Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leeann's Brilliant Idea

So Leeann has come up with a new Monday series to which we can all link up, and it's right up my alley:


Hot, right?  Basically, you visit her post here, click the linky link, and spotlight your own hunk.  I figured it would be a little too expected for me to feature Tim Riggins, given that y'all have seen plenty of pictures of him here by now, so I chose another one of my celeb crushes to focus on--partly cause I think he's smokin' hot, and partly to joke with Leeann (who doesn't think he's smokin' hot, haha).  

And now I present . . . Enrique Iglesias:

all images from google images

Goodness gracious alive, he gets my heart racin'.  That face!  That body!  That last picture pretty much exemplifies everything I think is sexy.  

So what do y'all think?  Are you on Team Claire or Team Leeann on this one? :)


Ashley said...

Team Claire for sure. He is a hottie with a body!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

"goodness gracious alive" hahahahaha! claire, you crack me up. yeah, i don't care about his music, but he's nice on the eyes! i bet he'd look even better with a man bun ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Bahahahaha Team Claire or Team Leeann? And this is why I love you! Haha! You just made my day :)

Thanks SO much for linking up!! You made my day ♥

GO TEAM LEEANN...aka anti Enrique ;)

AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

We have similar taste in boys (good taste that is)!!!! Yeah, Enrique is a beautiful babe!!!

Miss Chelsea said...

sigh... he's so pretty

heather yalin said...

well, you can't argue with that bod!

Jo said...

Team Claire, definitely! He's one of those guys who is so beautiful that you hope his inside is as gorgeous as his outside. But wait...we're just talking exterior, right? hahaha! ;)

Megan said...

Oh this is such a good idea!! I am Camp Claire on this one he is such a babe but probably not someone I would go for in real life, but still lovely to look at.

Micaela said...

LOL @ danielle's comment!!!! haha

OH SO TEAM CLAIRE!!! though i have to say he was always marianne's man (we do this with celebs... stake a claim on one though most times we don't have the same taste... like hugh grant? totally hers! but then there are those that we "fight" over like james mcavoy!)

she about peed her pants when she found out he was touring with her brit brit!


drollgirl said...

i won't fight you for him.

there is one dude that pretty much puts all to shame. at least that is what i think. SIGH. the blonde on sons of anarchy, charlie hunnam. god he is smokin' hot!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Hola Enrique, I loved you before you became famous let's make out. Ok I'm married let's pretend hehehe

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Once he got rid of that mole, he looked GOOD!!!! I love his new song!

Karina said...

Great choice!! Enrique Iglesias is very yummy indeed :)

Yes, it is about time that our dear Suri leaves the pacifier! Hopefully by the 6 she will have forgotten about her little buddy - lol!!


bananas. said...

hmmm i'm gonna have to go with team leann. even though he got rid of his mole, it's still the only thing i see when i look at him. i do like his music though.

wilybrunette said...

ha, ha! this is hilarious. just the name itself, is hilarious. and please note: i'm always up for more tim riggins photos...yum, yum, yum.

this free bird said...

for years i thought he liked men. my bad...i gotta go team leann on this one! i still love you though claire!!


Jenn said...

Um Claire I don't know if you remember me as an 18 year old living in JL, but I was SO in love with that man, and gotta say, 12 years later he still gets my heart a racin'.

Shopgirl said...

I just came back from a week's visit to SFO, so I was excited to see that's where you are. It is such a wonderful city and full of writing inspirations.

New follower

Signe said...

Not my favorite Enrique but he does not look half bad in that last picture ;)

And a happy Easter to you and your family :)

H. Gillham said...

I'm on Team Tim Riggins.

Love that man.

In my Zumba class, the teacher plays Enrique's song, "You know I want you, and you want me too..." whatever the name of it is -- anyway -- I loved it so much I googled it.

Yeah. The song and the video, now that I know all the words, is soft porn. LOL

What's up with Ludacris in that song? Even though I have always "rolled" at his name - Ludacris, seriously, man, you crack me up.

But I still find myself humming that Enrique song while I cook or clean.

The man I think is fabio -- besides Tim Riggins --- is Steve Burton from General Hospital.


That man would make me steal "from my mother."

He's man crack.

Just sayin'.

Faiza said...

i have three words for you DEE-LISH-US!! (and by us, i mean him and i, or maybe you and him, but definitely not leeann and him)

April said...


Leesh said...

Man Candy Monday is a brilliant idea!

Not really into Enrique but I am so in love with his song with Nicole Scherzinger, Heartbeat.