Thursday, April 8, 2010

Double Dutch, ODB, and My Anthony

I'm perfectly okay with being tired at work today because I got to have drinks with my Anthony last night at one of my favorite SF spots, Double Dutch, and it was totally worth it. Anthony arrived yesterday from NYC, was a champion and took an afternoon nap, and then rallied to hang out with me after I was done with Job #1 (teaching the monsters) and Job #2 (babysitting the toddler). We sat at the bar during Double Dutch's "Recess" Wednesdays, where the DJ was spinning all kinds of classic old school hip hop, and ordered their Recess special ($5 for a Bud and a shot of Jameson). Sweeeeeeet.

Anthony and I have been friends since high school, though we first met back when he sang a solo in the 4th grade play about recycling at Due West Elementary (he doesn't remember this, but I have an elephant's memory. Is that the expression?). There really isn't anything as wonderful & comforting & enveloping & hopeful as old friends with whom you have a whole catalogue of memories and stories. He's here because he got into Berkeley Law School and it's Admitted Students Weekend (gosh my friends are so smart), but he also got accepted to Columbia (and he ♥s New York), so I have some stiff competition. Come to the Bay, Anthony; it's fantastic!

Seriously, how cute is he?

Which brings me to another adorable person I love who is (okay, was) in town: Miss Helen Lee, my former BNF (Best Neighbor Forever). She flew into the Bay for a mere 48 hours and then headed right back to Rhode Island, where she's teaching glassblowing at RISD for the quarter (see? smart, talented friends). Wanna know what a group of us did the one night we had Helen in town? It involved this:

and these:

Who knew there was an ice skating rink a mere 2 miles from my house? I might be hooked now. The ice skating rink was full of great friends and 80s hair bands blaring through the speakers (I mean, what else?), and the whole thing, including skate rental, was only $9. Check out Oakland Ice, y'all. Oh and btw, guess what I just discovered?

high heeled ice skates!!!



hannah said...

ice skating! i want to do some of that!

Micaela said...

he is adorable :)

one could never have too many smart talented friends... or high heeled skates - ha!

bananas. said...

he's definitely a cutie and pre-law?! oooh!! haha.

i'd go for columbia, if i was him. but don't be mad because i heart oakland remember!!!

Jeanette said...

Seriously. Are those skates for real? My ankles hurt just thinking about it. My daughter is a first year law student up in Seattle, tell him to get some rest!

Tangerine Fairy said...

Wow that's some Ice Skates...aww you live in SFO..The place I want to move to...but is it always like in 50's does it ever go up to 70's?

BTW, thank you so much for your sweet comments and following my blog..following you too..Have a great weekend :)

drollgirl said...

well now i am TOTALLY thinking of the song that says DOUBLE DUTCH BUST WALKING DOWN THE STREET....ack! i bet you don't know it!

Erika said...

So Anthony is basically adorable (read, ohmigosh he's gorgeous/super cute!); and high-heeled ice've got to be kidding me. I can't walk in heels under normal circumstances, but on the ice? :)

passport in my pocket said...

those high-heeled skates are AMAZING!!!!