Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Come find me

 . . . at Dolce Vita today, where I am sharing my

while Micaela is off finding a home in El Paso!


Faiza said...

so i cried at that poem and then laughed so loud when i saw what song you picked. i have a great story for you about that song!

i love how big your heart is, how brave and open it is and how there is always room for more love in it. i adore you claire.

Anonymous said...

Loved your "heart" post.... xoxo

this free bird said...

okay i'm going there. because you said.

julianne. said...

that as a darling feature she did. <3

Diana Mieczan said...

Im going there right now:) I cant wait to read it
Kisses and wish you a lovely Thursday

Micaela said...

i love your heart! I LOVE YOU!!!

thank-you for bringing your fabulousness to my dolce vita. xoxo

the plus about el paso? SOUTHWEST FLIES FROM EL PASO TO SAN FRAN! whooo!!!!