Monday, March 21, 2011

A Slow Weekend is Good for the Soul

It's quite rare that I get to enjoy a laid-back weekend.  But it's so nourishing, and I'm ever grateful when it happens.  Here's what I did:

Friday night:
My friend Anna came over with take-out Thai, and we chatted on my couch over wine and delicious food.  It was great catching up with her, and it was also great being in bed by midnight. ;)

I slept late!  Then read some of this:

which I love so far, and then eventually moseyed on out of the house, and hit up the Jeremys 60% off sale!  Bought this little dress and this robe:

Goodness I think that robe is pretty.  And both for a grand total of less than $30, thanks to the megasale. It was worth wading through the crowded aisles of women clamoring at designer deals!  Although my heart is crushed that I missed the 60% off SHOE sale the weekend prior.  People, Jeremys carries Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Prada, etc. etc. . . what did I do to piss off the gods enough to miss the 60% off shoe sale?!  Then again, had I known about it, I very well might have emptied my bank account, so perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.

After shopping, a bunch of errands, and darting around dodging raindrops all afternoon, I came home and stayed in by myself Saturday night, wearing slippers that Summer sent me and watching a movie that Micaela sent me.  So cozy!

Despite wanting to sleep in, I woke up early and ate some yogurt, granola, & raspberries so I'd be energized for yoga with my friend Audrey.  We went to the Berkeley lululemon's free Sunday morning class, which was mellow and energizing at the same time--just what I needed.  I managed to hold my crow pose for about 2.2 seconds, but then toppled over and twisted my wrist.  Eh, no pain no gain, right?

crow pose, from

Can y'all do crow pose?  I can get there, usually, but I can't hold it for long.  Something to work on, I suppose.  My favorite pose is pigeon, cause it stretches my hips so gooooooood . . . 

Audrey and I walked across the street for coffee after class, and sat for an hour chatting about boys and work and all those kinds of things.  I love girlfriends, seriously.  They make life infinitely better.  Female solidarity--can't get enough.

I got home a little after noon, cooked up some delicious veggie curry, and worked on my San Quentin lesson plans/critiqued last week's homework before heading to babysit Freeman in San Francisco at 5:30.  Slow weekends with free afternoons make me so happy.  It makes a world of difference in my energy level.  If I had time for yoga, savoring coffee, and reading every morning, I'd be a much more balanced person.

Butttttt . . . here's to Monday!


Summer {athena in the middle} said...

aww, you had such a nice weekend and you will have another one coming up!

Nic said...

That book is awesome! I loved it!! :)

You remind me of my friend Jill (actually she is my hubby's friend since I have never really met her- we have bonded over facebook)- she is from WI but lives in SD, CA, single, is in love with Riggins (this is how we bond- our mutual admiration for Riggins!), etc... Just very similar.

Glad you had a relaxing weekend!

erin elder said...

Oh I've been wanting to read that book for some time now!! Are you loving it?

That robe is fabulous... I would have bought it too! The colors are just amazing, and the price?? Can't beat it... gotta love sales like that!!

Your weekend sounds wonderfully relaxing! Happy to hear you enjoyed it thoroughly!!

J. said...

I love that book. . . I cannot WAIT for the movie! I've already made Love promise to watch it with me. :)
I'm jealous of your yoga- I haven't done yoga in forever, so there's no way I could hold the crow pose these days. I'm hella impressed with your 2 seconds! xoxo

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I had the opposite weekend, crazy busy and now I need a day to recover but it was fun. I love your new robe, have one kind of like it that I wear as a top :)
I read that book a few years ago, cried a lot - loved it.

Lauryn said...

I can't wait to read Water For Elephants! I've heard such good things about it.

Um, I've never see Crow Pose before but it looks scary. I was proud of myself for accomplishing the Tree Pose :)

Marz said...

This weekend was full of fun times with my girlfriend :) It even included dancing - something that I haven't done in way too long! I was so thankful for the time with my girlfriends, because you're right - there is simply nothing better than female solidarity!

I am SO jealous you enjoy yoga. I wish I did :( For the life of me I have tried and tried to like yoga and it's just not for me. You are AMAZING for being able to do the crow and the pigeon!

That dress is gorgeous! You will look so stunning in it! And I can't get over the deal you got on your purchases lucky girl

So glad you got some R&R this weekend! You def deserved it!

Meghan said...

Your weekend sounds heavenly! And I am majorly impressed that you can hold the crow pose! I am AWFUL at yoga and think I'd probably hurt myself if I even attempted it:)

Meredith said...

Man, yoga sounds amazing. The most yoga I've been able to get lately has been the lame P90X-in-the-DVD-player kind. I really want to try hot yoga too, just need to find a place to do it that doesn't want to charge me approximately one billion dollars per class!

Yay for relaxing weekends!

Kimbirdy said...

ooo, yes! i love these sorts of relaxing weekends. thai, a good book, shopping, yoga? so great! i cannot do crow's pose, but i really want to work up to that. and i still haven't read water for elephants even though everyone and their mother (is this still a saying?) have told me how amazing it is. i think that should be my next book. and i love that robe! just beautiful.

Kori said...

Perfect weekend! I love this post..great photos doll! Hope you had a great weekend! Have you voted for Fine Man Friday this week yet? Have a great day. Kori xoxo

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I loved Water for Elephants, and nothing is nicer than a slow, relaxing weekend. My sister is coming to the end of her yoga-teacher-training and I can't wait for her to teach me some moves. I could use some calm and relaxation in my life!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

sounds like a great weekend- I love cow pose- I love doing yoga with my monkeys and they love anything with an animal name

Mrs. Julius said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Now you make me want to read that book and try yoga. :)

Annie Cristina said...

I really liked that book -- can't wait to see the film. Also, I love that robe! :)

this free bird said...

You did the crow pose?? I want you to live in SoCal so we can topple over together...and hot damn I love that robe too woman!!


drollgirl said...

female solidarity! gotta love it!

and i love the robe and the dress!

and the crow pose?! holy hell! could i do that?! i DOUBT IT!!!! but i should try it.

resting and relaxing is what some of us are best at. i LOVE IT. more more more of it would sure be nice! and LESS MONDAYS, POR FAVOR.

Anonymous said...

I loved that book...can't wait until the movie comes out. I'm too big of a chicken to go crow. :)

Megan said...

I adore slow and relaxing weekend they are my favourite! I just finished Water for Elephants, so good I loved it! Looking forward to the movie but not sure about Edward Cullen. I lvoe the dressing gown you bought just gorgeous.

sheba said...

ugh, just wrote the perfect comment, but it wouldn't post so now i'll leave you with LOVE that dress.

bananas. said...

isn't that book good? i read it when i was in mexico and lovered it to pieces. i now can't wait for the movie. yee!

oh and that crown pose...eeks! 2.2 seconds sounds good to me.

starnes family said...

Such a great book. Can't wait to see Reese in action!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, I love relaxing ones myself. I LOVE that first dress, SO CUTE. I cannot do the crow pose, but I'm not a yoga expert. I love child's pose, hahhaha! I'm not kidding, it's the best.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I can hold crow pose for 0 seconds so think your 2.2 seconds rock.

I really have to read that book - thanks for the reminder!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend! And wowzas what great deals you got! Here's to a great week :)

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Relaxing, slow weekends are the best!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

we were in sync! I had Thai takeout Sunday and I'm reading Water for Elephants :) Also, yes, that robe is BEAUTIFUL! looks like from a movie, soo pretty and feminine, I adore it! Sounds like your Sunday was wonderful, Yoga is a wonderful way to start the day. I literally watched movies and ate smoothies all day on Sunday and felt so happy... made me hate the work week so I'm right there with ya :) Funny we have the same cough, I hope yours is clearing up! PS whenever I do yoga or pilates I always crack up at the poses I'm doing... like wow, no idea my body could fold this way..

Gracie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love laid back and relaxed weekends. Cute top! Good sales are always great.

Good job on the yoga pose. I'm not sure if I could do that one x

shelly said...

we are reading the same book! it really picks up in the middle

i have seen that robe somewhere before...i think they were selling it in Anthro when i started! very pretty!

yoga to? sounds like a great weekend :)

Style Attic said...

I felt at peace just reading this! I wouldn't give up my life for anything, but I have to say I am loving living what your doing through this :) Peace and having "nothing" to do needs to be more of a way of life for mankind in general. We go and go, because we feel we have to . I know I live that everyday! You totally got it right :) XO, Kelly

Faiza said...

so glad to hear that you got a weekend all to yourself to indulge in girlfriend time, books, movies, exercise, yummy food and SLEEP! woot!

that dress is super cute and the robe is fierce. i'd wear that all day long and dance around my house!

what are your thoughts on water for elephants so far. i loved it. rosie was my favourite!

hope last night's poetry's class was terrific!

love you!

Amanda said...

sounds like such a great weekend. i also am enthusiastic about that book--such a great read. here's hoping you catch a movie as well.

Micaela said...

i am the most non flexible person ever which makes yoga SO intimidating to me-- which is silly considering yoga would prob help with that. i bet there's no better way to start the day. last night i went with my gf candice to zumba for the first time-- while it was fun, at first i felt out of place not knowing the "moves" so when in doubt i just danced ha but it was funny because while i was trying to follow along in the back, i realized my tongue was sticking out in concentration-- it shouldn't be that hard right? lol

i'm so glad you finally got to that crazy dark, twisted movie i sent ;) and that we discussed it on the phone the next day.. i do so love our phone chats!

btw--- if in june that dress goes missing from you-- well you'll know that it went home to el paso with me ;) ha!

love you!!! xoxo

VICKYFF said...

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Leesh said...

I don't think I can do the crow pose but I will try and see if I can do it tonight.

Marcie said...

I am loving this post, Claire! I do Lululemon yoga too and it is the best! And I second your comment about girlfriends- they are priceless.

xo M