Thursday, February 24, 2011

When Your To Do List Makes You Want to Hibernate

Ever have that feeling?  After an incredibly restful (& fun!) weekend with my friend Elena, it was back to the grind this week.  My To Do list looks like this:

[ ] finish grading (all the student work from the past 6 weeks that I've ignored)
[ ] send out deficiency notices
[ ] finish planning the quarter's classes for San Quentin
[ ] write feedback on poems from this week's San Quentin class
[ ] call about dental insurance
[ ] email my doctor about my f'ed up back
[ ] finish writing & editing the narrative for Voice of Witness (a 10 hour project, minimum)
[ ] take bags upon bags of clothes I don't wear to the Goodwill
[ ] get oil changed since it was due about 3 months ago
[ ] call the parents of several students
[ ] pay multiple parking tickets (including the $360 bus zone violation)
[ ] write poem for next Cobras meeting
[ ] clean & organize my office
[ ] . . .  not to mention my house
[ ] mail several letters & packages
[ ] finish reading Snooki's book

As you might guess, there is only one thing on that list that interests me.  But given that I'm babysitting tonight (after I leave school) and quarter grades are due tomorrow at 3 pm, looks like I better get crackin.  So I'm off to attend to this:

while listening to this:

Hope your day is less work-heavy!


starnes family said...

I thought my list was long, sister! Good luck.

bananas. said...

OMG your to-do list is loooong! mine are always 5 or 6 things tops! maybe i'm not busy enough OR maybe i just cross things off my list way too fast. yea i think it's that.

ps. adele's voice = sha-mazing!

angelina la dawn said...

that's a looong list! good luck!

Rach said...

Hope you have a great day despite that long list! Once you get a few things checked off you will feel much better :) And I love Adele!

Anonymous said...

That album is SO good. I can not stop listening to it... every single one.
Your to do list is crazy, I can see why you want to hibernate.

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

Clearly finishing Snooki's book should be top priority! I am fascinated with her and not in a good way. I'm fascinated with Hollywood celebs that don't have any talent (Kardashians, Hiltons, Jersey Shore, etc).

That's quite a list of stuff, good luck.

Gabby said...

Ooh, I'm tired after just reading your list! :) I'm being a big bum this week - I start my new job on Monday!!

I'm loving the new Adele...soooo good.

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

darlin. you do need to get your a$$ over here so you can relax. and i want to listen to Adele?!

Marz said...

I am drowning in things to do as well Claire so I feel you pain!! In fact I'm pissed that my to do list got in the way of our chat date earlier! :( I can't wait to finish that convo soon ;) I can't stop thinking about the subject now though!! UGH!! hahaha ;) I hope you get everything done soon and that you reward yourself (glass of wine, allowing yourself to read a couple of pages in your Snooki book etc) for every box you get to check off! :) Love, love, love the Adele songs you sent me to listen to! I listened to them while I worked and it gave me chills and tears to my eyes! OMG! I am going to have to go out and buy her album! Love you sweet girl!! xoxo

Megan said...

I am so avoiding grading stuff right this minute by reading your blog. Gee, thanks for reminding me! lol!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

you email your dr? that's pretty cool!

meghan said...

Good luck grading. Holy cow it's so boring sometimes. Are you really going to get 6 weeks done tonight? If so, please teach me your secrets. That list stressed me out; it made me realize I probably have a list that long that is not in existence and is therefore being ignored.

Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

Oh my goodness that is a lot! I'm loving Adele right now too :) I've got my fiance obsessed lol

I emailed you back on your question about my blog name - I just wanted to let you know in case it goes into your spam box or something!

Faiza said...

am tossing my list aside to put my sleeping mask on and listen to adele...can't wait to see her soon!!

at least you get some jude time tonight! yay!

yours truly dear said...

oh my goodness!!! i think i'd go crazy! good luck with everything my dear :)

Micaela said...

we are kindred because my question on wens WAS going to be, tell me what's on your to-do list :) so i shall ask that next week! your list is a plenty but how can you not tackle it on to some adele?! I CAN'T STOP LISTENING to the song you sent!!! le sigh.

i'm tivoing idol and grey's and can't wait to settle in with a glass of wine and the AMAZING chocolate marble pound cake my momma sent :) that's my to-do list tonight! let's phone date soon please!!!!!!!

bklyn76 said...

woah, your list is making ME anxious just reading it! hope you get through it soon and your back feels better pronto! xo

Lindsey said...

oh lord have mercy, i can't even read through THAT LIST. It looks just awful.

So, a few things from your comment that made me LOL:

(here's my analysis: Adam is an ass, Chelsea's cute, Jenelle has some PROBLEMS, I like Leah and Corey, Kailyn's a crybaby, and Kailyn's baby Isaac is fugly) AND Jersey Shore. What can I say?

Let me take it from there.

Unfortunately Isaac (worst name ever) is beyond fug. I'm sorry, but he is. THat relationship is just on a ride to disaster. THey are the least of my concerns.

Adam=scumbag times ten. Will never give her what she needs, only cares about himself, etc.

Her dad knows this but supports his daughter no matter what which is expected. HE should kick adam the eff out. Adam is a bum if i've ever seen one.

Corey and Leah ... are you trying to stab my heart?? Sosososososososo sad about their baby!!!!! I can't even take the previews. Leah couldn't even get the words out that it may be her baby's brain. I CANT!!! it's too sad and I don't want to think about it.

All I know is I miss Macy,I miss Farrah and I even miss crazy ass Amber.

Last but not least "And amen to "it's better to be home alone than home wishing you were alone." I do wish I could will the perfect guy to fall into my lap, though!"

amen as long asssssssssssss this guy has a great job, is not needy, is 6 ft or taller, has no commitment issues and knows how to treat a girl. I only want a lap cuddler who can bringing something to the table. AHAHHH IS THIS My lifeeeeeee???? YES IT IS!!! LORD HELP ME. k it's definitely bed tiem after the wine I've had tonight. Don't judge me! Enjoy this comment. LOVE IT!!!

Kristin W said...

I CONSTANTLY feel like this! It seems like it never ends. For me, the summer will be a well-deserved/needed break away from the stress and never-ending to-do lists!

Erika said...

Gah! Why must life get in the way of fun things - like reading books written by Snooki?! :P

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my! That's a long to do list. Hopefully you can have some fun this weekend! Love that cd!

Veronica said...

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