Monday, April 12, 2010

Raindrops are fallin' on my head

Seriously y'all, the rain cramps my style. Yesterday I had tickets to the Giants vs. Braves game (and being from Georgia, I grew up going to Braves games, and was looking forward to experiencing split loyalties) . . . but it was delayed FOUR HOURS and raining and pouring so relentlessly that we said F it and stayed home.

And today? I mean it's already Monday, which is bad enough, and then I: a) overslept, and was late to my 2nd period class, and b) walked outside to discover MORE RAIN. What's up with all this? Pretty much everything I do is outside!

But here's what I did do this weekend:

1) Watched Fear
I'd forgotten how incredibly sexy Mark Walberg was circa 1996. Daaaaaaamn. Guess it goes back to the bad boy thing. And that roller coaster scene is basically soft-core porn (and it's h-o-t). Here's a pic of Marky Mark in case anyone else has forgotten his hottttness:

2. Went out with my girls (and their boyfriends/husbands, geez) Saturday night and had a few too many dirty martinis:
Saturday night was my first night of post-Lent straight-up debauchery. It started at the Lake Chalet (which is awesome, btw, if you live in Oakland) and then progressed to the Easy Lounge near Lake Merritt, where they were playing some sweet old school hip hop and all in all it was just a little too much fun. I'm omitting the deets cause my family reads this. ;) But I got to wear my cute (and short) zip up gray dress, some five inch heels, and the glittery Juicy clutch that baby Freeman so thoughtfully gave me for Christmas. Speaking of which . . .

3. Spent Sunday morning playing hide-and-seek with Freeman:
"Freeman hide. Claire hide. Freeman hide. Claire hide." So cute. We need to work on Freeman's hiding places, though . . . he's not very slick. Though he IS slick enough to climb soundlessly out of his crib, as his mama discovered Saturday morning when she went to get him up and he was chillin' on his floor.

4. Joined a mix cd blog exchange!
I've never done one of these swaps before, but this one seemed relatively easy and I'm pretty psyched about compiling and mailing out my 2 mix cds to my partner in England!

I'm off to go try and embrace the rain . . . maybe it will be good inspiration for the erotic poem I have to write by Wednesday. Man, have I missed my Cobras . . . can't wait to see Ali and Diana on Wednesday! Here's hoping that after the rain . . .


Micaela said...

ugh, so sorry about your rained out game :( i'm so sad to be in virginia this time of year cos i'm SERIOUSLY missing watching my Texas Rangers at the arlington ballpark so i feel your pain!

rain is my happy weather cos it's perfect for everything including sleeping, so sorry you slept in! :(

BUT! blog exchanges are awlays fun and the mixed cd swap should be nothing less! i love discovering new music.

Jeanette said...

I too love the rain, comes from a life spent in Phoenix, it's starting to warm up here. To answer your question from my blog, yep, the daughter had the cheese pizza with fresh basil (which she picks off and gives to me). If you're ever here, you must go! Though, I had some pizza in Oakland about 2 years ago that was fabulous! Can't remember the place, it was on a corner downtown and they had beautiful french fries with truffle oil - yum!! I loved Oakland.

Hope Chella said...

I love your blog so much and I can't stand too much rain or anything that stands between my vitamin D and I :) I hope you felt okay after your girls night out!?!?!? xx

bananas. said...

my next stop in oakland will be lake chalet...FOR SURE. but i'm waiting for the gawd damn rain to end.

maybe i'll see you there ;)

Erika said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the rain. It has been raining here, as well - at least it was yesterday. I find it calming in the beginning; but after a few days it can become trying.

Ah, the Blogger Mix CD Exchange sounds like such a fun project! :)

Morgan said...

FEAR! I loved the movie. Need to see it again. It'll reaffirm my 90's love of Markie Mark. :)

Meg Fee said...

nothing is worse than the rain when you would rather not deal with it.

children are so funny. when they choose to be sneaky, and when they're just...not.

undomestic chica said...

Don't ever visit Seattle between October and April/May if you don't like the rain! The CD exchange sounds fun, let us know what you end up with