Thursday, August 5, 2010

A very very good day.

Yesterday was a pretty magical day. This is how it went down:

*It started with my second acupuncture appointment with Thuy, which was even more amazing than my first. Pretty sure this is going to be an incredible addition to my routine.

*I came home relaxed from acupuncture, picked some tomatoes from the garden, and sat down with my computer and started filling out unemployment forms. I was in the midst of trying to figure them out, when . . . I got word that my job was saved! We got fully funded and I get to go back to Balboa next week!!

*I jetted across the street to get some celebratory champagne, and toasted with my roommate (and dear friend whom I LOVE) as soon as she got home.

*California lawmakers declared Prop 8, the highly controversial proposition declaring gay marriage illegal in California, unconstitutional! YAY FOR LOVE! This is such an amazing victory. I'm proud of my state.

In general good news . . .

1. I got an email from a former friend/boss at Tulane, inviting me to come to New Orleans in late October for a 5 Year Katrina Remembrance event! Dave Eggers is a keynote speaker, and there's going to be a panel about the Voice of Witness books on wrongful incarceration/exonerated people and women who've suffered abuse and neglect while in prison. I was invited to participate in the panel discussion, which includes flight/hotel/meals in New Orleans. I'm pretttttttty excited. Anyone wanna meet me here?

The Columns Hotel, aka my favorite place in New Orleans

Trying to convince Summer B to take a lil trip home and hang out with me in NOLA!

And speaking of Summer, go congratulate her on her daddy's cancer being in remission!

Lastly, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I made a damn good dinner last night to go with my celebratory champagne. You see, my mama's kinda famous for her squash casserole. Those of you who've had it know what I'm talking about it. I replicated it quite nicely, gotta say, and made a caprese salad with tomatoes from the garden. (But no, I can't take credit for growing them). Check it:


nothin' like mama's squash casserole!

And lastly, I've developed an addiction, y'all. To Friday Night Lights. It's only been a few days, and I've already finished the first season, thanks to my friend Doro's Netflix Instant Watch, or whatever it's called. In particular, I've developed an addiction to the hunkiest man alive:

Tim Riggins, ladies and gentleman. Tim f'ing Riggins.


Tillie said...

hahaha this post made me smile a lot. So stoked for you on the job front, and the business in NOLA too, ive jsut convinced my friend to spend thanksgiving there! She is a new zealander working over in the us at the moment! oh how i wish to be her. haha.

Much love to you sugar. and p.s Tim f'ing riggins. YUM!

Everton Terrace said...

That is GREAT news - so happy for you, congratulations.
My daughter was at Loyola in NOLA, we were just moving her in for her soph' year when we got the call to evacuate for Katrina. Fortunately we were able to get out. Good luck at the event and have a GREAT time in the fantabulous city.

passport in my pocket said...

wow, Claire, congrats on returning to Balboa!! How exciting and what a relief! You deserve that champagne for sure :)

Meghan said...

Congrats, Claire! I am so glad they saved your job! What a relief!

I totally love the fact that life is looking up - I love it when good things happen to good people!

Gracie said...

Yay!! Congrats on your job! I'm really glad that you are able to go back. And champagne is definitely in order. Great dinner ;)

Definitely lots of good news here. x

this free bird said...

Congrats on the acupuncture. Holy sh*t that stuff really is LIFE SAVING...yahoooooooooooooo on your job!!! Pardon my language but that is absolutely awesome!!

So many great things in this post -the job, the food, the trip and your friend's dad in remission.



OneCraftyFox said...

Sounds like an awesome and completely perfect day! :)

Malia Jackson said...

I'm so happy for you, Claire! And we will have to talk Friday Night Lights. Tim Riggins is this generation's Jordan Catalano. I personally love the deep sadness of Matt Saracen.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Yay!!!! OMG. I was kinda having a down night, but reading blogs was making me feel a little better. Then I get to this, and I'm just so damn happy for you! And relieved!!!! Gosh, not a moment too soon. And I was thrilled about prop 8 news this morning! Made me smile hugely!

And so many congrats on your VOW invitation! You are such an amazing woman. You inspire me, madly.

Love love.

Phoenix Peacock said...

I am loving this post and SO VERY GLAD that everything has fallen into place for you! When it rains it pours... but ah, the blooms the flowers bring after a good downpour!!!

Indie.Tea said...

Congrats on the job being saved...yay!
The prop 8 news is the BEST isn't it?

Krystal said...

wow congrats on all of your big news!!! that is awesome! that remembrance event will be so cool, i like dave eggers!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

wow, i'm glad you have your job back! mine barely gives me any hours, but i still have the security of being employed; i couldn't imagine what i'd do if i had to go on the job hunt!

also, i'm so glad prop 8 is a no go. who's to say certain people can't love one another?

and your tomatoes look DELICIOUS! we haven't had much luck with our garden this year which is disappointing, because usually in the summer months, i barely spend anything on groceries.

Micaela said...

I WAS OVERJOYED hearing about your job!!!! THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! i sooo wish i was there to enjoy your celebratory dinner! DELISH!!!

I was also overjoyed about NEW ORLEANS!!! Oh good things are happening for you claire and you are MOST deserving!!!!


ps. esp in your birthday month!!! AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I tried acupuncture when I was pregnant and it was painful! I think they must have done it incorrectly. Hm then again none of the other pregnant women were complaining...

Faiza said...

a hundred high fives for you today claire!
such terrific news for you AND for balboa. i hope they know how lucky they are to have you.

enjoy this last weekend of summer holidays. YOU DESERVE IT and so so so so much more.

bklyn76 said...

so much good news in one post! woohoo to having a job!

caprese salad is my favourite all time salad! your tomatoes look scrumptious!

i would love to visit NOLA one of these days...

bananas. said...

CLAIRE! i'm soooo happy for you!!!!!! YAY!!

i hope you celebrate hardcore this weekend...for your job AND for prop 8 being overturned. big ups to cali!!!

btw i'll be in your hood tonight. pican...ever been?

J. said...

SUCH great news!! Congrats on being employed AND for being invited to NOLA! Wish I could come visit in October... I love New Orleans and haven't been there in years.
And I was so happy to hear that Prop 8 was deemed unconstitutional- it never should have passed in the first place! Yay Love, indeed!!

Annie Cristina said...

Congrats on all the good news, Claire! I'm so happy for you. :-)))

Karena said...

Really good news all around!! I love Caprese Salad and the casserole looks delish!

Thanks for the eye candy!

Art by Karena

Katastrophic said...

Congratulations! Things are look good hereon. =)

That food looks delicioussss

Lauren Nicole said...

congrats on the job claire! that's amazing and so wonderful! and the new orleans trip, so, so awesome; all the expenses included esp., too cool.

i love caprese salad, so yummy it's insane. and wilst i hate casseroles, yours looks really good, no joke! <3 <3
- L

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Woohoo Claire. I'm so happy that things worked out with your job! Yey! Sounds like everything is looking up. Oh and the casseroles looks absolutely delish, my mouth is watering right now. Yum. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie

Michelle said...

Congratulations! And, I too, am in love with Tim Riggins/Taylor. Loooove him. Drool. Ahh, to be in HS again. What I would have given to be watching HIM on the football field (I miss the previous seasons and seeing him in his uniform. Sigh). Love.

Anonymous said...

dave eggers!?!? you lucky woman, you!

and congrats on your job! happy for you :)

MarchMusings said...

Congrats on the good news about the job. The casserole looks yummy

Erika said... after seeing the pictures of that film, I believe that Miss Summer B. would be crazy not to take you up on your invite.

And yayay for the good news about your job - if only to save you from facing those unemployment forms!! :)

Heather Taylor said...

Congrats on the great job news! That's super!

Diana Mieczan said...

Wow...what a great news...!!! Congrats on your job:) i am so happy for you,sweetie:)

Kisses and sweet dreams:)

Hiking in Stilettos said...

A few things:

1. Congrats (again) on the job!
2. You're dinner looks scrumptious.
3. I am completely in love with FNL and Tim Riggins. Hello, hotness.

Have a great week!

DrayaAnn said...

OH i LOVE the columns hotel. I love sitting out there having a drink in the evening. Heaven.