Monday, August 30, 2010

A "Genius" Idea

Friday night, after a fun happy hour with coworkers (hello, cucumber vodka cocktails, I love you), my dear friend Doro and I had a belated birthday celebration over a fantastic meal at Zero Zero. We had grenache, one of my favorite salads of the summer (heirloom tomato, avocado, pickled onion, and bread), and pasta they make in-house. Mine was full of eggplant and cherry tomatoes and ricotta, and I ate every last bite!

Doro gave me a lovely pair of earrings that I've worn twice but have yet to take a picture of, but even more awesome than that . . .

She made me a genius cd.

I mean, literally, it's an iTunes "genius" cd, but it's also just genius:

My sweet (and smart!) friend Doro took my very favorite song in the world, Nightswimming by REM, and plugged it into iTunes' Genius, which finds similar sounding songs in your library. The result (with some sharp-minded editing) was this:

1. Nightswimming--REM
2. Fake Plastic Trees--Radiohead
3. The Boxer--Simon & Garfunkel
4. These are the Days--10,000 Maniacs
5. Pictures of You--The Cure
6. Tonight, Tonight--Smashing Pumpkins
7. At My Most Beautiful--REM
8. No Surprises--Radiohead
9. Colorblind--Counting Crows
10. Disarm--Smashing Pumpkins
11. Caring is Creepy--The Shins
12. Stay--Lisa Loeb
13. Close to Me (Closet Remix)--The Cure
14. Drive--REM
15. Just--Radiohead
16. Ode to My Family--The Cranberries
17. Blowin' in the Wind--Bob Dylan
18. This Must be the Place--Talking Heads
19. Lovesong--The Cure
20. Fall at Your Feet--Crowded House

I guess iTunes' Genius really is a genius cause those are some damn good songs. Disarm has always been my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song--throwback to 9th grade--and Colorblind is on my top 5 songs of all time list, I'm pretty sure.

Oh, and re: the Emmy's, this pretty much sums up my opinion:

Happy (manic) Monday!


bananas. said...

that IS genius!!!

OMG i love colorblind. always reminds me of that scene in cruel intentions when reese is coming up the escalator and ryan phillipe is standing at the top looking all handsome in a blue button up.

don't remember it? eh too bad. it was a good scene ;)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love that CD...Such a lovely friend:)
I so agree with the Emmy choices...Tina looked amazing:)
Happy Monday,sweetie

April said...

That's so much fun! I love things like that, like Pandora! You can find such amazing songs!

Jen said...

That music mix is pretty awesome! "Disarm" is also my fav Smashing Pumpkins song. Love me some "Colorblind," some "Boxer," and "Lovesong" by the Cure might be one of my all-time favs.

shelly said...

i heart cucumber martinis :)

Everton Terrace said...

Oh dear, that "not" dress is quite awful. My husbands all time favorite song is "fall on me" by REM. He would love your CD.

Faiza said...

tina fey was HOT last night!

ummmm....please please please burn me a copy of the genius CD. i can't believe nightswimming is one of your favorite songs. i love that song! okay so actually i can believe that it is one of your faves! it makes me so happy whenever i hear it!

"i'm pining for the moon"

J. said...

Aren't mixed cds the greatest? I have used the 'genuis' tool on my itunes several times, but I never thought of using it to make mixes for others! Such a lovely idea!! ((And that mix you receieved is incredibly legit.))

Krystal said...

oh man that looks like a good cd!!! and cucumber vodka drink? weird!!!

Gracie said...

I do like the Genius thing on itunes. It's usually quite awesome. I like your mix as well. Making mixes are a lot of fun :)

Gabby said...

You have a great life, lady :) I'm also loving cucumber cocktails!

Hiking in Stilettos said...

Ooh, I love great mixed CDs! It's the best mix!

Elle Sees said...

perfect songs! i have them all. huge SP fan over here!!

FourJedis said...

What a great cd! Sounds like you've been surrounded by some good birthday celebrations for a few weeks!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

I love this CD! Hmmm, I never knew Genius was so smart! It makes my computer too slow, so I don't use it :)

Mmmm yummy dinners and pepino vodka drinks with good friends, that just sounds lovely!

Also, I'm catching up with all your latest posts... I think hummus is a wonderful snack to accompany your cucumber and carrots (and it'll last longer by keeping you full). If you want to make it healthier, just add less olive oil than the recipes call for (you can add just plain water at the end to get it to the right consistency) and you can mix it up by adding fresh mint or other green herbs.


this free bird said...

Claire...I'm barely back from birthday madness 2010, but wanted to say hey lady!!

Roll in for a little CSN gift cert giveaway. Free stuff is the new black. So are cucumber cocktails!!!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

tina fey's dress is definitely weird but she totally rocks it and I love it! Though I bet if I saw it on the rack I would beg to differ. What is that woman wearing? Need attention much! I'm glad you had a good bday celebration! I always love when a select group of friends make me CDs (the ones who pick good music), always so exciting!!! That is really cool that your friend used the Genius app... amazing. Cucumber cocktail sounds nummy nummy. Happy Happy Birthday!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

*what is that woman wearing = the lady on the right. Sorry- I had no transition in my train of thought there.

Micaela said...

Nightswimming is what was playing in my car all day yesterday ;)

GENIUS! i didn't know such a thing existed!

how BEAUTIFUL is tina fey?!

was so bummed dexter nor LOST won... i suppose i have to see what this "Mad Men" is all about.

~KS said...

I adore Nightswimming... when I was younger- I used to put my tape of it in my boombox and rewind it over and over and over... still love it to this day. And Colorblind is an epic song. What a genius idea!!!!!! I might have to steal this for an upcoming birthday gift!

And I tagged you in a little game of q&a this morning... hope you'll play along :)

Erika said...

Wow! That truly is one amazing mix CD. Way better than the last one I received wherein the guy couldn't even be bothered to look up the artists of some of the completely bizarre songs he included. :P

Miranda said...

That salad sounds delicious, making me hungry.
Great blog!

Melissa said...

Aw, that is a really fun idea! Hooray for the presence of Lisa Loeb on that CD -- I used to love that song so much in the mid-90s!

dulci said...

Tina Fey looked great!!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

That is a genius idea and so thoughtful!
I am obsessed with Pandora these days- it's the best and most logical way to listen to music!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I loved Tina Fey's dress. She always looks classy.

Marz said...

OMG Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight" was just on MTV videos (Philip was channel surfing) and I literally said how much I love this song and how long it's been since I have heard it like two seconds ago and there it is on your genius CD :) I think I need a copy of that mixed CD :) I love so many of those songs!