Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ikea will break your spirit but classic rock will restore it

There are many things with which I have a love/hate relationship.  Like:

this beast



And one of these things is most definitely Ikea.  On the love side of the love/hate spectrum, Ikea is nearby and incredibly cheap and has frozen yogurt and lots of really cute things for the home, such as:

among many other things.  But Ikea can be soul-crushing.  You enter the maze that it is and follow all the brightly-colored arrows through the entire store until you can no longer see straight.  Should you choose to purchase furniture, you have to lift the incredibly heavy, disassembled, boxed pieces yourself, schlep them to your car (into which they might not fit), and then carry them into your house.  

Yesterday afternoon, Eric and I took a trip to Ikea in an attempt to make his apartment more . . . habitable.  We came armed with a list, which fooled me into thinking we could get out of there in a reasonable amount of time, but let's just say that didn't happen and we were ready to wring each others' necks by the end of the experience.  We bought a huge entertainment center, a desk, desk chair, and bookshelf, and lots of little household things.  Pretty sure Eric was more excited about the candles and vase he bought than any of the bigger, more practical stuff.  
More than two whole hours after entering the neon labyrinth, we pushed our carts to his car and loaded it up, me nearly in tears from hunger and exhaustion and frustration (okay, fine, I was literally in tears, not just "nearly"--ha!).  Thankfully, Eric had the sense to take me to dinner immediately after, where I had broccoli lo mein and two lemondrop martinis.  My happiness meter skyrocketed.  

That is, until we had to drag all the million-pound boxes up to Eric's second floor apartment, resulting in my back being nearly broken (I wore a back brace and flats to work today: seriously).  The good news is, we built some furniture while rockin' out to a pretty amazing playlist, that resembled this:

1. Unknown Legend--Neil Young
2. If I Laugh--Cat Stevens
3. No Woman No Cry--Bob Marley
4. The Only Living Boy in New York--Paul Simon
5. Blue Sky--Allman Brothers
6. Angel from Montgomery--Bonnie Raitt
7. Gypsy--Fleetwood Mac
8. Drift Away--Doobie Brothers
9. Who'll Stop the Rain--CCR
10. Running on Faith--Eric Clapton
11. Ready or Not--Jackson Browne
12. Out on the Weekend--Neil Young

Make yourself a copy of that pronto--I promise, it will work wonders. ;)


Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

Honestly, I hate Ikea!! It's just too much of a jumbled mess and I definitely hate all the chaos! Maybe I should try going during a down time rather than the weekend!

Megan said...

Oh Ikea is my heaven! Maybe because the closest one is 3 hours away so it is always a "treat" to go. I have to admit I hate it when it is really busy or if you cant find the box you need at the end :-(

Tillie said...

I want a copy of that! STAT! haha amazing. i hope your back is better sweetface. xo

Faiza said...

They (whoever they are) say that if two people can get through building Ikea furniture together without a homicide then they can pretty much tackle anything! Way to go!

And kinda ironic that you listened to No Woman No Cry while helping Eric build said furniture!

FourJedis said...

Ugh, I hope your back is feeling better. Day 2 is always the worst. Sounds like a great day/night otherwise. I, too, love Jillian. I enjoyed her show 'Losing It.' We don't have an Ikea here, but I always intend to hunt them down when I'm traveling. ;-) Have a great night!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

To me Ikea is all about meatballs and FREE childcare-
I'm an only child and my mom would NEVER leave me at the child play area- or if she did she would not leave! I leave my monkeys all the time- must be a bad mother!

Marz said...

Aww I am sure you still looked amazing even with a back brace and flats :) Hope it's feeling better! I thought the EXACT same thing as Faiza when I saw "No Woman No Cry" in the playlist since you literally were in tears (you are so cute! That is something I would do as well!) So glad Eric knew how to make your happiness meter skyrocket :) How much fun you guys are going to have now that his place is more habitable! Don't forget to include your "Let's Get It On" playlist for me ;) ha

Krystal said...

Ikea is so intimidating, i also love it but hate it. it leaves me thirsty, hungry, like i just wandered through a desert and mark and i inevitably end up irritable. but i DO have a cute apartment!

this free bird said...

You brave woman. I would have had a gallon of lemon drops before AND after that debacle. I feel your pain. You get in there and the next thing you know 4 hours has gone by and you have a big ass yellow bag filled with tea lights and are wandering up and down aisles looking for items that you discover are sold out or the box has been ripped open displaying cracked particle board.

I need a lemon drop just thinking abou ti.

ps-did you see the sheepskin rugs though? i did get two of those the last time i got sucked into the maze. totally worth it!

heather yalin said...

How I do actually miss the ease of huge stores like this. But Ikea is ALWAYS daunting (or as the non-existent tourism board of chile would say: ALL WAYS--ugh)

I don't know what the secret is. Maybe taking a day off work to go at 9 a.m. or something crazy like that! Nurse your back, sweet girl!


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love/hate ikea.

oh and sake is amazing and those songs...are kick your shoes off and dance with flowers in your hair!

Annie Cristina said...

You know -- I have never been to Ikea. (I know, I know. I'm ashamed of me, too.)

Hope you are doing well!

Micaela said...

you are so cute! i can just picture you in the parking lot in tears and eric perhaps clueless and excited about his candles lol aw i want to HUG you! but!!! obv. he's not clueless... he got you dinner AND drinks afterwards ;)

and the music mix... how powerful is music to soothe and calm and pump you up? those songs are perfect - i had to laugh at Faiza's comment ;)

i'm sure Eric's apartment now has a woman's touch-- better than that... YOUR touch! i'm sure you did him well! :)

can you believe i have never been to an Ikea!? crazy!! trust me, not by choice... if there was one nearby i'm sure i would make the trip even if i knew what i was getting into ;)


Meghan said...

Girl, I LOVE your playlist! It is ROCKIN!

blueeyedfreckle said...

hey claire! I always wish that you had your email address attached to your profile so I could email my replies to your comments!! I get so excited when you write nice words on my blog.. they seriously make my day every time! so thanks for always taking the time to leave a comment:)

and I totally know what you mean about IKEA.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i think it's a gppd thing there's no ikea around here (or for several hours) because it could cause serious problems.

i love pretty much everything i've seen there, and the next time i go to northern va, i'm going with a fat wallet so i can visit ikea for the first time!

Miss Chelsea said...

Marley makes for delightful furniture building time!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hope you feel better soon! Great playlist, except I am not a Fleetwood Mac fan. Stevie Nicks scares tye shit out of me for some reason lol!

Kara said...

Whew, this entire post makes me exhausted. I need a martini or two, now that I think of it!

Loving that playlist and making my own duplicate as soon as I get home. You are the greatest.