Friday, November 19, 2010

Hola Amigas!

I've missssssed you!

We got back from Guatemala on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 1 am (to a flat tire and a re-chipped tooth, but that's another story), and it's been nonstop scrambling since then (fix tire/teach monsters/babysit monsters/dentist/etc.).  But here are some pictures from our amazing trip . . . suffice to say, I love Guatemala and seriously considered "missing my plane."

El Centro in Antigua, Guatemala
check out the adorable madre y hija!

my digs: my room, and anteroom con jacuzzi!  
Freeman and I enjoyed some awesome baths, that's for sure :)
the staff at our boutique hotel were so incredibly nice & helpful.  I love Guatemalans.

la familia before the wedding
(Jeannette, Freeman-aka-Mini, and Jon)
one of Jon's bffs from high school got married in an ancient ruin in Antigua

Freeman calls himself "Mini."  That's how he used to pronounce "Freeman," and it's just stuck.

Mini before the wedding
2. 5 years of CLASS ;)

la bella novia, Lucretia, y su padre

you haven't had tres leches cake till you've had tres leches cake in Guatemala!

el mercado
I think these are my favorite pics because of all the amazing, bright colors . . .
there is color everywhere in Antigua

me with Mini y su madre, Jeannette
we were on the rooftop of this restaurant in el centro where we had nachos that Freeman declared "GROSS!" in front of the camerero
(unfortunately, he was right)
see the volcano in the background?

my San Francisco familia . . . isn't Freeman amazing in his Guate overalls?

I'm on a boat!
(on Monday we took a microbus to Lago de Atitlan, and explored the surrounding pueblos via this barca)

el papa at the restaurant on the lago . . . would you believe the view?
also: best meal I had in Guatemala (papas y verduras)

Lago de Atitlan, y Jeannette con el volcan

I loved these ninos on San Marcos
they were pesky--just how I like them!
and check out el hombre de las verduras!
San Marcos was such a cute lil pueblo--grassy hideaways and trails everywhere

la nina
pictures like this make me regret breaking up with Jaime 
I want an hija like this!

We had such a wonderful time.  I loved spending time with Jon, Jeannette, and especially little Freeman--he and I had slumber parties in my room while his padres were celebrating out on the town with their amigos!  And the town was just as charming as it could be.  Everyone was so incredibly nice and helpful and patient with my slow & limited espanol.  

Happy weekend everyone! xoxo


bananas. said...

whoa. i am in awe of any wedding that occurs in an ancient ruin. how very cool!!!

your pictures are faboo! i've never been to guatemala but i would love to go. your hija comment made me LOL. not sure you want to deal with the fury that comes with being latin.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Amazing pictures! It's so beautiful and looks like you had a great time! So glad :)

And it's none of my business so feel free to ignore this question (afterall we really don't know each other, know each other) but you and your bf broke up? The same dude who disappeared that day, that you blogged about? If so, sorry to hear. Hope you're doing OK. ♥

Katy Mary said...

Cool pics, looks like a fun time and so beautiful! I know less spanish than you so I'm sure you did great judging by the captions on your pics!

Jude said...

Welcome back! What amazing pictures of an amazing trip, with a wonderful wedding and familia time thrown in! :) I'm so sorry to hear of the breakup (I didn't know!). Hope this trip downtime was just what you needed. I especially love the Guatemalan overalls on the cute little dude and, mmm, the tres leches. Hope you're Friday is going great and you've a relaxing wkd!

Ashley said...

Looks wonderful!!! I love how spanish countries are so colorful!
My boyfriend has family in Guatemala so it will be a place that I will most definitely visit!

Glad you had fun!

J. said...

These pictures are great. What an amazing trip!! Freeman is just about the CUTEST thing, ever.
I've never really thought about visiting Guatemala- but these pictures certainly make me want to vacation there! Glad you had a wonderful trip, and super glad to see you back in the blogosphere! :)

Micaela said...


can you imagine how magical it would be to get married in an ancient ruin there?

i love all the colors, you're right! i giggled at your comment on pesky kids :) and SERIOUSLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the comment about having wished you stayed with Jaime! :) i used to joke with an old flame that was half hispanic like me that we could have had "hairy mexican babies." lol

Mini is ADORABLE!!! just adorable. those blond curls!

too bad you were babysitting, otherwise i would have had a glass of wine and been in that jacuzzi every night! :)

what a fun fun fun trip! i'm so glad you got to enjoy it with your san fran family and put some spanish to use :)

you looked as beautiful as the city. I missed you!!! xoxo

Kara said...

Beeeeeaaauuuuutiful photos. Seriously. It's not even fair how jealous I am of you. How were the avocados?!

Mini is to die for adorable. Almost makes me want to have kids. Immediately.


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

wow~Beautiful wedding!
So glad you enjoyed this trip Claire!!


starnes family said...

Freeman is a total doll and I loved seeing pictures of you! You don't post enough of them.

Overalls = precious.

Views = amazing.

Totally jealous of your trip (and life in general). Mine seems so domestic in comparison!

Anonymous said...

Love all of your photos! It looks beautiful and so do you. Glad you had so much fun!! xo

ellie said...

Such beautiful pictures. Looks like a wonderful time. Sweet blog!

Krystal said...

wow these pictures are incredible!!! It looks like you had a complete blast :) i love your rooms too!!!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

C- what great photos- Looks like you all had a great trip-
That little Guatemalan outfit is too cute!
glad you are back safe and sound!

heather yalin said...

welcome back guapa!!! The pics of Freeman are SO cute. He totally has his dad's smile, and everybody looks so happy! Jacuzzi time with the babe and slumber parties sound like so much fun! Sorry about your tooth and tire though :(

Big hugs and love to you!

bklyn76 said...

reading your post while you were leaving me a comment! :) we're on the same wavelength!

photos are amazing and give me serious wanderlust! so happy you had a fantastic time, but glad you're back b/c i missed you! [is that weird to say?]

p.s. indy's hat is from gap when he was first born...i *knew* i had to have it even though it took almost 2 years for him to fit it!

kad said...

Seriously amazing pictures! What an experience. Little Freeman is adorable! I'm sure you guys have so much fun together. :)

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

Wonderful photos and the wedding looks amazing. What a beautiful bride.

muy bonita...haha

Style Attic said...

Gorgeous bride! Gorgeous trip!! Lovely documentation (great blue boat portrait) and what a full life you are living :) Loved this post!! XOXO

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like an amazing trip!!!

Erika said...

Gah! I missed you so much, Claire and am thrilled that you have finally returned (seems like forever, it has only been a week). These pictures are PHENOM - you've given me a serious case of wanderlust. And Freeman...ohmigosh he is the cutest thing EVER!! :)

Krystal said...

thanks so much for your nice comment about the post at ren's!!

shelly said...

love the photos claire :) looks like such a nice trip. sorry about the disaster on the way home....a re-chipped tooth? you poor girl :( hopefully you are home safe and getting back on track! xoxo

wilybrunette said...

the whole thing looks heavenly--i couldn't be more jealous!

Meghan said...

Holy cow! This looks like such an amazing adventure! I cannot believe the wedding itself - what an AWESOME location! And to meet new people and experience a new culture - I am majorly jealous but so excited for you to have had the experience! Welcome back!

Cat said...

Looks like you had an amazing time, my dear! I totally can relate to the "miss my plane" concept...I, too, have thought about creating this accident just about every time I travel :) Welcome back!

Katastrophic said...

That looks so wonderful. The bride and everything looks beautiful. I am glad you had a great time :)

this free bird said...

Girl seriously these pics are ridic off the hook fantastic. CLAIRE!!! How did you ever come back ladybug?? Oh...that's right Freeman came back, too. I think Freeman is AMAZING! He's a very expressive young man - in clothing and language. My fave!!


Caroline said...

Wow these photos are amazing!!!! So happy you had such a great trip. Hugs!! XO

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time!

Meredith said...

Those pictures are amazing! And your mini is so cute...especially love the one of him being tossed in the air!

julianne. said...

AMAZINg pictures.
theyre so beautiful.
looks like an amazing time.<3

Marz said...

I have SERIOUS wanderlust looking at these pictures! I still can't get over never having been to Central America :( After seeing these AMAZING photos I must do so pronto :) Love getting to see photos of you, you are SO beautiful and I don't get to see your beautiful face nearly enough :) One of the things I love SO much about your blog is the absolute precious photos of little mini and other tots! Those little overalls are SO cute!!! He stole my heart in that photo :) And the hija could pass as twinkie and I growing up! :) haha

Faiza said...

you officially win the prize for best caption "i'm on a boat!" i laughed out of my nose at that one.

love that your pretty heart got to take this trip surrounded by love and good friends and colour and mini! (he's adorable!!!!)

Mrs.B said...

loved it were great!
thanks for sharing with us!

Hiking in Stilettos said...

This looks like an incredible trip. Your pictures are so beautiful and full of color! And what a lovely place to have a wedding. I wouldn't have blamed you one bit if you did miss your plane....

defining amy said...

i spent a month in antigua this summer and LOVED it. i'm so glad you had a good time too. :)