curtis, and I were goofing off and cracking jokes about the Tallest Man in the World standing in front of us (Curtis: "The Statue of Liberty in front of me? Sucks.). After several reprimanding looks, I started to feel like one of my ill-behaved students, so we scampered back to join the rest of our crew at the bar and listened from further back. I ♥ my peeps.

In other news, a big loud F$@! YOU to the punk-ass robbers who broke into my sister's apartment last night and stole EVERYTHING! They took their brand new tv, my brother-in-law's TWO computers, the Wii that Dad and I got them for Christmas, Andy's camera & camera equipment (he's a photographer!), and all kinds of other stuff, plus scared the living daylights out of their new Great Dane puppy (it's gonna be okay, Leon!). SO MEAN! I'm trying to find a positive way to release my rage . . . I am so compassionate toward criminals until they mess with my sister. :|

In better news: Anthony, one of my bffs, got into Berkeley Law School, which is a) awesome for him, cause damn that's hard to get into. smarty-pants!, and b) awesome for me if I can convince him to go there. I'll save singing the East Bay's praises for another post.

Yikes, there's the bell for 5th period. Say some Our Fathers/Hail Marys for me as shit is likely about to go down. But it's almost Friday, y'all!



passport in my pocket said...

oh nooooo! I'm so heartbroken for kate & andy!!!

homemade grits said...

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am NOT compassionate. don't yell at me. i feel like i'm going to throw up.

CultAnthro said...

Sorry to hear about Kate and Andy getting robbed. The bright side is that they're ok? Is your sister freaking out?

Claire Kiefer said...

Yes, they're both angry and upset. :( The good news is that the mean thieves didn't steal their puppy!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Congrats to your friend Anthony! And I love your friend's jacket!! So cute. And so sorry for your Sister :( gosh..

Bridget said...

So sorry about your sister. But the good news is, once you turn 30, all the pressure's off, and you realize what a dumb made-up not-real thing it was anyway. So get in an extra year of relaxation and let the worry go now. ;-)

bunnie said...

BOO BOO HISS HISS AT THE ROBBERS!!! That's REALLY CRAPPY!! otherwise.. cute, cute, cute post! thanks for sharing!