Thursday, April 22, 2010

truly madly deeply

Tuesday was a wretched day at school. It began with a long, tedious session of standardized testing (which is a whole 'nother bucket of worms), then came the news about our beloved former student dying in a freak accident (see previous blog entry), and culminated with a page: "Ms. Kiefer, please call the main office . . . ." When I called, the secretary told me that there was a former student here to visit me. She sent him to my office and . . .

It became immediately apparent that he is crazy. Truly off the deep end, and a little bit scary. He went on this whole rant about how he'd recently recovered from lung cancer, and if I didn't believe him, he could prove it because he had this absurd "radiation bodysuit" shoved in his backpack. (This is one of many excuses he's had for recently being in the hospital). I'm really sad for him, and it has me thinking about how terrifying it is to not be in total control of your own . . . self. You know?

In any case, my friend Meagan (a math teacher) and I had play tickets that night, but . . . we ditched school a little bit early, stopped by 21st Amendment for a couple beers, and then ultimately decided to forego the play altogether in favor of a night of wine & pizza on my couch. Ha! Perhaps not the most responsible choice, but certainly cathartic.

Between 21st Amendment and my apartment, however, we made a little stop at Jeremy's, home to racks and racks of gorgeous, discounted, designer clothes & shoes. I was a good little girl and didn't buy a single thing, but I did fall deeply in love with a pair of shoes. It's a love unlike any other, and I think you'll understand why:


Check out that ridiculous, un-freaking-believable birdcage heel! I almost fainted when I saw them. They were on sale for $319, and I may have actually considered buying them had they not been a size 10.5. I was a little bit relieved that I didn't have the option of making a completely irresponsible purchase, but a little bit devastated that they wouldn't become a part of my collection . . . I'm pretty sure I haven't ever seen footwear so beautiful.

Today I've been running around like a madwoman preparing for my students' big event on Friday, May 7th. If you live in the Bay Area, please come! I teach kids who have been directly impacted by the prison system (they've been incarcerated, their parents have been incarcerated, etc.), and they've written incredibly brave, powerful personal narratives about their lives and experiences with arrest and incarceration.

I'm so proud of them! I'm sure that seeing them read their stories on stage will make all this frantic, feverish work well worth it. ♥


Jeanette said...

First, I have passed the day I could walk in those shoes, but with that pricetag, I probably would never want to get them dirty anyway. Secondly, I would love to hear your students read their stories but it's a bit too far (Phoenix). I'm sure they are inspiring. Hey, doesn't everybody have a radiation bodysuit?

bananas. said...

so much in this post...

1. i'm sorry to hear about your old student and the crazy student. sucks...

2. i need to hit up 21st amendment. i'v eheard good things about that place.

3. jeremy's? what?! never heard of it but holy wow...i want those shoes!!!

Jenn said...

The event sounds so cool Claire. Wish I were in your neighborhood so I could go.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Claire~those shoes are quite a statement!
All the best with the kid's event...inspiring!

Erika said...

I have to commend you, are such an inspiration to those kids, and you deserve a medal of honor just for dealign with the crazy situations that seemingly arise on a daily basis.

I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your former student, and the uncontrollable tendencies of your current; on the bright side, that event sounds amazing...just think of all the good you will be doing by being a part of it.

Happy, Happy Friday, my love!! :)

Heather Taylor said...

Jeremy's sounds like the holy grail of great shoes and clothes, I need to go to there!

drollgirl said...

sorry the day was so rough. and your troubled student is VERY TROUBLING. please be careful of that one!

and hope you are having a really nice weekend! :)

Micaela said...

oh my goodness, my heart hurts for your former student :( he was engaged to be married so soon... so sad :(

and your crazy student! poor thing.

drinks with a friend followed by vegging on your couch sounds like the perfect night after such losses. Those GORGEOUS heels... LOVE! i would have been relieved too by not having my size because ya, i might have made the same ridiculous choice ;)

ps. I got your email about Tim... ha i love him! i seriously can't believe aaron is still in it... although he's such a cutie :) ugh! who's it going to be?! Crystal's in the bag. Goodness i cried this last show though of course... the Idol gives back always gets me.