Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Week

Despite the fact that, having had a little too much fun with friends and neighbors on Labor Day and taking a late-night spill, this is an actual picture of my hip:

it's been a great week!  You can't really go wrong when you start with Monday off work, though, right? Thanks to all us laborers.  We had a little impromptu BBQ at our house, and it was fun seeing everyone, eating delicious food, and drinking sangria.  There were even a couple babies in attendance (and five dogs, some of whom behaved).

Tuesday I got to go into work a little late, had an easy day, and a yummy takeout dinner with my roomie from my favorite veggie Chinese place.  And today I woke up happy as a clam, cause in one short hour, I have my Brazilian blowout with my girl Lauren!  So excited to bid adieu to the hairdryer.  And frizzies.  Pics to follow.

And Friday I'm going with some of my favorite people in the world to see these brilliant crooners in action at the Greek Theater:

David Gray & Ray Lamontagne

Hopefully one or both of them don't make me cry.  Ha.  

And now I have a request for you all . . .

Please go read this post of Summer's.  This is Summer and her Daddy:

Her daddy, Mr. Butch Bailey, has cancer.  He is going through all kinds of harsh treatments, and has been rendered unable to work due to loss of energy, memory, and burns on his head and ears.  Summer is doing everything she can to help him, but she lives in NYC and Daddy Butch is in Plaquemine, Louisiana.  She's asking anyone who can to send a card and a dollar to her dad . . . times are tough in the Bailey household!  And I, for one, believe that we humans should take care of each other whenever we can . . . 

There is more info on Summer's blog, but Mr. Bailey's address is:

Mr. Butch Bailey
39865 Hwy 75
Plaquemine, Louisiana 70764

If you have the time and means to send him a card and a dollar, Summer (and me, too!) would be very grateful!

Hope everyone's having a great week, too.  Be back tomorrow . . . with better hair!


julianne. said...

ouch guurrrl.
and ill see what i can do about mr butch.

Diana Mieczan said...

OMG...that must hurt so much...How is your hip today?
Sounds like you are having a lot of fun...Good for you darling:)
I am going right now to read Summer's post...How sad...Kisses and hugs

ps: I am hosting a really cute GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

To my sweet bestie blogger buddy:

I love you.
OMFG is right! Jesus woman. What happened?
Thank you for posting about Daddy Butch.
Um, I think I may be more excited than you about your hair! I am for sure at a 10!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Goodness- I'll read the post that summer wrote.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Oh dear! Your hip. Sending healing thoughts your way. But I'm glad you still had fun and so far have a relaxing week! Can't wait to see your hair!!!!

Summer's papa is on my list of cards to send...

Wishing you a beautiful day!

J. said...

OUCH. I loathe the 'cocktail bruises' (I used to get so many, I had to come up with an appropriate name for them...)
So glad you're having a great week!

Marz said...

OMG!! Here's some healing xoxo's for that crazy bruised hip of yours!!! OUCH!!! I cannot wait to see your hair. My hair is in MAJOR need of a trim. It always feels so good after you do something for your hair :) I remember you talking about how badly you wanted a Brazilian blowout so I'm really excited for you :)
I am SOOOOOOOOO jealous that you will be getting to see both those amazing singers this Friday. I SO wish I could be your date. To get to see one of them would be heavenly, but to get to see both - well you are just SPOILED :)
You are such an angel to spread the word about Summer's dad. You are right, we should all take care of each other. I'll be sending Daddy Butch a card and keeping him in my prayers!

April said...

JESUS CHRIST, YOUR HIP! But I'm sure you were having fun.. haha. One fun night I tore open my knee and hand with a pretty epic fall (along with some other equally stupid things).
I'm so glad more people are blogging about Summer's dad. I sent my card yesterday! DO IT PEOPLE! ;)

Tangerine Fairy said...

I'll def. send Mr.Bailey a homemade card :)

shelly said...

your poor hip :( must have been a really fun party!!! lol

i CANNOT wait to see the results of your Brazilian...been wanting one soo bad.

and as you know...David Gray...SWOON!!! i missed him when he was here (totally didn't even know about it) but i heard he is have tons of fun!!

i sent Mr Butch Bailey a card yesterday :)

Everton Terrace said...

I love David Gray and have only recently been turned on to Ray Lamontagne - should be a blast. Looking forward to seeing your hair. Will happily send card and dollar tomorrow.

Annie Cristina said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry you hurt your hip! That bruise looks hella-painful. And thanks for the heads up on Summer's dad -- I'll definitely be sending them a card and a donation.

Faiza said...

ouch! claire i hope you didn't mess up your back again when you took that spill. eeeeek!

loving your mid week positivity and cheer!

Krystal said...

looks like you are having such a fun week, lady!
and that sending a dollar to him is such a good idea - I'll have to see if I have an american dollars laying around!

Melissa said...

It's so awesome that you're spreading the word for Summer!!!

Also, that concert is going to be amazing!!! Love both of those men so much!

Gabby said...

Oh your poor hip! There has to be a story there :) Hope your week is treating you right, ladylove.

Micaela said...

what a TUMBLE!!!! ouchies! my little dainty claire :)

Seriously, your terrible beagle is my favourite dog pic! no lie :) love him!
(just posted the perros! LOL)

sooo sweet of you to post about summer's daddy (how cute are they?!) i need to send him another card...

THANK YOU for the phone date the other night. seriously, we could easily talk for hours me and you :) i love it!

can't wait to see your new hair! xoxo

Micaela said...

oh and Ray?! can i PLEASEEEE GO?!

bklyn76 said...

a little freaky that you left a comment on my blog at the exact moment i'm typing this! [yes, she does have awesome hair! can't wait to see yours tomorrow!]

hope your hip is healing well. i think it's awesome you posted the bit about summer's papa.

absolutely jealous about mr. lamontagne.

Alicia said...

OUCH! holy crap that looks painful!! and i read about summer's daddy on her blog, breaks my heart. so sweet of you to pass the word along! :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

You cant share a bruise without the story.
I insist.

this free bird said...


Just got in from Canada a short time ago. Girl I hope you've got ice or something on that hip!! Don't give osteoporosis an edge!!

I think you're gonna love Ray. He made me tear up...and Summer and her dad have done the same. Card and a buck this week.


bananas. said...

yeesh that's some bruise you got there ms. kiefer! owie!

but really let's talk you love it? how's it feel? hope you take pictures and show us!

i blow dryed my hair in the beginning, only because it was normal routine...but if i chose not to, it still dried nice and smooth.

Betty said...

Ouch! That's quite a bruise. At least you get to go to see David & them!

Kara said...

OW. Seriously? Ow!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Omg!! OUCH!! You poor thing!! I hope you feel better! Oh warm regards to your friend's father! May he be strong in all of this!

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chrystie the gemini said...

whoa that is quite a bruise!! i guess you had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the pics of your hair, you should do a before and after :)

Meghan said...

Girl, your hip makes mine HURT! You poor thing - hope it's feeling better soon! Glad you are having a wonderful week - it's the little things, isn't it??? :)