Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love Comes in Spurts + My Weekend

On Saturday I convinced my dear friend Anna to take a walk with me from my house in north Oakland to Raleigh's in downtown Berkeley.  There were three incentives: 1) a 5 mile walk, 2) girl time, and 3) the enormous salads and beers at Raleigh's.  It was a gorgeous bay area day and the perfect way to spend a Saturday.  First thing we ordered upon arriving at Raleigh's:

Anna's cider on the left, my Shock Top on the right

and then I hungrily ordered this, aka the best salad I've ever had in my life (well, I've had it a bunch of times, but it's always the best salad):

you can't tell from this picture that it's bigger than my head

We sat outside on the big, sunshiney patio and talked about jobs, dating, travel, etc.  I want to do this every Saturday.  It was perfect.  

On the way home, I remembered that there's something written in the concrete that I love to pass by.  I want to blow it up and frame it and hang it in my home (okay maybe I want to frame a better photo of it):

So true, right?  This little piece of "street art" has me thinking a lot about love . . . and if it truly does "come in spurts," and if we can will it into being, and what it would take to beckon a love spurt.  I am ready!

On Sunday I headed up to Marin to take care of the Freitag boys while their parents were on a mini-getaway for JJ's 40th birthday.  We made this sign for JJ:

and presented it to him, along with the above photo in a frame, upon their return (they went to Cavallo Point Spa, the "lodge at the Golden Gate," for those in the Bay Area who might be seeking an escape). And check out my Judebug eating pizza and watching Finding Nemo:

Ha!  I love that baby so much.

Hope your weekend was just as lovely.  I turned in my grades, but still have a long road ahead of me, preparing for my students' big event Thursday night, and mentally getting ready for babysitting five kiddos on Friday night.  I'll be packin' valium & a bottle of wine. ;)


starnes family said...

Oh, you should print and frame that! Love it.......things like that make me so happy.

Amanda said...

You lead the good life my dear--walking, talking, drinking beer, and eating the most tempting salad? Wow, consider yourself lucky!

I like that sweet baby photo--watching kids eat is always too cute, until you have to clean them up. My nephew is a notoriously messy eater--his 1st birthday was a nightmare on my sister's carpet! :)

Faiza said...

what a perfect day with anna! i love days like that which are great for the soul and the heart.

i am ready for love too. it feels so freeing to be able to say that out loud.have been listening to the india arie song "ready for love" have you heard it?

Meredith said...

Love that street art. It's so true, I think!

That salad looks amazing too. Gosh, I could go for a delicious salad right about now!

Marz said...

Sounds like my idea of a perfect Saturday! Exercise, good food and beer (oh how I miss the stuff!) and patio weather with your girlfriend :)

Love, love, love that street art!!! I find that saying to be true 100 %! For everyone, even the love in a marriage. Love is all about ups and downs as much as it is about butterflies in the stomach! I pray your next love spurt is just around the corner ;)

Such a sweet photo of your babies!!! And such a sweet & thoughtful birthday gift for JJ :)

drollgirl said...

that salad looks amazing! and the beer, too! both are well deserved after a 5-mile walk!

may that spurt head your way soon! i'll take some too! :)

Micaela said...

seriously claire, those boys are just the most ADORABLE babes ever!!!!

OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a photo of that awesome piece of "street art" for us, cos i want to frame it too!

and that salad... avocado? YES PLEASE! will you take me there this summer?!

love you! and miss you so much. xo

April said...

Your Saturday sounds like my dream Saturday. Oh my goodness. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that sidewalk art! perfect!! That's so awesome that you walked to lunch!

sheba said...

oh, how i miss 5-mile walks filled with girl time. when we finally meet, this will be on our agenda!

jude is too cute...really.

Meghan said...

Umm. that salad looks amazing! So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

sounds like a great weekend.

the salad looks amazingly delicious right now & judebug is adorable...

p.s. good luck w/the 5 kids at once :)

Lindsey said...

Are babies not the best thing ever??? I am obsessed with that message in the concrete. Please do frame it, I would totally frame it too. GREAT IDEA!!!

Gracie said...

That is awesome street art. It's much better than some of the things people write.

Those babies! Soo sweet. And babysitting 5! Wow you are brave :p

I like to go for walks and talks. I find it easier than sitting down and talking sometimes. Plus you get some exercise and get to see all sorts of things on your walks. x

heather yalin said...

your weekend sounds beautiful! wasn't the weather wonderful? i won't even tell you about my sunday! hope to hug and kiss you soon!

this free bird said...

I am all in favor of a salad that is as big as or bigger than my head. Here's to making it through til Saturday in one piece. And not completely inebriated.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Salad and beer sounds so good right now! Maybe we'll visit that joint next time I'm in the area :D

And those kiddo are adorbs! Love the idea of the framed picture :)

Holly said...

THOSE ARE THE BEST SALADS EVER!!!!!!! i get them from cafe intermizzo, the place next door, to the left of ralighs. i usually eat half and give the rest to a homeless kid out front.

hi-d said...

Oh how I love BIG Salads! Yummm...sounds like that Seinfeld Episode.

And that baby is adorable.

Have a happy weekend!

Jo said...

I love a good walk that ends in good food...and drinks! ;)
Thank you for following Micaela's link to my blog. I'm glad you found me so that I could find you right back! You've got a great blog here...I'm definitely following!
Have a great week!!