Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{guest post from B is for...} Gal Pals!

Hello to all of the readers of Bicoastally.

I am Summer of {B is for}.
While she is off speaking another language, seeing new sights and chasing after little ones, I am stepping in to entertain you all. 

You want background, right?
Well, I don't have much for you.
I cannot remember how C and I first came across one another but I know that it has been fast and furious.

I am about to state the obvious but Claire is a dear, dear friend of mine.
I fell in love with Claire because she is real.
She stands for what she believes in.
She loves New Orleans and our Saints.
Claire cares with all of her heart. 
She won't take no for an answer.
She wants to make the world a better place.
She is passionate about her students, her profession, her poetry and her wine!

I did get the pleasure of meeting Ms. CK but it was the night of my Daddy's passing and it was nowhere near long enough.

So, I wanted to plan a do-over date.

I believe the perfect date for Claire and myself would be:

~ heading to a Saints game and standing on the field
~ we would have a spicy vegetarian spread in the locker room with Drew Brees
~ going cupcake and wine tasting - at.the.same.time
~ hugging and laughing till we pee'd our pants

Nothing too fancy, just fun. Right?

What would your perfect date with your perfect gal pal be like?

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E. Charlotte said...

What a darling post, Summer! For me and my best girl friend we would start at our favorite coffee shop (tea for her, she's expecting a baby!), we would shop all afternoon for home decor and sparkly things and then find a comfy spot to discuss love, life and, of course, babies! :)

jeanette from everton terrace said...

A long late leisurly breakfast, shopping, a chic flic, afternoon sweet treat nibble and a dressed up fun night out, let's do it all in NYC or Paris too. Or, you know hanging around the house, with a good friend it just doesn't matter. Very sorry about your father Summer. Blessings to you.

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a sweet post...I would probably go with my bff for a cheese and wine afternoon:) Kisses and have a great day

Jude said...

Aw, this is such a sweet tribute to girlfriendship! Nothing like time with gal pals. I would love to wander the streets of a big city forever with mine (NYC, London, Paris, Rome :))...window shopping and stopping for anything that looks delicious.

Faiza said...

oh i love claire for so many of those same reasons. i think her brain is gorgeous and love to talk to her about the things she is passionate about. one day i hope i get to meet her in person and have a long, long, long chat peppered with many laughs. for now, i am so happy we have gchat!

Jax said...

Aw, love this post!! This is so sweet! :) And cupcake and wine tasting simultaneously is pretty much the best gal pal date EVER!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Hmmm, I would say - lunch and cocktails :) This is so cute. You are so sweet, and I am sure she appreciates it!

heather yalin said...

This is so sweet :) I'm sure you two will meet again under other circumstances. I have to agree about the cupcake and wine tasting. Though I might change cupcakes to cheese! Wishing you both a beautiful day!

Micaela said...

lots of wine, lots of eating... thrifting... laughing til our stomach hurts and YES!! sports. :)

i agree-- i can't wait for you girls to get together under happier circumstances but how special and strong to be there for each other in your darkest hour :(

i hope next time i can join in! :)

rebecca said...

Awe, such a lovely post...friendship adds so much to our lives! Definitely lots of wine, laughter and probably some tears too, but thats the best part, being able to be completely authentic together!

stefanie said...

there's a wine bar here in austin that has a monthly cupcake/wine pairing!!

Krystal said...

very sweet post :)

Meghan said...

Cupcake and wine tasting? HEAVENLY! There used to be a wine bar here in Chicago that served cupcake flights - too bad it closed down:(

its simple love said...

Sorry about your dad. You guys will have fun with your gal pal date! Who doesn't love a girls night?


p.s. be sure to check out my cupcake kit giveaway when you get the chance!

this free bird said...

i love two girls who can hug and laugh til they pee their pants. those are my kinda bff's!!!


Dancing Branflake said...

This sounds like a perfect date! Mine would include shopping, talking, and seeing a quaint little town and taking lots of pictures.

Mrs.B said...

...just like that but ending the night with beer and a Port of Call burger!

paula said...

Shopping at Ayala malls is one of what we're doing with my bff and go out of town once a month! :)