Thursday, September 9, 2010


I mean seriously, who comes up with these things you "like"?  Apparently any old Joe can make up things to "like," cause these are literally some of the things I've been seeing on my news feed lately:

Courtnee likes I hate when you're nice to the weird kid, then BOOM stalked for life! 

Courtnee likes Dear God, Please bring back Bob Marley, In return you can have Justin Bieber. Amen. 

Courtnee likes ‎/\_/\_____________this would be my heartbeat if i ever lost you. I love you to death

Courtnee likes Can I Have A Sip? Sure! *Glug, Glug, Glug* WTF Man!?

Courtnee likes We text 24/7, but when we meet.......AWKWARD! 

Courtnee likes Pardon me, sir gangster, but I believe your trousers are descending. 

And speaking of facebook.  I won't be friends with my students (duh), but there are a select few former students who have graduated that I'm friends with.  One of them is decidedly not Davell Joiner.  Here is a glimpse of his recent status updates to illustrate why:

Davell Joiner hahahahahahahahahahaha summer jam was mosdef poppn to all the pussy a nigga could ever want lol there was some lil nastys in that bitch but it dont matter cuz i was too dam high to even trip of any pussy lol

Davell Joiner pussy money weed is all a brother knos

Davell Joiner woke up this morning wit pussy on my mind


Davell Joiner mann im soo sleepy i need too smoke and get some pussy....mannn i cant trust noo BITCH OR NIGGA

Davell Joiner i need a bad yellow bone,,long hair dont care,,wit a ass dats fatt...but she gota be nasty never afraid too take a dick,,and love too get her pussy licked ...lil nasty

Davell Joiner she told the whole world!!!!... i got a big dick and i kno how to use it lol

Now isn't that a lesson in the depressing--when you see THAT on a former student's wall???  Ay yay yay.  God bless his p----- obsessed soul.


this free bird said...



seriously. i'm kinda speechless.

yours truly dear said...

arent people so special? hahaha...yikes

April said...

woke up this morning wit p**** on my mind

^^Obviously going to be my next status update. Thanks, Claire! :)
Seriously.. how on Earth do people think any of this is okay?

Marcie said...

Man, FB is wearing on me now too! Some people are so ridiculous. And these gave me a great laugh.

xo M

bklyn76 said...

what a tease! where are your hair pics???

Katy Mary said...

hahaha I have the same reaction to Facebook all the time. I swear people act like such MORONS on there. I have a cousin who writes all day every day about smoking weed. So annoying.

Phoenix Peacock said...

this absolutely cracked me up. I love the kids we work with

bananas. said...

oh facebook.

oh kids.

oh boyyy.

you just gotta laugh about it...and blog ;)

pu$$y out!

shelly said...

just the laugh i needed first thing this morning claire! you crack me up :)

Diana Mieczan said...

hahahaha....that totally made me laugh out loud...:)
Have a lovely Friday

Faiza said...


Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

oy yoy yoy yoy...

Cheryl said...

Just terrific. Truly. Thank you.

Kara said...

O. M. G.

Krystal said...

i am immediately going to "like" the chug chug chug one