Sunday, May 23, 2010

Farmers' Market Sunday

What a lovely weekend it's been! On Friday night I got to hang out with four of my favorite people, the Freitags--Cari and I talked about girly stuff and American Idol and hot actors while JJ cooked us a delicious dinner; how awesome is that? Saturday, after a loooooong and exhausting week, I literally slept most of the day, which is kind of ridiculous/incredible, but I think my body was demanding it. Later that night, eight of us congregated in North Beach for dinner & drinks to celebrate our friend Mike's birthday (happy birthday Mike Lee!). I wore my go-to little gray dress & patent leather peep toes, and it was so nice to get dressy and pretty after a lazy day in my bed.

Meagan and I took the train home, which meant that I was home at a reasonable hour (last train is at 12:15). After a delicious night of sleep, I woke up this morning and headed to my neighborhood farmers' market, which is one of my favorite places on earth. Check out my loot!

1. I almost always buy the same things, every week!

2. fava beans

3. does it make me a stalker if I snuck a pic of my Afghan food stand crush?

4. I actually feel sorry for people who don't live near Blue Bottle Coffee

5. just PART of the line for Blue Bottle . . . the coffee really is that good

6. my farmers' market breakfast: strong coffee, apple turnover, organic cherries

1. Can you believe all that business? I've never seen prettier swiss chard (which I eat a lot of), organic broccoli and carrots, fresh spring salad mix with edible flowers, fava beans, best coffee in the world, and my favorite . . . organic, fresh, homemade pasta. Seriously, the best pasta I've had in my entire life. In the past, I've had meyer lemon chili (spicy and so delish!) and meyer lemon linguini, but today I opted for the black pepper rosemary linguini. Usually, I do this:

Crazy Good Veggie Pasta
*In a wok, saute two heads of swiss chard, broccoli (or even better: broccolini), thinly sliced onions, garlic, red pepper, and carrot shavings in olive oil
*(I add the onions first, then garlic, and once the onions are semi-transparent, add everything else)
*Add chili flakes, s&p, maybe some oregano
*while this is cooking, flash cook the fresh pasta in boiling water (it literally takes 60 seconds)
*drain pasta
*add pasta to the wok, mix everything together, shave feta cheese & mix it in

OMG. Seriously.

2. One of the things JJ made us on Friday night was fava beans. I can't remember exactly how he did it, but I think it was along the lines of: toss in olive oil, s&p, maybe a little garlic and lemon??, then cook on high (450) until brown on top. SO GOOD.

3. My crush on this dude is long-standing. Isn't he a hottie? I've been seeing him at the farmer's market for over a year, but there are always pesky customers wanting samples from him, so it's hard to get a word in. I don't even know his name, but I do know that he's fiiiiiiiine! Of course, snapping a picture of him on the low is probably not the smoothest thing in the world.

4. This coffee is locally roasted and organic and really just SO good. It's expensive--a half pound runs anywhere from $7 at the cheapest up to about $40 . . . for a half pound! Although I've never made the crazy splurge, I buy the $7-$8 half pounds just about weekly, and they're worth every penny (and all the minutes waiting in that epic line!).

How was your weekend??


Micaela said...

i love your weekend style!

i would completely wait in line with you for THE BEST coffee-- how insane is that line?! wow. Do you have a coffee grinder then? let me know :)

when we meet, PLEASE cook dinner for me? ;)

and the afghan hotttttie-- you make me giggle! he is gorgeous!!!

i adore you.

i had to work yesterday :p but LOST finale tonight and i might have stayed up til 4 A.M. last night catching up on Grey's... wow.


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Ah this is a great reminder to go to the farmer's market next weekend... somehow i always seem to be out of town these days... :)

drollgirl said...

oh that recipe sounds DIVINE!!! i want to make it TONIGHT!!!

and your farmer boy crush is PRETTY CUTE! WHEE!

Meghan said...

I would totally wait in line for amazing coffee myself! And I dig farmers markets - the hubby and I go every Saturday AM!

April said...

Those finds from the farmer's market look delicious!
I totally took a picture of my favorite stand worker when I had a regular farmer's market in Italy. It's perfectly acceptable! :)

Erika said... I need to start spending my weekend's with you because you basically do the COOLEST things! Also...that apple turnover looks phenomenal; I want to go to a Farmer's Market!! :)

chelsea rebecca said...

ohhh good coffee is so worth waiting for!!
and i must model my weekends after yours! haha, sounds like so much fun!
and i love fresh cherries!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love farmers market...The food is always so good and those photos look so yum:)
The guy is very cute and you should chat him up for sure!
Kisses and enjoy your Monday:)

Faiza said...

What a delicious weekend! Your crush is stunning. YUM!

This post reminds me of a song called "Tofu and Greens" by Denzel Sinclaire. Great use of the words fave beans in his lyrics. Check it out.

J. said...

What a great weekend! I love the weekends that are complete with being lazy all day and getting dressed up to meet with friends at night! ((I LONG for those weekends... it's been awhile since I could be day-lazy!!))
And that boy?! Yes- he's adorable. :)

Jenn said...

I wish I could spend a weekend with you! The markets out there sound so amazing Claire. And the coffee? Hello! Dying to try it.

Katy Mary said...

Ooh fun, I love Farmer's Markets! We have one in the Summer but it has yet to open.

missy. said...

i love farmers markets! that veggie pasta sounds delish. i will be trying it! xox

Jeanette said...

Should I say this? I've never tasted Fava Beans. I don't know why and now I just think of that line from Silence of the Lambs and I don't want to try them. Your pasta dish sounds great, might try it with some gluten-free pasta I just picked up. I've heard about that coffee from my daughter (I don't drink coffee), but I simply CANNOT believe that line!

Punctuation Mark said...

very cute and lovely post... in Miami they are mostly seasonal and during the summer there are not that many around

Jen said...

I love, love, love farmers markets!! We have one that runs every Thursday here in Downtown Minneapolis and it's actually about 8 blocks long. It's fabulous!! Fresh fruits and vegetables, gorgeous flowers and GREAT prices! So much better than the grocery stores!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

First off, I love, love, love the farmer's market and I'm pretty sure that last picture is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Second, yes you are allowed to take pictures of the food cart guy. Third, did I mention I love that last picture? Farmer's markets are so great!

its simple love said...

That is so nice that JJ cooked you dinner! What a treat. I love that you took a picture of your stand crush! ha ha ha. That's awesome. Looks like you had a great weekend!