Monday, November 29, 2010

Oscar the Grouch

That's who I feel like today.  Are the rest of you feeling like it was so dang hard to go back to work bright & early this morning after several days off?  I spent the majority of the Thanksgiving break in my snuggie on my couch with hot coffee/hot cider/etc. watching football/knitting/etc.  When my alarm went off at 6 am this morning, I felt like someone had just threatened my life.  I told my 2nd period kiddos today that three days off was not enough to start missing them.  Ha. (I wasn't kidding).  

These factors are contributing to my Oscar the Grouch state:

1. I went for a jog yesterday and now my back is killing me;*
2. I can't find any creative, unique, and reasonable Christmas gifts.  Help me!!;
3. It was freezing this morning.  And early.  Early and freezing;
4. I have two ulcers in my mouth (bane of my existence);
5. WTF.

But here are some happy things!:
1. Micaela got married!  I've been keeping my lips sealed for the past couple weeks, but now it's official and she's announced her day-after-Thanksgiving nuptials to the world!
2. The sea salt caramel brownies I made are the best thing in the world.  Seriously, make them.  They're ridiculously good.
3. In just 20 short days I get to go home to Georgia for Christmas!
4. The Saints are playing the Falcons while I'm home in Georgia.  Rivalry!

*While on my jog/walk at Lake Merritt, I saw a dude running totally barefoot.  Now, I've heard rumors of this.  And I know they're now selling those running shoes that mimic being barefoot.  But TOTALLY BAREFOOT?  That is nutty.  Plus, there's duck poop all around the lake, geez.

Oh!  And my dear friend Cathy has a new blog!  Please check it out and follow her if you have any interest in growing your own food/healthy eating/gardening.  Or if you like to support people just starting out in the blog world. :)  I know she'd appreciate it!

Also, I heard today that this lady's wearing Reggie Bush's engagement ring:


Check out the story here.


JM PhotoArt said...

I had to go back to school this morning so I TOTALLY get your feeling like Oscar the Grouch! The day is getting better though so I thought I'd encourage you as well! Just say to yourself "It's gonna be a GREAT day!" :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

I am a grouch. Yes, I am.

So happy for Micaela! Super awesome and she looked beautimus (Daddy's word). *sad face*

Hello Cathy, welcome to blogging world! I am not following you.

Barefoot jogging sounds like pure misery.

BOOBS Johnson over there, huh?

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Sea salt brownies sounds SOOOOO good!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

That's exactly what I look like when I wear red.

Seriously WTF! Crazy- in this day and age.

this free bird said...

I'm eating banana cream pie as an act of rebellion. wth is going on with this monday work thing after a holiday. that ain't right.

And WTF is going on w/Reggie Bush and that hooker? oh no he didn't!!

Girl I wore a pair of boots yesterday and now my back is killing me. Nowhere near a run like you did. Maybe I should have been barefoot.


Krystal said...

here's a fun gift idea :)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i had the hardest time not mentioning anything about micaela's wedding because i was so excited for her!

it's freezing here, too. i can barely feel my fingers or toes, and it's been almost an hour since i went outside. i think cold air is a waste if there is no snow coming down or on the ground.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh yeah, i also forgot to say 1. that woman's boobs ar einsane and she REALLY needs a bra, and 2. have you ever looked at for gift ideas? i've gotten a few things based on their gift guides before.

Rach said...

Hope your day gets better :) I have the same problem finding cute and creative gifts that won't break the bank. Some bloggers always find the cutest stuff! I'm jealous.

Will definitely stop by Cathy's blog!

The woman looks like a cheap hooker. Who cares if she's a has been latin singer? From Kim Kardashian that is a major downgrade. And I have no words for that dress.

Marcie said...

Woah, what! Reggie Bush is engaged to that? She looks like a class act.

I too was dying this morning. I slept in and got to work late, but could have slept another 4 hours!


FourJedis said...

Those knockers are unreal (probably on a few different levels). I hope your mood is going better as the day goes on. Congrats to Micaela and congrats on your run. Sorry about the pain though. I'm currently on the DL, myself. Knee issues. :( Hang in there - the day is on the backside and it'll be Tuesday soon enough!

Jude said...

Darn, I wish I'd seen this earlier, when I was totally an Oscar the grouch (thanks crazy deadlines!). But you're so right, there are always a few good, smile-worthy things, no matter how Oscary the day might be!

Anonymous said...

Haha!! I wish I could have told my students that... I'm feeling you on not wanting to be back at work. I told my boyfriend I'm really good at being on break, so much so that I should just stay on it. Didn't work out though :(

starnes family said...

Let's get one thing straight.


I can't even comment on anything else because I'm so upset.

Megan said...

Oh I get really bad mouth ulcers too, so I can totally relate. Do you have SM30 in the states - it works a treat! I hope that you are feeling better soon, the christmas break is right around the corner. So excited for Micaela she looked so beautiful.

Micaela said...

you are the cutest grouch though! ;) prob didn't help that i emailed you SO FRIGGEN early but i always forget the time difference! :) oops!

I seriously love you! you were THE FIRST person i told about my dress ;) granted it was to share a story about how i got pulled over haha i SO wish you were there to be with me and still am so sad about my wrong cinderella foot size :( i'm sharing that kindness of yours tomorrow! as i send off your valuables back to you. have i said i love you again? because i do!

ps. i love your purple christmas tree too!!! :)

Kara said...

Lol dang, I know you're feeling bummed but this post totally made me giggle. It was the duck poop that got me, btw. Lolz.

Hope your mouth ulcers heal soon and you're feeling chipper in no time! It's been a rough month for your mouth, eh?

Odd Chick said...

well, I was kind of oscar-the-grouchy-est but I stumbled across your adorable blog and it made me laugh out loud!

Meghan said...

I feel the same way today! My kids were all out of sorts too and so bummed to be back at school. Blah! At least it's over:)

Umm, the sea salt brownies sound super duper incredible!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! Is he really engaged to that girl?!! Ewww
I can't imagine someone running barefoot! How strange!

Laura Darling said...

I took the day off today, and now I am DREADING going back to the office tomorrow after five days off!

And running barefoot?! People are nuts!

Moe said...

awwww i didn't know that you knit! :) that's so cool. i'm working on making a baby blanket for a friend right now with a new pattern....i'm quite excited (and quite the knitting nerd)

Brunch at Saks said...

I was Oscar the Grouch last week preparing for the holiday and family to arrive- so I know exactly how you feel! Hopefully you feel better in the coming days girlie xoxo

shelly said...

kim k is gonna be PISSED. lol

bklyn76 said...

i couldn't post last night b/c my imac&firefox are weird w comments but the macbook is fine [weird]...anyway, hope you're feeling better now that it's tuesday. the brownies sound fabulous but i won't make you mail some if you promise to make them when i come visit!

wow, that's the same dress i picked out for new year's!

Victoria said...

I love that you call it an Oscar the Grouch state! WE watch a lot of Elmo around here and sometimes I totally feel like him:)

Holly said...

wowzers is right! guess he only has ONE TYPE of lady!

Faiza said...

wtf indeed! stuff like that makes me feel sleepy and defeated but talking to you makes me feel happy that there is a claire kiefer in the world!

Jenn said...

One word for you Claire. Etsy. I am finding so many gifts on there. Just browse and perfect matches will pop up out of no where!

Leesh said...

Curling up on the couch with your snuggie, knitting and watching football sounds like a great idea. Too bad I just don't get football (but I am seriously trying).

Glad to find someone who is in love with their snuggie as much as I am.