Monday, May 3, 2010

Making me happy

I've been siiiiiiiiick these past few days--like "chicken" (fake chicken since I'm a vegetarian) noodle soup/ice cream/sudafed/cough drop/bubble bath sick--and a super long day at work today didn't make things any better. However, there are four things that are tickling my fancy right now and making everything much, much better! In no particular order:

My cds arrived from my lovely cd exchange partner, Char, today! She decorated this adorable package and mailed it all the way from the U.K., and what a delight to receive new music on an otherwise not-so-great (i.e. SICKLY) day. I listened to one of them on my drive home from work today, and so far I love it! Thanks, Char!

OMG! Thanks for this one belong to the AMAZING Erika of Cafe Fashionista and her generous giveaway that I won! I can't believe I now own such an incredibly high-class flat iron . . . I will try to remember to post a pic of my stick straight locks when I use it tomorrow. Thank you SO much, Erika!

My favorite girl on the cover of one of my favorite magazines. SO excited to fill up my bubble bath in a few minutes, settle in the warm water, and read about SJP. I'll even forgive her for wearing a boring dress on the cover. Have I mentioned that I have a life-sized poster of her in my hallway? Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that. I think it qualifies as idolatry. :)

The peppermint ice cream I'm allowing myself to indulge in since my throat is raspy and sore from coughing. Not only is it yummy, but isn't it pretty?

Funny student update:
For the past month or so, my students have been working on personal narratives about their experiences being arrested and incarcerated, and/or having incarcerated parents. All but one have written incredibly brave, compelling accounts, and have become sharp critics of prison and society. Some have written about witnessing their parent's arrest, some have written about visiting a parent in prison as a young child, and others have written about their own arrests and time spent in juvenile hall. I couldn't be prouder!

However . . . my most incorrigible student, ZT, has not exactly complied. He's been too busy chanting and ridiculing and cursing us out and getting kicked out of class to write his narrative. This past Friday, literally at least three weeks in, he decided to start working on his story. He did not, however, choose to do the assignment. Instead, he opted to write a one paragraph "report" on . . . Malcolm X. While this might be perfectly appropriate for a history class, it had absolutely nothing to do with my assignment. Here it is, for your entertainment:

The truth of a black man

Malcolm x death has been a tragedy to me because he was my hero in his younger days. he later changed his life around and sence he changed his life around I want to be just like he was when he was in the nation of islam. I want to be just like Malcolm because he reminds me when he was younger. i studied the hol quran every day. The best black muslim was the honerble Elijah muhhamad. He tought Malcom x every thang it is to be a muslim. Him going to jail for pimping a pandering has effect me because i wanted to be a pimp but now looking at it is not worth it going to jail for saling somebody body for cheap sex. That's why I chose Malcolm x as my hero. That's why I chose him. he is the best hero ever and he change his life around from being a pimp a burgerler and started studing the nation of islam. I would want to be a muslim one day. They believe that you cant go with white people or eat pork.

Ummmmm, awesome ZT. Not quite sure what to do with this one. Except to put it through grammar boot camp. Oh, and other relevant information: ZT typed this "paper" on a computer in the classroom on Friday. Today, another teacher informed me that mere minutes after ZT finished on the computer, there were suddenly various PORN POP UPS on the screen. Again . . . awesome.


chelsea rebecca said...

mmm that ice cream looks DELICIOUS!!!
i love peppermint!


ahhh i must get that magazine ASAP!!! i love me some sarah jessica parker!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...
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Malia Jackson said...

Whoa, time for some fact checking in addition to the grammar police! You should have him actually read the Autobiography of Malcolm X (a completely amazing book) so he can learn Malcolm wasn't actually a pimp! He did drive men up to Harlem so they could get to the prostitutes, but that wasn't what he was arrested for, it was his burgling. You might also tell him Malcolm broke from Nation of Islam after being disillusioned by Mr. Elijah Muhammad's corruption, among other things, and he converted to Sunni Islam, which he believed to be the religion through which racial problems could be solved. So if Malcolm X is his hero maybe he should take his advice rather than emulate his life. Maybe this could be a teachable moment?

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oops, spelling mistake from too little sleep in the first comment. take two:

i can't wait for my cd to arrive because i love music SOOOOO much and i hope i discover some new bands!

peppermint ice cream: yum. but i hope you feel better, otherwise the ice cream eating could get out of control (at least it happens that way for me).

finally, the non-assignment paragraph. wow. i mean, seriously, where does one even begin?!?!? i always have a difficult time understanding how anyone can get through school with such poor grammar (i live in the country, the land of double negatives), but i know it happens. on one hand, it's funny, on the other, it's sad and i'm glad i don't have your job right now!

passport in my pocket said...

sorry you haven't been feeling well, but that CD looks like it holds true to its name. How did you get started in a CD exchange? brills!

meredith said...

boo, i'm sorry you're sick!! being stuck at work all day doesn't help either. at least you can see some of the good things - like winning that flat iron! i'm so jealous!

Erika said...

Awww...I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick right now, Claire! That's horrible...especially when the weather is so nice! I hope that you get well soon!

On the bright side...packages! Prezzies in the post always make me feel better. I am in LOVE with the CD covers your exchange partner made; and yayay! I'm so glad that your flat iron arrived!

Wow...that is some paper. Is it wrong that I can't stop laughing?! :)

Jeanette said...

I think it is perfectly acceptable for you to have that life sized poster in your house. I thought the SJP article was great. Just saw her on a trace your roots show (don't watch much TV, am on vacation, saw it in the hotel) and it was really good.

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i am sorry you are sick, and i hope you are feeling better soon!

and i love sjp's "boring" dress on that cover! hahahaha! i guess i like the simple stuff...sometimes! :)

Tangerine Fairy said...

Hi Claire, hope you are feeling better..Dunno how the CD exchange works, but that's pretty cool. SJP on Vogue makes me happy too :)

I re-commented on my anthro post ystdy..check it out :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i am hoarse so i feel your pain. although i do sound sexafied. lol.

you had me at hello with peppermint ice cream. it's my fave. i can only find it at christmas time. :(

bananas. said...

the cold must be going around because i'm doped up on some dayquil right now just to get through the day. total uggghhh.

hope you feel better! that straightener might help out. please post pics so i can drool with hair envy. kthx.

and as for that's pretty entertaining stuff. he used to want to be a pimp? kind of explains so much right? haha.

bananas. said...

p to the s. yes my elementary school racially profiled me, those bastards!!! grrr...well at least i was the smartest kid in class. that helped boost my superiority. ha!

Seyma said...

hey there Claire.. i just wanted to say that i loved your comment about edward cullen :)) i'm not a big fan of him either.. and what you dais about asymmetrical face seems to be true. but i love Robert Pattinson.. only him! not the vampire version.. real Rob is much more decent and neat i believe :))

thanks for the thought!!

D&D said...

wow. i nearly peed my pants reading this. how do you manage?!

Hope Chella said...

I love peppermint ice cream and I hope you feel better soon...My cold wants to interfere with my life again. It's a 3 days on, 3 days off thing...but I have big plans almost every night and hopefully that will keep it from returning!?!? (maybe not, but I'll think that way!) xx

Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

I hope you get to feeling better!

coolboy said...

i love ice creams i like you post great blog
how are feeling today

Gracie said...

Ugh it does such being sick! I hope you're better now. I'm sure those lovely packages made you feel better though. And peppermint ice cream. Oh yum!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your win! I fear my ancient Chi is gonna poop out on me soon!