Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Love ♥

Some bloggy awards from sweet friends . . . I'm afraid that some are from quite some time ago! Lesson learned: pass them along right away!

from the darling Jen at Nifer Musings:

The rules for this one are simple: list ten things about yourself, and then pass this award onto ten bloggy sugar dolls!

Ten Things About Claire:

1. Nightswimming by R.E.M. is my favorite song in the world.
2. I think mayonnaise is VILE and won't go anywhere near it.
3. I love astrology and am unreasonably attached to my "Leo" coffee mug. I'll literally ignore the ten clean ones in my cabinet and wash it if it's dirty.
4. My parents owned a restaurant when I was growing up, and it was like my second home. My friend Amy recently pointed out that I seek out restaurants that remind me of it (they sold it when I was in college). It's so true!
5. I'm kind of an anxious basket case when it comes to medical stuff. I can convince myself I have a brain tumor or a heart condition in the blink of an eye.
6. I went to college at Tulane in New Orleans, and I miss both college and New Orleans tremendously.
7. The most incredible year of my life so far was 2003-2004, when I had a fellowship to travel around the U.S. teaching creative writings in state and federal prisons. I hope I can get back to that someday soon.
8. My best friends are scattered all over the place--Pittsburgh, Atlanta, southern California, New York City, Virginia, Chile, etc.--and I think about each of them every single day.
9. I never wear pants. Literally. It's always skirts or dresses.
10. I haven't eaten any meat (seafood included) since I was 14 years old.

Okay, now that that's outta the way, here are ten Sugar Dolls whom I adore! Grab this award and pass it along, ladies:

JenRem @ absent minded
Marianne @ Royal Mail
Micaela @ Dolce Vita


Okay, moving on. This next sweet award comes from The Vodka Asylum, though I can't get the link to work properly! I'm supposed to list three things I love about myself (hello, modesty!), post a picture that I love, and tag five people:

1. I love that I'm a pretty loyal friend;
2. I love that I have strong legs!;
3. I love my commitment to the work I do, even though it isn't very lucrative and is sometimes emotionally exhausting.

I love this picture from my sister's bachelorette party in October. I organized it, and let's just say there was some serious negotiating about the details of the party (my sister is modest; I am wild). We compromised and had a wonderful time! Remind me to tell you about how my bf and I had a fake stripper show up in a tux and pretend he was there to humiliate my sister in a nice restaurant. Above is a photo of all of us after dinner in Atlanta (I'm the second from the left in the front row; my sister is the second from the right in the back row)--makes me so happy to look at it!

Okay, tagging these dolls:

Diana @ exPress-o


And from the precious Julie at Brown Eyed Belle:

Thank you so much, Julie! The rules are: Share seven things about yourself, and then tag 15 blogs. Whoa, that's a lot! Here goes. Even though y'all already know enough about me:

1. I'm from Georgia, though I don't have much of an accent (it pops up now and then if I spend a long time visiting home, drink too much, or am excessively frustrated). I think southern people often times get unfairly pre-judged because of their accents.
2. The first place I traveled out of the country was to the Cayman Islands. The farthest I've ever been is Beijing, China. Lots of places on the list . . .
3. I'm pretty blingy and I'm always wearing really big, loud earrings.
4. I love teenagers. Gotta say. I love teaching high school, watching teenager tv shows (the OC, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill), chaperoning prom, etc.
5. A huge part of who I am involves working to end the death penalty and toward prison reform.
6. I have one sister, Kate, and one cousin, Jennifer, who essentially grew up with me as a sister. I love them both so much.
7. I think there's nothing more fun than a bottle of wine and board games with friends. :)

Tagging these ladies with versatile blogs:

Jeanette @ Everton Terrace
Julianne @ Lace and Leather
Danielle @ Dinosaur Toes
J. @ Life.


Lastly, Faiza tagged me a while back in this cute little question game. I'm supposed to answer Faiza's five questions, make up five questions of my own, and tag others (no number specified)!

Here is Faiza's original post.

And here are her questions/my answers:

1. What is your favorite topping on toast?
It's a toss up between butter & strawberry jelly and cinnamon toast.
2. What is your favorite quote from someone else?
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." ~Anais Nin. AND, "Everything is sweetened by risk." ~Alexander Smith
3. You are about to throw a penny into a wishing well...what do you wish for?
To fall in love and have a family.
4. Tell me what your favorite song is and why.
Funny that I've already answered that on this very post: Nightswimming by R.E.M. It's an exquisite song, I love the piano, the lyrics are beautifully mysterious, and it takes me right back to high school. That song still transports me.
5. What three things are you grateful for today?
My dear, dear friends (one of whom I just had a wonderful lunch with at Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley!), my sweet family (even though they're so far away), and good strong coffee (just finished my second cup).

Thank you Faiza--I adore you. As for tagging, consider yourself all tagged! Please play along--I'd love to see your answers to these five questions:

1. What always, without fail, makes you laugh?
2. In another life, I would be a ________________.
3. Who has the best name of anyone you know?
4. Where is the strangest place you've ever been?
5. What's your favorite city in the world?

Finally done! This post took me longer than any post I've written to date. Big thanks to all the wonderful girls who gave me these awards/tags. :) Happy Sunday!


Micaela said...

i always love these tags cos i loveee learning random facts about people! :) these sort of things wouldn't just normally come up in conversation (unless you're like us and talk about everything and anything-- so why oh why is VA not located on #8 of the first list?! ha! jk!!)

i love that we have been vegetarians for the same amount of time. i think it's AWESOME you have traveled so much and you know how i feel about your passionate work with teaching and prison reform.

and what would our worlds be like without coffee? ugh i don't want to know :)

i love that you have a favorite cup and esp. because you love the astrological stuff.

THANK YOU for the tag :) i love these things.


Micaela said...

ha i LOVE YOU! :)

you're too cute. and yes, Micaela + Claire catchup SOON!!!

Hope Chella said...

Thanks Claire!!!!!!!! I may be posting about this soonish :) Love learning more about you xoxoxo

bananas. said...

i love that you love teenagers and your job! it just ones of the many things that makes you so likeable.

strawberry jam and butter on toast is so good! that's my go-to for breakfasts on the go.

BIG GRAZI for the award lady! you're so sweet. no wonder you got hooked up with 3. hope you had a lovely weekend!

Stacy said...

Thanks, lady!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Aww, Claire! Thank you so much for the award and the tag! Will post it, pass it on, and answer these questions soon!

love love love (and currently miss) strong coffee! Oh, dearest coffee, I'm coming to get ya in another few months.

And wine and boardgames, say no more! I'm there!

Big love to you!

Everton Terrace said...

Claire you sweet thing. I will post my tag and answers later this week (gonna have to think about them). Thanks!! It was fun learning more about you and I'm glad you love your necklace - again, I couldn't think of someone more deserving and was THRILLED when we drew your name. I also LOVE board games but prefer chocolate with mine.

julianne. said...

thank you soo muuuch, youre a dollface.<3

Megan said...

Thankyou for the lovely tag lady :-)

Lindsey said...

Claire, thanks for the comment you left me!! And don't worry you will have that someday and it will be the best!! =)

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my lanta.. CONGRATS ON ALL YOUR AWARDS! thats just simply wonderful!!! and you deserve them all!! times a billion!
thanks for passing one along to me! it simply made my day. and seriously how cool are you.. I LOVE NIGHTSWIMMING by REM!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Congrats sweetie on your awards and Thank you so much!!!!! I am so happy:) Yuppie!
You are so lovely:) Btw: I love love love your topping..yummy:)
Happy Monday,my dear and see you soon

Meghan said...

Thank you, darling lady, for the tag! You are too sweet and so deserving of these awards. I love that you watch teenager shows like I do too - I love to toss out references from shows like "One Tree Hill" - they always seem so surprised! Ha!

And teaching writing in the prison system? You amaze me! What an awesome experience!

drollgirl said...

it is nice to learn more about YOU!

p.s. i hate REM, i love mayo, and i am a leo, too! and i mostly wear skirts and dresses, too!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

whew, that really is a lot of catching up! once i started being tagged, i got so behind, too.

and, i also think people from the south get pegged as dumb or hillbillies because of the accents. to people around here, i don't have nay accent, but in california, they tell me i sound really southern, and they amke redneck jokes which is NOT cool since I'm clearly not a redneck! anyway, rant over!


Oh congrats on all of these awards! That's fabulous! So glad that you stopped by my blog and introduced me to yours. I'm a new follower and look forward to following along :)


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Love these factoids!!!! I love that you love your strong legs and that you never wear pants, I'm kind of like that too... I love my skirts and dresses!!!! That story about you seeking out restaurants is really cute because a) reminds you of your youth and B) your friend knows you well enough to notice that!!! I also love how happy you were with your sister's bachelorette, sounds like it went off well and I love the fake stripper idea. THank you for tagging me!!!!!! :) You are so deserving of all of your awards

Faiza said...

thanks for playing along and tagging me! i shall play too!

i love REMs nightswimming as well...such a great song...will be in my head all day now and that's okay with me.

JenRem said...

Oh you're the best! Thanks for the award love. It is so fun to learn more about you in this post. I love random facts like this :)