Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tell me about your music!

So I just read my friend Jessie's post (if you don't follow her blog, you should--we've become good friends & I can't wait to meet her in June!) in which she gives us a taste of her iTunes.

Remember that facebook survey that went around for a while with prompts, and you were supposed to answer with random songs from iTunes shuffle?  That was the only facebook survey I enjoyed.  Cause I love hearing all about what people are listening to!

It's very rare to find someone who listens to one genre of music.  Most of us are more dynamic than that, and therefore have fascinating iTunes libraries!

Here are my first 25 songs from iTunes shuffle:

Case of You--k.d. lang
Shaky Town--Jackson Browne
Carefree--The Perishers
The Great Escape--Patrick Watson (swoon-worthy song, btw)
Miss Independent--Kelly Clarkson
The Moon is a Magnet--Jon Foreman
Gone Till November--Wyclef Jean
Doesn't Mean Anything--Alicia Keys
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot--She & Him
A Matter of Minutes--Shawn Colvin (remember that song?)
Just a Memory--Notorious B.I.G. feat. The Clipse
Miss Misery--Elliott Smith
Best for Last--Adele
Nos Da Cariad--David Gray
For What It's Worth--Buffalo Springfield (the anti-war song?)
Goodnight L.A.--Counting Crows
Southern Man--Neil Young
Swallowed in the Sea--Coldplay (without a doubt my favorite Coldplay song)
Black Poppies--CocoRosie
As Long as You Follow--Fleetwood Mac
Building a Mystery--Sarah Maclachlan (I ran into her in a shoe store once)
In This Temple, As in the Hearts of Man for Whom He Saved the Earth--Sufjan Stevens
The Pretender--Jackson Browne
Heard it in a Love Song--Marshall Tucker Band



J. said...

Ok... I can't possibly keep this comment short. Emailing you now! :)

Katie said...

Right now I'm listening to a lot of Bob Marley ... think I'm starting to scare my husband! :)

Meghan said...

So, my shuffle isn't working! Argh! I suppose I will just comment on your list - I am so in love with anything Coldplay and Sufjan Stevens. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of Phoenix and Arcade Fire!

Lindsey said...

what a fun post idea. My itunes is ridiculous, I have the most random songs. I need to update my itunes bad!!

Micaela said...


(right now i'm listening to "case of you"-- sigh. thanks to YOU i adore this song so much!!!!)

i was looking forward to this post. ;) and now i'm going to look up some songs i don't recognize but know i will love because you my friend have the best taste!

ps. I'M LOVING your new layout esp. the glittery background that reminds me of the sea and a daydream.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

she & him?!?!? claire, i don't think we can be friends anymore! okay, we can.

chris threatened my life if i posted any of those drag pictures, but i couldn't help it, they're too funny!

starnes family said...

Widespread Panic.
Grateful Dead.
Drive By Truckers.
Paul Simon.
Steely Dan.


Marz said...

I LOVE how diverse your music is! :) I fear if I did this all of the songs would be Britney ones!!! :) haha This is such a fun post idea, I'll have to do this as well :) You can tell so much about a person by what they listen to! So cool you ran into Sarah at a shoe store :) I love her!

Laura Darling said...

You have quite a variety going on here! Love it!

Micaela said...

yay! did it!

Mrs.B said...

Wow...Fleetwood Mac, Wyclef, Biggie, Neil Young, AND Kelly Clarkson...LOL.

My fave go-to music is almost always David Gray...haven't heard of some of these...gonna have to "shuffle" and "google" later today!

Anonymous said...

Great List.

Wilco... yes please!!!
I just did my list...

J.Ozuna said...

Great list of music. I'm such a big fan of David Gray, especially that Life in Slow Motion album with Nos Da Cariad. That's my fav album of his. I saw him live at an indoor amphitheater here in Dallas. It was awesome!

Leesh said...

You have a wide range of music tastes, that's awesome. I posted up my playlist this morning. Have a great weekend!

Faiza said...

ohhhhh haven't shuffled in so too wrapped up in adele's 21 right now. swooooooooooon.