Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shivers & Goosebumps

I know videos can be tedious to watch.  I often start watching a video someone's posted on facebook or a blog, and then skip to the next thing after about 30 seconds (my attention span is that of a flea's).

But as a person who teaches kids of incarcerated parents, I find this video so moving.  It made me get teary toward the end and my legs got goosebumps!  Most of my students are all too familiar with what this guy is saying in his brilliant & haunting poem.

Not to be preachy, but there are 2.4 million children in this country with a parent who is incarcerated.  If we don't intervene/step up/embrace them, it's all too clear that they're gonna slip through the cracks.


Faiza said...

i want to hug the little boy in him.
and then i want to high five the man he is now!

Pat said...

Speaking of kids who have incarcerated parents...
I heard on the news yesterday about a mother who checked her teenage son out of school early and it wasn't for an appointment. She took him with her and they both robbed a bank! Fine example she was setting!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Wow... this is such a staggering & true thing. My sister is a 4th grade teacher, and too often I hear about these exact situations.

Of course you are entered in the giveaway, doll!! :)Thanks for stopping by!

Micaela said...

lord, i started crying at 30 seconds in. lol

wow... how amazing... how inspirational and sad and strong-- his words and his delivery. i felt it completely.



brilliant, indeed!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

This guy is such an amazing speaker. Im part of the SADD chapter at school so I hear a lot of speakers and this guy is just absolutly brilliant. Wow, extrememly moving. Thanks for sharing.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

starnes family said...

Funny you wrote 30 seconds......that's where I try to end my videgos b/c I have the same attention span!

Great video. I did watch it. Such a hard thing for a suburban girl to grasp. I'm so inspired by your will to teach!

April said...

I love spoken word so much, and I love all that it can make you feel

Erika said...

Gah! This is absolutely beautiful, Claire - I love you for sharing it! :)

Krystal said...

Ok, Faiza's comment said it all. When I moved from the states I left behind a little sister from the big brother big sister program whose dad was in prison. The program wouldn't give her another big sister because she had had me for too long and there are others on the list (which I get) but I'm so sad to think that she won't get another big sister friend!

this free bird said...

This just makes me sad! My bff in SF and his hubs adopted a little boy out of the system in a very similar circumstance. His life CHANGED but what about all the others? Bless you Claire for caring and getting in there to help!!


Melly Mel said...

wow! he is amazing!