Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guest Post here

Claire: I trust that you can put up a post that is okay.
Eric: Yes, of course I can, I'm not a..what's the word..um..I'm not a sabatoger.
Claire: I don't think thats a word.
Eric: Whatever.

Claire said her greatest fear is seizures. She has a phobia because she saw a kid have one when she was 9.  It's hard to get over.

"Pour me some red wine, Claire, if I'm going to write, I need some liquid from the gods."

(we just argued for 10 minutes b/c she thinks i have to write my name at the end of this.  and she wants to read it as i'm doing this.. i said hey, just relax, let me do this . . . don't try and own it . . . don't need info right now, you are compromising the integrity of the post. if you know the flow of this, it will affect the post . . . in my opinion.  Come on now, you don't mess with a bratty cocky spoiled delusional fed artist."

This post sucks. I hate this post. Writing is shameless and cocky and self indulgent. Oh look at me and my fancy fun words and charisma and chill jokes that I try to make come off casual but I really care about them.

Readers: Claire, your guest is negative, he's lame, he sucks.
Other readers: Yeah, F that guy, he's lame.

Does anybody ever look at a flower. Like really look at one.
They are SO beautiful.

Favorite shows:  Eastbound and Down, Breaking Bad.
Other shows i happen to watch: Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, the Office, Family Guy, soft core porn.

Who else is excited about the holidays and fall being here? I am.  I am an uncle. I'm the fun uncle and my sister's baby is a gift from the gods.  A precious baby angel that is beyond words.  Having children or caring for them, or knowing them, is very good for adults.  IMO.

You are all great.  Claire is really a great person. If you need anything i can help you.  Email Claire with your problem, and i will fix it.  

Toodles and kisses and hugs and love!!


Krystal said...

Hurray for the guest post, lets see more! Very funny :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

this post was hilarious, and i hope you have eric back again! i love his rambling.

bklyn76 said...

omg, thanks for that great wakeup this morning! i think eric should be a regular...but warn me so i don't spit my coffee all over the keyboard again!

starnes family said...

Nice. Loving the candid nature!

And, although I write one, I think blogs are totally self indulgent and narcisstic. Dwight Schrute said it best years ago.

Rainn Wilson:
"It was my idea in the very beginning that Dwight should have a blog," Wilson says. "I think that a blog is a perfect way for Dwight to express himself. Most people's blogs are like boring, pontificating rants, and that is right up Dwight's alley."

Miss Chelsea said...

Lol I don't know what just happened, but it made me giggle

Marz said...

OMG I was giggling throughout this whole post!!!! :) I could totally see you and Eric while he wrote this. You should def invite Eric to guest post again! I love the way he writes! :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

right there with miss chelsea...no clue what happened.

Erika said...

I absolutely love you for this post, as I am swamped today and was feeling stressed but this totally made me laugh out loud and put me in more of a fighting mood. Love it!! :P

Jude said...

This gave me a super-needed chuckle - thank you! More guest poster Eric please! :)

Micaela said...

omg, i looove this! eric, i feel like i already know you, claire talks about you sweetly all the time ;) jk! but not really jk... haha

you are hilarious!
and i love that you're the fun uncle cos i am def. the fun aunt! :) funny story-- my nieces (3 and 6) wanted to do fake tattoos but they all wanted them where their auntie micaela had one... tramp stamp anyone? lol i am the fun (bad) aunt.

wine is always good for creativity... or soft porn. HA! HILARIOUS!!! hug my claire for me xo

J. said...

This post is legit. Good stuff, Eric. Good stuff.

Faiza said...

yo eric - get your own blog....(i'd follow it.)

Gabby said...

This is amazing...I either want Eric to guest blog for me or to get his own blog asap!