Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday I'm in Love . . . sorta

1. Azim Khamisa
I'm teaching about forgiveness and restorative justice in class right now, and Azim Khamisa embodies the principles of empathy and forgiveness.  His 20 year old son, Tariq, a pizza delivery guy, was shot and killed by an angry 14 year old when he was held up for the pizza.  Instead of seeking revenge, Azim Khamisa has established the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, the philosophy of which is that there are "victims at both ends of the gun."  He works closely with the grandfather of his son's killer, traveling around speaking to young people about violence prevention and forgiveness.  If you have the chance to see the short film "From Murder to Forgiveness," do it.

One of my heroes, that man.  But what I'm not in love with?  The fact that I can't attend this conference.  

2. Earth Day
Everything in my sister's etsy shop, Very Fine House, is now HALF OFF with the code . . . HALFOFF. ;)

3. Ruffly Swimsuits

These and pretty much all others from Anthropologie.  Gotta hop on the Shred bandwagon before I start trying on swimsuits, though, geez.  And speaking of swimsuits, would you check out this wackness from Urban Outfitters?  WTF?  

Okay, I'm off to finish the school day and then jet off to find a delicious bottle of red wine to bring to my friends' house for dinner tonight.  Ah, adult beverages and conversation.  You heal me.

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jenna ♥ a little blue said...

azim's story is such a great one!

enjoy your weekend :)

bananas. said...

that story of azim's son is crazy...but at the same time inspiring! can he be my hero too?

i think it's pretty amazing when people can see the good and look pass the bad. i heard this the other day and i love it..."the heaviest thing to carry is a grudge."

ain't that the truth.

undomestic chica said...

Wow! If only we could all be like Khamisa.

Lovin' those swimsuite too but I need to Shred - bad!

Summer Athena said...

those suits are gorgeous, like you. wanna get matching ones????????

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

Oooo ruffly swimsuits, so fun! I love it!

meghan said...

i love that ruffly swimsuit on the right. anthropologie knows how to do everything well.

Marz said...

We could all learn so much from Azim. How have I never heard of such an amazing man before?!? I'll have to check out the short film.

I am LOVING that navy ruffly swimsuit! But not near as much as I love the seahorse one you sent me!!! SO pretty! But I just can't bring myself to pay nearly as much as I paid for my plane ticket to come see you this summer on a little piece of fabric hahaha :) CANNOT WAIT UNTIL JUNE! :) ahhh!!!!

I hope you had an amazing Easter weekend pretty girl! xo

Lauryn said...

Ruffly swimsuits!? I want! I'm a sucker for anything with ruffles. I've been trying to book some vacations up north so I'm definitely in a swimsuit state of mind right now :)

Faiza said...

that urban outfitters bathing suit is AWFUL! :)