Monday, November 8, 2010

Too much Napa + concrete floor = busted grill!

Lordy.  So, bright and early Saturday morning, Anna and I drove up to Napa to meet my daddy, who was in town for the annual culinary conference at the CIA in St. Helena.

I couldn't quite capture the CIA in all its glory--it is such a gorgeous building!

We stopped at the conference and picked up Daddy, then drove to the house he and his colleagues were staying in . . . I don't think I can adequately describe its splendor, so here are some pictures of our weekend crib (owned by San Francisco fashion designer Rebecca Beeson):

lounge area/formal dining room

pool & hot tub--see the stone hot tub at the far end of the pool?

chicken coop where you could fetch fresh eggs every morning

looking out from the back patio the morning we left

I'm clearly not kidding when I say that this place was palatial.  It was 5600 square feet, complete with every luxurious amenity you can think of, pomegranate & Meyer lemon trees, a garden from which we picked vegetables, spans and spans of land, and a sprawling industrial kitchen overlooking the exquisite wine country landscape.  Unreal.  

Daddy fed me an heirloom tomato sandwich and some choice Gewurztraminer before we headed out to some wineries.  He kindly served as our guide and chauffeur.  First stop (after Cakebread, where they were kinda snobby and told us we needed an appointment) was Sequoia Grove, where they totally hooked us up with some fancy reserve wine:

Daddy and me outside Sequoia Grove winery

After which we continued onto Provenance, where dad slept in the car while Anna and I went into the tasting room!  We were just tipsy enough to buy a bottle of expensive Merlot before heading out and back to the house, where we poured some of our newly bought wine and got into the hot tub.

Somehow, between not eating much all day (no dinner is always my downfall), drinking a few too many pours of vino, and dehydrating ourselves by lounging in the hot tub, things took a turn for the crazier (by this point, my dear daddy was long asleep, leaving Anna, his two colleagues, and me to our mischief).  My share of the shenanigans was perhaps the greatest, because I ended up tripping and falling onto the majestic concrete of our palace and busted up my grill!

not good, y'all

But thanks to my lovely & talented dentist, Dr. Ann Donnelly, DDS, my smile was officially back to normal as of today at noon:

would you believe she did it on my lunch break so I didn't even have to get a sub??

But it was totally worth the chipped tooth and punchout lip, cause I've never seen anything like this place in my life.  The wineries were delightful, the weather was perfect, and we even stopped at the BCBG outlet on our way home, where I bought a darling winter sweater.  

Now, returning home to a flooded apartment was a different story.  YIKES.  At least the Saints crushed the Panthers yesterday (like there was any doubt)!  Hope your weekends were just as fantastic as mine!


Jude said...

Oh oh, soo amazing! Now that I've done CIA in NY, I *must* visit the California campus. So wonderful you got quality time with your Dad and also fit in some tasty tastings there. Your dentist is a miracle - so glad nothing worse happened! And I cannot get over that hut tub and those grounds, swoon three times over.

Jude said...

*hot* tub :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Wow! Looks like fun! Too bad about the busted lip/tooth- but I guess it's a good story to tell- and you have a great daddy!

Meghan said...

Oh wow! I am so glad you are all patched up! All in the name of wine, right???

Ahh, Napa! It's just simply beautiful! So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

Diana Mieczan said...

Your dentist did such a great job! So glad that everything worked out
That is such a sweet post...Glad you had a wonderful time with your dad:)


Gabby said...

Wow, that all looks MAGICAL! (minus the chipped tooth, of course!) What a fun weekend :)

J. said...

What a story! So glad your tooth was fixed so soon- and even with the busted grill as a result of your wine weekend, I'm still incredibly jealous! ;)

PinkLouLou said...

OMG are you kidding me!! Bless your heart. I can only imagine the look on your face when you realized, oh damn it... I just chipped my tooth.

Hahahahaha. Girl I am laughing WITH you because one crazy night in college my friends and I nail-glued, yes "nail-glued" my friend Molly's fake part of her tooth back on after an unfortunate accident. Dentist was not too thrilled with our resourcefulness.

You crack me up. xoxo glad you have your pretty smile back.

starnes family said...

No, you di-unt.

Yes, you did. And, I love that you wrote about it.

Such a gorgeous place. I love Cakebread. Sad they were snotty.

Glad you are looking fabulous again!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad your tooth got fixed! Their pool area looks awesome!

heather yalin said...

you have such a beautiful grill! and i must say, i thought it would be much much worse (tho i know it seemed like a day or two like the end of the world... i mean your front tooth!) i lost way more than that of my front tooth--same as yours btw! love that pic of you and your dad!
big hugs for you!

Kara said...

OMG CLAIRE. I've seriously been laughing and horrified since seeing this on the blog and facebook but wowsa your dentist is great!!! Your teeth look perfect, busted lip and all :)

I miss our raucous chats on gchat...I've been horrendously busy but I haven't forgotten how awesome you are...we'll chat again soon :)

Marcie said...

Your poor tooth! I am glad it was fixed so quickly. I am loving these pictures. The fog over the mountains is beautiful.

xo m

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ohmygosh you poor thing! Did it hurt?! Well I hope you were numb enough to not feel it haha!

I love the pic of you and your dad! You look so happy and the background is amazing! And that home - WOW! Stunning!

Krystal said...

OH MY you have been up to mischief! The grill thing must have hurt, but it does look worth it!

bklyn76 said...

woah, lunch hour makeover? fantastic! your dad looks so young...must be all the good food! heirloom tomatoes and gewurztraminer? jealous.

bananas. said...

i'd bust two tooth to stay in a sick ass crib like that. whaaattt! super jealous!! who's the owner? yea, we need to be friends. haha!

glad your grill is back to normal. i'd say it was a good weekend :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

OMG about the busted tooth! You handled it pretty well, if that happened to me I think I would probably have cried and gotten all panicky or something. Oh and that pool looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time, even with the "busted grill" (too funny)... You'll be telling that story for years.

Marz said...

How AMAZING is that crib?!?!?!?! Like something you see out of Elle Decor magazine!!! Sooooo beautiful! SO glad your tooth is all fixed - you have such a beautiful smile!!!! When I saw that photo of your chipped tooth it made me think of an incident that happened to Micaela and to our friend Mehle, which I think twinkie's already shared with you! I'm SO glad that it wasn't worse and that it was able to be a quick fix on your lunch break! I absolutely LOVE that photo of you and your dad!!! So glad you got to spend some time with him :)

Ashley said...

ouch! glad the tooth is back to normal! Looks and sounds like a fab weekend!! sitting in a hot tub and drinking a glass of wine sounds really good right now...and it's only 9am. haha

Faiza said...

claire - because i feel i know you a liitle bit better lately and you share your wine stories with me while i share my french fry stories with you...i have to admit i giggled at this story. i hereby grant you all permissions to laugh at me LOUDLY and while pointing when i next get injured from od'ing on french fries.

Dee Stephens said...

The CIA is one of my favorite places. Been there twice. Once on my 30th birthday :) I also LOVE.LOVE S. Grove.
One of hubby and I's favorites.