Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have a confession to make

. . . I really, really love Lynyrd Skynyrd.

I abhor the Confederate flag, would rather be in a room with 25 convicted felons than 25 die-hard Skynyrd fans (though it's quite possible there'd be some overlap), and adore Neil Young just as much as I do Lynyrd Skynyrd. I've even had the harrowing experience of a Skynyrd concert, where most attendees were Bud-guzzling, mulleted men draped in oversized Dixie flags. Nevertheless, I can't help it . . . maybe it's my Georgia upbringing, maybe it's the appreciation for southern rock instilled in me by my parents . . . but I think these good ol' southern boys are genius:

And DAMN did Lee Dewyze do Skynyrd some justice last night on American Idol! When he announced that his personal song choice was "Simple Man," my respect for Lee soared. Who would have thought a mainstream-ish midwesterner would be so awesome as to choose one of the greatest songs ever? As soon as he started talking about it, I knew I was gonna love it. And he was brilliant. Convicted, honest, and pure . . . it was amazing. Even if you don't watch Idol, go to youtube pronto and look up Lee's renditions of both Simple Man and Hallelujah (Simon's choice for Lee).

Speaking of which. When Simon chose Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah for Lee to sing, I was like awww man! for real?? I mean it's probably the most covered song in the world (watch out--Miley Cyrus might be next), and we've already heard the dang song this very season (though Tim's version was forgettable). But I guess the smack-talkin' Brit knows what's up, cause Lee ROCKED IT OUT. Seriously, I got the chills. And then immediately watched it again. The choir and the horns helped make the performance killer, no doubt, but Lee himself was on his A-game. INCREDIBLE!

I'm a total convert now. (Though I haven't gotten over my love for Andrew Garcia).

Other things I'm excited about this week:

*My amazing package to Micaela (I'm pretty proud of myself for this one)
*Cosmos, Cupcakes, and Couture (Ummmm OMG! SATC 2 party this Thursday night--with passes for the premiere, $500 to Tiffany's, and Jimmy Choos up for grabs!)

(I kinda want this for my living room)

*the Grey's Anatomy season finale (I'm a little embarrassed that 1/2 of my excitement this week is about tv)

We're halfway through the week! Hope yours has been a good one so far. :)


Jeanette said...

Yes, Lee is my favorite. He won me over right around the time your Andrew got kicked off. He's adorable and I agree, he was fabulous last night. I'm also going to a SATC party. I even made a special necklace just for the occasion!

its simple love said...

He did do some justice to Lynyrd Skynyrd. I approve.


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

cannot wait to see your package to M and SIMPLE MAN! HELLO!

bananas. said...

i'm not a lee fan at all but i will say he did rock it yesterday. still...glee was better! HA!!!

you really should start watching it.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Lee's Hallelujah last night was gooood...
I got goosebumps!

passport in my pocket said...

I love Lee so much!!! I can't wait to buy his first album.

Emelie - C'est LA vie said...

I agree with you on Lee and Hallelujah. But I still like poor Casey too :( ...they've been soo horrible to him lately!! And yes, Andy Garcia WAS awesome...

Ok, I'll stop now.

Happy Wednesday from a fellow TV nerd! :)

J. said...

I am so NOT a Lee fan, because I generally find him boring- but I did think his cover of "Hallelujah" was amazing. (and I was also bummed at first when he announced Simon's choice for him- my first thought was also along the lines of "OVERDONE!") Alas- Lee did very, very well.
(I still voted for Casey about 30 times in a row, though. I can't resist me a long-haired Texas man!)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love Lee too...he did so well :)
I can’t wait for the Sex and the City 2....So looking forward!
Kisses my lovely...I adore reading your posts!

Tangerine Fairy said...
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Tangerine Fairy said...

I am anxiously waiting for SACT2!!! My friend from atl is coming up just to dress up and go watch!! :D I have my Samantha "Abudabi" outfit ready!!

BTW, let's do a card exchange :)

Faiza said...

wishing you a gorgeous second half to your week! :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i'm a little bit embarrassed to admit it, but free bird is one of my favorite songs. it's the southern thing for sure.

i don't really want to let anyone know i like them either, because their fans are the ones i laugh at on people of wal-mart!

Micaela said...

I have to say, Jason Castro's version was SO much sweeter (seasons ago)- do you remember that? but you know i've always liked lee. I think he could TOTALLY win it!!!! though like my real life friend Jess, i can't resist a fellow Texan ;)

i was so sad for you when Garcia left. He was just so lovely!

can i PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to the SATC party with you?! i am going to be SOOO SAD to watch the film on my own without my girlfriends back home. Sucks! but we'll def. discuss it and share cosmos "virtually" yes? ;)

you are SO cute about your excitement about my package! just today i was talking to my twin about something i got you that i'm pretty THRILLED about too! ;) we are the same.


ps. in my behindness on life, i am 3 episodes behind on Grey's... SERIOUSLY? i know. While watching LOST last night i saw a promo for thursday and my mouth dropped... WHO'S IT GOING TO BE?!!?

we'll discuss ;)

chelsea rebecca said...

i think i just had a heart attack from that sex and the city picture..
AHHHHHH!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun post...I can't wait for SATC2!

Please enter my A. Jaron earring giveaway this week. xo Mish

olivia rae said...

I was also SO impressed by Lee's rendition of Hallelujah.. so beautiful, and the horns were amazing! xo

Erika said...

The fact that I have never seen a single episode of GLEE makes me feel incredibly out of the loop right now. However, I am so with you on SATC2...I want that poster for my bedroom myself!! Get Carried Away, my love!! :)

Heather Taylor said...

I feel the Lynyrd Skynyrd love too! No shame in it at all, perfect driving music :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I almost fell over when Lee busted out the Skynrd!
Loved that one!
Team Lee all the way!