Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday I'm in Love!

I've got a new shoe crush and it's taken hold of me.  Evidently, Rihanna and I have the same taste in Louboutins.  The one pair I own, she owned first (damn her!).  And now, she's bested me again, cause she has the Christian Louboutin Misfit 150s!  Thus begins my Friday I'm in Love post with

1. These Loubs:

other things I love about this photo: Vogue, Rihanna, Annie Leibovitz

Believe it or not, I think I like them best in the creamy khaki color.  They're perfectly dramatic in black, but maybe a little too goth for me.  But the lighter color?  HOLY MOTHER.  I've fallen hard.  They're only $1500, so I only need to take 862 more babysitting jobs to get my paws on them!

2. Snooki's book being on the New York Times best seller list.

Don't believe me?  Click here.  

Did I just order this book from amazon?  Why yes, yes I did.  What can I say, I love to read. ;)

(What I'm not in love with: that I have $80K of student loans and an MFA in Creative Writing and yet Snooki's book is on the best seller list).

That moments after Snooki was hauled off by the cops and taken to the slammer, JWOWW was sporting one of these:

In case you've forgotten some of Snooki's finer moments, here's a little reminder:

4. Jude + Tim Riggins

Jude is nobody's fool, and damn straight he's paying homage to the fact that Tim Riggins has been released from jail and is back in Dillon, Texas!  Let's just say my Wednesday nights have gotten a little brighter (uh--hotter) now that Timmy's back on Friday Night Lights.  

welcome home, baby.  
tell me, what kinds of things did you miss while you were in prison?

Hope the rest of you have had a lovely week and have fun weekend plans.  I finally have a day off on Sunday (!!!) so let's just say the world is my oyster.  Happy weekend!


Farah said...

I LOVE those shoes! amazing! how do you walk in 'em, I have no clue, but they are gorgeous!

Snooki? On the best sellers list? Wow, it might really be the end of the world soon! LOL

Jen said...

Holy ish those are some killer shoes!

Faiza said...

umm why is tim in jail?
or why was he in jail?

and we know rihanna doesn't buy those shoes herself...she probably got a second pair thrown in just for trying on the first pair!

Kimbirdy said...

haha! oh snooki... i've come to learn one thing about the US - if people get a choice between quality writing that has a purpose, is profound, and words that form art, and writing that is absolutely ridiculous, trashy, mind-dumbing garbage, they'll choose garbage. i wish loan companies took that into consideration. :)

those shoes though are so cute!! i definitely love the lighter ones far more than the black. sigh...

The Girlie Blog said...

LOL. Please let us know how Snooki's book is. That girl is quite a character and some how very lovable!

homemade grits said...

ok, i am totally with you on those shoes. gorge, but why so much?! ouch. i don't understand the snooki fascination, but i think it's hilarious you ordered her book. i can't believe you've eaten at chez panisse. want to hear all about it, and i wish i could hop on a plane and eat there with you tonight...

shelly said...

i picked up snookie's book at the bookstore today. curiosity made me want to buy it but my brain made me put it back down! lol let me know if it's any good. LOVE me some snookie.

i have to confess- i have no idea who tim riggins is? am i missing something??!!

Tiffany said...

LOVE that you included Friday Night Lights---totally my favorite show! And I agree, sending Tim Riggins to prison was a terrible move--I missed spending an hour with him each week! :)

Micaela said...

i can't get over cute jude bug and his shirt!!!

you know i think those heals are delicious and cream, def cream!

snookie... oh my goodness, i really am behind on all that but i have to giggle you bought the book ;) i can't say anything-- i might have loved Tori Spelling's first book lol

ps. SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING! but me + you need to catch up sunday FOR SURE.

bananas. said...

i can't believe you ordered snooki's book...SMH.

i did love last night's epi of jersey though. hilarious per usual.

happy friday!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

UGH! I refuse to support anything to do with Snookie and the Jersey Shore. I hate that she's famous for doing absolutely NOTHING.

Lauren Nicole said...

ohh geez. all the jersey shore stuff just baffles me, haha. i tried watching it, i really did! somehow i just have never been a 'reality' tv person; i watched the hills the first couple seasons before it became un-reality, but that's about it. i love that you watch and don't take it all too seriously! but the bestseller thing really is too much, like you said, you're someone who should be and deserve AND aspire to be on that list, not 'snooki', <3.

the heels are to die for, most definitely. the vanilla-cream like colored ones are for sure the prettier of the two. the black ones are almost too black, maybe even gaudy. you're so brave though; man, my gosh, i could never wear that high of heels! let alone walk anywhere, haha.

Rach said...

1. Those shoes are HOT.
2. I get angry too when I see books on the bestseller list that are written by people with absolutely no talent. I minored in creative writing and saw so many talented people who will probably never even get to be published.
3. LOVE Tim Riggins. Hottay!

Have a great weekend!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I am in LOVE with those shoes. Like in LOVEEEE! I would actually like the lighter pair as well.

Oh gosh, I can't believe she made it on the top sellers. Haha. Wow.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

heather yalin said...

You are just adorable!!! Hope you're feeling better and to see you soon!

Krystal said...

you're 'not in love' part made me laugh. but not..

Leesh said...

I love the Tim Riggins shirt.

I was glad to see him back on FML. I felt like he doesn't really look like Tim, he looked more like Gambit. I'm quite upset that the whole show is coming to an end.

Iva said...

LOL LOL!!! you HAVE to tell us about Snooki's book!! LOL xoxo

this free bird said...

If it means I can get my paws on that lighter pair of Loubs I'LL even babysit some kids!! Let's discuss a plan of action!!


Lauryn said...

I don't know how I went so long without watching Jersey Shore, but my boyfriend of all people just got me hooked on the insanity of it. I just can't look away when it's on...

I don't know how Snooki hasn't been sent to rehab yet. She is just crazy! lol

meghan said...

I love Louboutin shoes. I want a pair. It's my goal for this year to save enough to buy my first pair. Which ones do you have? Did you see their spring look book pictures?