Monday, April 25, 2011

The Holiday Blues

Every year I go home to Georgia for Christmas, but the other holidays can be hard.  I always call my mama's house on Easter, where the entire family has gathered, and she passes the phone around so I can say hi to everyone.  I love getting to talk to them, but it inevitably leaves me feeling a little depressed that they're all together and I'm thousands of miles away.  Would that I could just wiggle my nose and transport myself home for every occasion.

My auntie Pat posted these picture of our family's Easter celebration yesterday:

my sisters
(Jennifer--on the left--is my cousin, but we grew up like sisters.  Lil sis Kate on the right)

sweet Nana on the left and my mama on the right
this year Nana will be 80, Mama will be 50, and I will be 30!

Uncle Mike & pretty cousins with spread of food

Uncle Ted on left, brother-in-law Andy on right
love the twin crossed legs, boys

Jennifer's son, Ethan, and our Auntie Pat

Ethan hunting for eggs in Mama's back yard

I would have loved to be there with them.  I miss everyone exponentially on holidays.  But although it was sad that I couldn't be with my family on Easter, I did the next best thing and headed up to the Freitags to watch Milo and Jude hunt for eggs:

the Freitags on Easter + the view from their backyard

Milo furiously hunting eggs

me and my little love

JJ and Judebug, both sporting seersucker

Thank goodness for the Freitags aka my home away from home!  It was a gorgeous day outside, and those boys always put me in a better mood.  Plus, after the uncles and aunts and cousins went home, Cari and I did something very Easterly: we watched a very intense, violent movie about post-Apartheid South Africa.  ;)

Notice anything about the cast?  Particularly the guy standing in the middle?  Yes, ladies & gentlemen, it's Tim Riggins.  And despite the fact that he had to lose 30 pounds to portray strung out combat photographer, Kevin Carter, he was just as fine as ever in this movie.

All hotness aside, it was a great movie, although devastating.  The story centers around four photographers who are trying to take the best pictures of the violence going on around them.  Kevin Carter (played by Taylor Kitsch--it's a true story) eventually took the following photo of a starving child in Sudan being stalked by a vulture:

Although Carter won the Pulitzer Prize for this photo (taken in southern Sudan in 1993), it was obviously surrounded by controversy.  The public questioned him: did you just leave that girl to die?  What did you do after you took the picture?  Unable to face these questions and the ethics of his job in general, Carter kills himself.  And while it was tough to watch Tim Riggins go through all that . . . it was worth it.  

Sorry for the downer.  Probably should have ended with Jude toddling around in his seersucker suit clutching plastic eggs.  What did y'all do for Easter?


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

It must be so hard not being home for Easter... I don't blame you one bit. But at least you do get to go home for Christmas!! Good thing you had a friend to watch a movie with (violent, haha). Hope you have a good week!

this free bird said...

Oh Claire - I hear ya girl. Talked to my mom yesterday and then proceeded to cry all the way to the Chef's house in the afternoon. I want mah mom! oy

I love to see the family resemblance in your pics my friend...very cool!! Your mama looks amazing. I'll never stop sayin' it!!


bananas. said...

claire...your families are DARLING!!!

while easter not a necessarily a big holiday for me and my fam, i did spend it with dave's family and we had a blast!

however, i'm now depressed after seeing that photo. what did ever happen to that child? so sad.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So sorry you couldn't be home with your family, looks like your Easter was still great though :)

You look so much like your Aunt Pat!

So the photo's such a hard topic. In journalism school we were taught that we could in NO way under ANY circumstances get involved. It was like rule #2 after plagiarism. That being said, I don't know how you could not get involved. I can't remember, I thought he did help but got in trouble. Was it that he felt guilty becuase he didn't?

Mitchell said...

So glad you had a good second option. Guess what? I got the Ubuntu posters from Modesto this weekend. Yay. I'll swing by Bal today or tomorrow to drop off.

Happy Easter!!

Amanda said...

Sorry you had to miss the family party, but it sounds like you had fun on Easter anyway!

Wow--your mom is 50? She looks so so young!

melifaif said...

Lovely fams lady!!! It is so important to have that "home away from home!" And I just read about the Bang Bang Club on cnn last well as that child and the photo. I am intrigued. I am sure my amateur photog butt needs to see it. Happy (ick) Monday!

melifaif said...

Oh yeah - almost forgot! Your momma is HOT! Good looking genes must run in the fam. I love the 80, 50, 30 celebrations soon to follow.

Meredith said...

Goodness, that looks like a powerful movie. Don't know that I could watch it though.

Sorry you missed Easter with your family, but it looks like you had a good time with the Freitags! And your Nana is so cute - she does not look almost 80!

H. Gillham said...

1. Easter is a great holiday -- good food and not the pressure of presents. :) Hubby and I hit a local favorite restaurant for brunch, then I went by my sister's and visited with the FAM.

2. Yeah, I ain't watching that movie, Tim Riggins or not. I want to see him in a chick flick. Gag, did I say that?

3. Loved seeing the pictures of Kate and mom -- and Nana -- where's Kate's baby? Didn't she have one?

undomestic chica said...

I've seen that photo before but didn't know there was a movie based on the photographer! So stinking sad....

Can you skype your family? Christmas of '09, my dad was in New York for work so we skyped him so he could see us opening our presents. It wasn't the same, but we thought it was better than nothing. Maybe that will help you feel a little more connected to your family?

drollgirl said...

you mom and gma are exactly 30 years apart?! that is wild!

someday you will have to live closer to your family. maybe? it sounds like you are all so close, and that the time apart is hard for you. or maybe they can all move out to cali!

and that movie looks devastating. that picture is just horrific, but such is life in some parts of the world. ay yi yi.

i read a book a while back about child soldiers in africa. it was AWFUL. it was well-written and all, but just devastating to read. we live pretty sheltered and easy lives in the usa, comparatively speaking.

Micaela said...

your family is all so gorgeous! that includes your family away from home because never did i see anyone MORE ADORABLE in seersucker! Is that a helmet he's wearing?! ha! adorable.

that photo of you and jude bug... MY FAVORITE!!!

i can't imagine how moving the film was-- i was instantly touched when you were telling me about it yesterday because as soon as you mentioned that photograph, i remembered it. You can't forget an image like that-- which is a shame how his life ended up but how can you ever be the same after experiencing that first hand?

oh to wiggle my nose and be in wichita falls, texas right now. Or cali-- but SOON, SOON, SOON!!!!

xoxo thank-you for the Easter chat. i love you!

starnes family said...

Seersucker and view from the backyard = awesome.

Holy cow, though. That photo will haunt me for a long time. So sad.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

You know I have seen that picture before in college and the photographer disgusts me. I cant believe that he left the child behind. it breaks my heart to see the picture again. The movie does sound intresting though.

Meghan said...

I cannot imagine being put in a position similar to that of a photographer. It does sound fascinating - thanks for the heads up!

I am sorry you missed your adorable fam back home, but your adoptive family is so adorable! I love when you post pics of the little ones:)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

That photo is heartbreaking.

I love the ones of your family though, and of you celebrating Easter with your friends! Glad you had somewhere nice to spend the holiday.

Lindsey said...

Your family looks prescious, I'm sorry you have to miss them on most holidays. I totally know the feeling. My mom and gma were here for Easter, but sometimes I'm all by my lonely like on my Birthday and it ineveitably always makes me sad.

I'm glad you enjoyed TAPERED!!! NOT OK!! hahaha


Kara said...

Aww, spending holidays away from family must be so hard. You have a beautiful family, great photos. I've never heard of that movie (or actor?) but sounds interesting.

xx Kara
Sprinkles in Springs

Marz said...

So often I wish Micaela had a pair of red ruby slippers she could click together because it's so hard for me not to have her home during the holidays. I always feel sad, but then imagine how much sadder she is for the one being away (because I at least have my family) so I know that's how it must feel like for you. I'm glad you were able to talk to everyone on the phone and I'm thankful for the Freitags (those darling boys are just toooo precious for words!)! And thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful family. I love getting to see everyone! Oh my, Micaela told me your mom was absolutely gorgeous! Now I can see for myself! She's beautiful and looks so young. If you hadn't said she was your mom I seriously would have thought she might have been one of your cousins.
So happy you got to see your Tim Riggins in a movie even if it was over a depressing subject. I remember that photo. It's something you def don't forget. But I didn't know the back story so I will def have to check this out!
Love you Claire! Can't wait until June :) xo

Jo said...

You have great genes! Your mom and grandma are so pretty! (your whole family is adorable!)

Wow, that photo is...I have no words. We really are sheltered here.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Moving to the west coast with my family being on the east coast is the one major downside to my move. I don't know how I'll be able to deal with it. That's great that you have that family there to be with.

Down and Out Chic said...

B and I did chores and went on a run on Easter. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing but I do understand why you would miss your sweet family.

Let's chat about that photo at the bottom for a second though. Holy hell! The vulture just waiting for its dinner and that poor child. Oh my goodness. It reminds me of the book "The Lotus Eaters." The main character, a war photographer, struggles with being objective while inevitably becoming emotionally involved with the subject (the Vietnam war in this instance). If you haven't read it, I definitely recommend it.

heather yalin said...

i definitely don't think that movie would be for me. even though some things are edifying, i just don't think i have it in me right now to dive into them. that last picture is horrifying.

p.s. your family is so cute. you can be my family.

Leesh said...

Jude is so cute, no wonder you are in love with him.

I can't wait to see Tim Riggins back up on the big screen. It makes me miss FNL. I'm going to re-watch all the seasons over the summer.