Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday I'm in Love!

It's Friday and I am in love with that fact alone (though daaaaamn is it gonna be hard to go to work on Monday, after having this past Monday off!).  But I'm also in love with:

1. Travel
As you know, I just got back from my friend Amanda's wedding in Cambria, and in the next two and a half months, I'm also going to:

New Orleans



annnnnd Georgia!

in that order!  Pretty amazing, right? I'm gonna be a busy busy bee this Fall, but it will be well worth it.  Expect lots of postcards (and some blank ones for you, Faiza!).

2. Bay Area Sports Weekend!
The Giants are now officially in the play-offs (I'm done grieving for the Braves), and even more exciting is that the SF 49ers are playing the Oakland Raiders on Sunday--awesome Bay Area rivalry!  Raiders' fans are notoriously . . . rowdy (which I think is awesome), and this morning on the radio, the djs were making fun of them: "The only thing the Raiders can 'beat' is a case!"  and "The Raiders might as well just go ahead and make their mascot a lawyer," etc.  Which is awful.  But pretty amazingly funny.  I mean of all people, I should have a sense of convict humor, right?

3. Sushi
I don't want sushi all that often, cause I'm a vegetarian and I can't eat a whole helluva lot at sushi restaurants, but right now I'm dealing with a ferocious sushi craving, and I've successfully convinced my buddy across the hall to steal away for a late sushi lunch before 5th period.  And on that note, I'm outta here!

Happy Friday!


bananas. said...

raider haters...that's what i call them.

hey i don't mind being associated with the raiders. i freaking LOVE it! judge all they want. they're just scared because seriously some fans will murder your grandmas. what what!!!


Krystal said...

wow, you are going to be a busy lady!!!

drollgirl said...

holy MOLY, you have the most awesome travel plans! you lucky thing!!!

have a fab weekend!

Marz said...

EXTREMELY jealous of your AMAZING upcoming destinations!!! I am feeling some SERIOUS wanderlust (I think I have a chronic case of it actually) and am constantly wishing I had a great adventure to look forward to it. I'll have to live vicariously through yours! :)

I'm really excited about sports this weekend too!! Philip and I are going to be cheering on the Rangers tonight at BWW (our second home) with some friends. On Sunday our beloved Cowboys face the Vikings and I can't wait to see Romo & Favre match up!

The convict humour cracked me up!!! Which btw you were a very sexy convict in your Halloween costume on twinkie's blog! :) And you as a little clown is soooo freaking adorable!!!!! :) I love those pics!

Have a great weekend Claire!! xoxo

Micaela said...

i wish i was meeting you in New Orleans! :( you didn't tell me you were going to Guatemala! how exciting!!!

I hate that i work this sunday :( but maybe i can catch the end... BIG weekend for baseball and my RANGERS! fingers crossed!

sushi... man oh man it's been too long since i've had some so enjoy extra for me :)


Ashley said...

wow lucky you! thats so exciting to be going to all those places!

I can't wait for the raiders/niners game! Go niners (we need to win......!!)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Dang that's a lot of traveling! Awesome! I'd love to travel more :) I just have one big and one small trip in December, but that's it.

Have fun!!

this free bird said...

lucky duck with all that traveling claire!! now i'm kinda feeling like a lit-tle sushi myself!

have a great weekend! ps-heather!!


heather yalin said...

oooh, guatemala!!! i want to know more! :)

bklyn76 said...

wow, what a great lineup of trips!

i could eat sushi but i'm not vegetarian so it's much easier for me!

Faiza said...

yay for your friday! i am in love with it too!

thank you so much for thinking of naaz and kushan and their postcard guestbook! you are amazing!

yay giants!! so if the giants end up playing the rangers...who will i cheer for? your team or micaela's. this is giving me serious anxiety!

friday hugs to you my friend!

Caroline said...

Claire!! Your comment about butter made me smile from ear to ear!! You know we really need to meet!! I know we would get into some trouble and have an awesome foodie adventure!!! Hugs my friend! xo

Kara said...

I am so stinking jealous. I think I'll come over there to CA, stuff myself in your suitcase, and come with. We can wear our sparkly toms and match! I promise it will be amazing!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo whats in Guatemala? I've always wanted to go back there as an adult. And wow what a fabulously fun and busy month ahead. I can't wait to hear more about it!

April said...

I can't wait to hear about all your travels!

shelly said...

i want YOUR travel agenda!

ahhhhh Napa....every year we talk about making that trip and every year it gets put off for one more year. if you could just send me a case of wine from which ever vineyard, that would be great. LOL!

and will be so close to me :) my boyfriend just drove up there yesterday for the weekend.

sushi- yum- i could eat it every night! have a fun weekend claire!!!!

Kelli said...

LUCKY GIRL!! How fun!

Meghan said...

I cannot believe you are visiting all of these places! I am in love with Napa!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Erin said...

So many exciting destinations! Can't wait to hear about the wonderful time you're bound to have...

Happy Weekend, Claire!

Style Attic said...

TRAVEL, YES!! You speak and I'm reading/listening!!! Add fruit and my mouth is watering :)

gleenn said...

These are all beautiful things to fall in love with. travel is very wonderful. :)

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Erika said...

Gah! Your travel schedule is covetable, Claire! I absolutely love traveling during the fall/winter months - so much fun (aside from delays due to the weather, of course!).

I have still yet to read "A Farewell to Arms." I am adding it to my list right now!! :)

Jen said...

I'm right there with ya dear, I've been craving sushi lately too! There are a few REALLY good places in my city... but got to get my butt over to them ;-)

Happy Sunday Dear! xo

angelina la dawn said...

wow i think all three of these would be on my list right now, too. although i don't have any trips in the near {or distant} future. i'm totally jealous!

Michelle said...

Oooh I'm jealous of all your trips you get to take!

city girl said...

Jealous of all the trips you have coming up. You're going to some awesome places, have fun!

Celeste said...

How fun! All of these places will be so much fun- I've only ever been to Napa but the vineyards are so charming to drive by :)

Diana Mieczan said... are goint to be so busy...I also love sushi...I could eat it all the time:)
Have fun my dear

georgia~gigi said...

Um, do you need someone to carry your bags, a nanny, whatever you need, I am your girl!
How fun, I hope you have a wonderful time!
gi gi

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I cannot wait to move to the bay area.
Sounds like so much fun.