Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hair Envy

So there's this terrible catch 22 in my life:

I do nothing to my hair, and it remains dishwater blonde with uneven, slightly frizzy waves


I highlight, blow dry, and straighten/curl my hair, and it looks pretty in the moment, but then in the long run, it gets FRIED.

It's a dreadful conundrum. For the past eight years or so, I've been opting for the latter. I love my highlights, and I looooove my hair stylist (if you're in San Francisco, go see Lauren Kolb at Glama-Rama in the Mission!). But after years & years of all this harsh treatment, my hair is less shiny, less thick, my waves are totally muted, and the ends are pretty scary.

So I stopped dyeing it. I haven't put any color in my hair in almost a year (hello, dullest, plainest, most dishwatery blonde ever!), and I'm reeeeeally coveting a Brazilian blowout, not only cause it would make my hair look immediately more awesome, but because it would mean that I could get away with not blow drying/straightening it for 3-4 months. SWEET!

My sister is part of my inspiration for not dyeing it, cause her hair is au naturale and it looks like this:

she got better hair genes

And I found this old picture of my dad, stepmom, sister, and me from several years ago (when I first started highlighting my hair), and my waves were so much prettier!

before I tortured my locks

But in the meantime, I'm antsy and filled with the urge to dye, chop, straighten, take the iron to it, etc. Or, I want hair like this:

So I guess what I'm saying is: I want hair extensions. Ha.

Tell me your hair secrets! Products, techniques . . . what makes your hair look gorgeous???


Marcie said...

Okay, you sound like me and I actually have a great answer. I just started using Wen a month ago, and I looove it! I have super fine and thin hair, so it get FRIED whenever I wash/blow dry it. And it is oily on top of it all, so I have to wash it everyday. Wen literally has changed everything.

xo Marcie

Everton Terrace said...

I loved my hair during my 20's, hated it through my 30's and have chopped it all of now in my 40's and we are at peace. I don't love it or hate - we're in like now.
Going off to see what this Wen is all about now.

Farah said...

OMG I have the exact same problem (except for the fact that I'm not blonde..duh!)! I have no clue how to fix my hair and living in a tropical country my hair has a mind of its own! yikes

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Ooooh! I need a hair makeover... I need a whole look makeover actually. Living in the wild, just doesn't do anything for fashion or beauty. Sure, I'm kinda hippie-ish, but I wanna be pretty and stylish too! :)

And I can't believe you had way hair like that before! I've never seen you with waves! Your hair story sounds like my eyebrow story... It started when I was a teenager, and I now just barely have eyebrows at all. I have tried letting them "grow out" for several months now.. but it's hopeless. They will never be back, one is even worse off than the other.

OK, I digress... A brazilian blowout, eh? You have piqued my interest. I want one too! Acai is kind of good for EVERYthing!


Annie Cristina said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. If I leave it alone, it's this frizzy, do-nothing mop, with the consistency of cotton candy. I love that I can curl or straighten it, but either one eventually dries out my hair. So it's a sticky conundrum all right.

A few warnings on Brazilian blow-outs and hair extensions: I have done the Brazilian blow-out three times now, and while the initial three months are wonderful -- your hair is so shiny and manageable, plus it's a breeze to straighten -- the end result is that my hair has gotten super oily, to the point where it has to be washed every other day to look good, plus I suspect it's the reason for my recent bout with acne. Another drawback is that I could no longer curl my hair like I used to -- at most, it did a halfhearted wave. I've been letting my hair grow out -- it's now been about a year since I did the last treatment -- and I've noticed that my hair seems thicker now, with more body, plus I'm starting to get the curl back. :)

As for the hair extensions, my boyf's sister got them and she says they cause your hair to fall out and/or break easily. So be careful with that.

My hair secret? Investing in a good shampoo/conditioner and styling tools. A good upscale product is Ojon (they make an awesome hair mask), and for something a little more budget-friendly, I really like Pantene's Nature Fusion line. As for styling tools, I swear by my T3 Featherweight blow dryer and my T3 hair iron. Finally, a great brush is the Mason Pearson.

Sorry for this super long comment! But once you get me talking about hair, it's kind of hard to stop. ;)

Lindsey said...

My hair is naturally curly and I should wear it like that more often, but I don't. I'm bad and I blow dry and straighten it. I have also resorted to coloring my hair because a few gray hairs have been popping up. I'm 28 and didn't think that was supposed to happen yet, ha ha! But - it has just a little. So I don't know - that's a touch call. I think if you color and straighten your hair but do it in the healthiest, less damaging way then it's not so bad!

Megan said...

My hair is naturally really boring! Its mousy brown and straight with an annoying kink, I get it dyed a nice golden blonde but most days I am running late and cant be bothered to do anything with it. Wish I was rich enought to have a personal hair stylist.

Micaela said...

& of course your sister is beautiful just like you!

so i must be living under a rock because i had never heard of the Brazilian blowout! And now i'm wanting to check out WEN thanks to Marcie.

My hair is so thick but it's dry AND oily, just like my skin combo. I have highlighted it so many times (and though i loved it) the upkeep was just too expensive since my hair is so thick, so financially (and because i don't have an AWESOME hair stylist i trust like my Randi back home and when you have dark hair like me there's SO many ways you can go wrong. when i first met randi i told her i wanted light brown highlights but "please don't make me look like a ghetto mexican!" ha) i decided to just let my natural hair color grow out since it's been years since i've seen it. The process has been slow (again, randi was awesome that i could go longer than usual before i needed a re-do) and for awhile it was terrible cos hello roots! actually it's still that way ;)

i long to go back to my highlighting days...

WOW long rambling... sorry! you know me :)

i love my chi iron and chi shampoo & conditioner- i can't live without it! i've never thought of doing a hair mask?

Miss Caitlin S. said...

ahh, I know. The ongoing hair battle!!!! I don't really know what to say- my sister has never touched her hair and it's so healthy and pretty.. I can't fight the urge :( I like my chemically enhanced hair :)

bklyn76 said...

a good friend of mine has super long, luscious waves that she had done at an asian salon. they last for 6 months and they looks perfect all.the.time. i can't remember if it's a japanese or chinese perm, but it's about $500!

bananas. said...

do the brazlian...NOW!!! seriously you'll love it!!!

however if you're looking for waves...i say go for a 1 inch curling oron, preferably hot tools, and go to town! yea!!!

my go-to products: it's a 10 leave in spray, moraccan oil, it's a 10 shine spray, and TIGI hairspray.

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

hmmm, just got my hair colored the other day & my stylist suggested the brazilian hair's extremely dry with this weather & blow drying all the time,using 2 aveda products, a little pricey but worth it!

thanks for stopping by the blog & happy weekend to u!

Meghan said...

Girl, I wish I had wavy hair like you! Mine is so thin and stick straight. Argh!

I wish I had some awesome tips, but I will say that I had extensions for my wedding and I totally loved them:) I felt super glam. As for the Brazilian, I have never done it!

passport in my pocket said...

Wen?? I need to check out this magical product!! I stopped dying my hair about 6 months ago after I shifted back to my natural hair color. It's sooo much healthier now but sometimes I miss having blonde hair.... Oh, and I take Biotin supplements and I (think?) that helps. I'm a blah straight haired girl that always wanted curls!!

Kara said...

Have you tried washing only every other day? I have wavy/frizzy hair that I blow dry/straighten a lot and switching to every other day washings has done WONDERS. I use dry shampoo between washings and it totally does the trick. I also quit coloring and it's been a lot healthier since then. Also, only use a wide comb to brush when wet to avoid breaking the ends.

I've chronicled my hair issues over on the blog:

Hope that helps!

Hiking in Stilettos said...

So I read that article & I am totally thinking of switching to the once a week "No-Poo" cleansing system. I have said for years that shampoo dries out my curly locks and leaves them frizzier than ever. I will let you know how it goes!

Diana Mieczan said...

For years I had such a hard time with my hair....but no more....hahahah...I got tigi conditioner and it all changed....I love that product...:) Kisses, darling:)

love jenny xoxo said...

I am totally with you about hair... if i don't do anything it's a mousy blond that's between wavy and straight with extra frizz. So I totally damage it fixing the problems, but it's a never ending cycle. I love the hair photos you found... beautiful. Makes me jealous!

Chelsea Gwynne said...

The best products I've ever used as Kerastase. They are incredibly expensive, but they really really do the trick! I use the teensiest amount possible to make a bottle last...a year! ;)

Thank you for stopping by my blog! SO glad to find yours as well!

shopgirl said...

I hear ya honey! The older I get the less interested in my keeping my hair up to date. It's so much work.

All I can say is give your hair a rest and then get a great cut from someone you can trust.


Faiza said...

i thought i had finally figured out my straight, straight hair and then when i turned 30 it all of sudden started to get really wavy. i'd blow dry it and by the end of the day it'd be wavy and flicked out at the ends. i'm trying to work with the waves but it's still a work in progress.

one thing i am loving for frizz and fly away bits right now is argan oil. you can get it cheap at sally beauty supply and you don't have to use very much. it's not greasy so your hair absorbs it right up. loving it!