Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday I'm in Love!

I figure today's the perfect day to participate in Summer's Friday, I'm in Love series in order to put off thinking about the job search I'm spearheading today . . . Craigslist jobs nonprofit/writing & editing/education, here I come . . . and I'm gonna try to keep a smile on my face about it.

(Still no word about funding for my job--SF's Department of Children, Youth, and Families is taking its sweet sweet time--and if they don't have a decision by the time teachers have to report back to school on August 11th, then it's a no-go).

So here's what I'm in love with today:


Sure, he may talk about his penis all the time. And he may grab my boobs and say "I wanna see BOOBS!" And there's the food-throwing at dinner. But . . . I love this kid so much! Here he is, yesterday, posing proudly beside his favorite thing in the world . . . a truck.

(Plus, when I took him on a walk to the fire station yesterday, he said "WHERE ARE THE HOT FIREMEN?" cause he's so used to hearing his mama & me talk about the hotties up there at the ol' fire station).

(roses on my back deck)

Don't get any wrong ideas: I definitely did not grow these. That's all my neighbor Doug's handiwork. But aren't they pretty? I'm especially in love with them when I cut them off and put them in a pretty vase on my dining room table.

from sfgate

The Pizzaiolo margherita pizza that will be MINE tonight!! My girls, Doro & Hauna, are trekking East for a much-needed ladies' dinner & drinks night in O-town, and I've had Pizzaiolo on the brain ever since Anna and I ate at its sister restaurant last week. I am serious, y'all . . . if you live anywhere near the Bay Area, head to Pizzaiolo pronto! It's cute, they play good music, they make their own tonic for cocktails, and their pizza is outta control. Also, they use all local ingredients, buy from local farmers, etc. (I mean it wouldn't be California if . . .)

(old school Jackson Browne, i.e. when he was still hot)

And although those days are gone, I am still so excited to see him in concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley tomorrow night (I'm going with my dear friend & Milo's mama, Cari!). For years, whenever faced with the ever-important question, Who would you choose to see in concert if you could see anyone in the world?, I have firmly answered Jackson Browne. (I mean, I've already seen Neil Young, Mos Def, u2, Van Morrison, and Counting Crows, among many other greats). So tomorrow night, with a pretty dress, high heels, and some wine, that dream will become a reality!

See? Weekends are still fun when you're a teacher and you're out of school for summer and pretty much every day is a weekend. :)



J. said...

I've gotta meet that kid! He sounds like my kind of munchkin! :)

Your weekend sounds AMAZING. I'm super jealous of you seeing Jackson Browne. Super, super jealous.
I hope you have a wonderful time, darling!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Oh, and Milo's galoshes are adorable! Especially cuz he's wearing them in shorts and in summer! So cute!

Have so much fun at dinner tonight and at the concert tomorrow! Can't wait to try that Pizzaiolo pizza with you someday! :)

Good luck with the job hunting! They say smiling while hitting send helps! (Or maybe I'm just making that up... but I think I'm on to something)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

milo wouldn't be a typical boy if he didn't talk about penises and boobs. when my brother was about 4, he would tell me that he would play barbies with me if he could take their shirts off.

that pizza looks delicious, and i'm actually eating a three cheese pizza right now made by moi!

i hope you have a good weekend!

julianne. said...

milo sounds like quite the guy. :)

Everton Terrace said...

oh, good ole Jackson Browne - I'm a little jealous. Hope it's a great time!

Phoenix Peacock said...

haha... I love the kiddos you mention. Non of them are anything less than extraordinary.

this free bird said...

OMG you've stolen my heart. Jackson Browne??? Suddenly I'm a teenager, ahem, I mean I'm in my 20's again.

And Milo? I think he's going to be President. Like, soon.

Kara said...


I need to adopt that child.

Also I'm seriously jealous of your neighbor's (rose) bush. i keep wondering if our neighbors would notice if I randomly decided to hack off a few of their flowers for MY dining room table. Those nutters are quite the master gardeners...I haven't grown the huevos to try it out quite yet. Hopefully I can find the strength soon.

Krystal said...

milo sounds hilarious :) thanks for the nice comment!!


I totally appreciated you visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I cracked up when you started talking about Milo.

Thanks for sharing.

Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

I hope they figure out all that job stuff soon. I know how stressful it all is. I just found out about my position this past week!

This was my first summer off as a teacher and I LOVED IT!! :) This weekend I've got two bbqs to go to, but you're right about every day being a weekend.

I'm a new follower now too!

Annie Cristina said...

Totally craving pizza after reading this post ... sans mushrooms and olives, natch. ;)

Oh, and I think it's so amazing that you got an MFA in Creative Writing -- I was thisclose to doing that instead of getting my master's in English Lit. I'm still tempted to go for it!

Lynzy said...

AWWW You are SO lucky to have the whole summer off! Unfortunately emergency rooms can't close in the summer :(

What a cute post!

xo Lynzy

Regan said...

Aww, your blog is so cute :) xoxo

Diana Mieczan said...

That is so true...Everyday is a weekend...How fun! I hope you will get the answer soon and that you can keep your position:) Good luck with it all...I will keep my fingers crossed:)
Kisses,sweetie and I hope you had a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY....its the last day:)


Ps: Yes...I go swimming every morning and I am currently in Budapest:)...Balazs and I move a lot....:)

Faiza said...

from on single gal to another all i can say is at least someone's boobs are getting some action!

happy weekend!