Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work Hard, Play Hard

That's been my motto of late (although seems I'm working harder than playing).  Today, for instance, after babysitting twin toddlers, I met up with my friend Diana for our bi-weekly poetry & dinner meeting.  She suggested the Saturn Cafe in downtown Berkeley, which is a sparkly, retro, space age vegetarian diner.  That's right.  And I had a salad and a milkshake--how's that for juxtaposition?

And speaking of juxtaposition:

WORK: California standardized testing this week at the high school.  Schedule all outta whack.

PLAY:  Dinner and beers with friends Saturday night included Heather's baby Rowan, who has developed an impressive pair of cheeks:

hi, I'm 3 months and I'm lookin' like my mama here

WORK:  Trying to create a powerpoint on Restorative Justice for my students.  Don't really understand powerpoint.

PLAY:  Planning for three back to back visits from far-away friends starting in late May.  Beaches, coastal hiking trails, Burmese food, rooftop cocktails, Napa wineries, Mission burritos--here we come!

Tomorrow morning it's back to the grind: teach teach teach, babysit babysit babysit.  But somewhere in between all that chaos, I will inevitably find time for my latest obsession:

I've got it bad.  I can't put this game down.  In fact, I've been neglecting my Words with Friends friends because I've been spending every waking iPhone hour with Tiny Wings.

Gonna call it a night, given that this post is already as erratic as they come.  Fingers & toes are crossed for a return to normalcy and deep breathing soon.  At least I've got prom to look forward to. ;)


Dree said...

Work hard, play hard - that's my motto, too. I think it's important because otherwise you'd get burnt out, right? Maybe that's my weird way of justifying it, haha. Baby Rowan is so cute! Your visits from friends sound so fun - have a great time!

Gracie said...

I think you are such a hard worker that you definitely deserve some play. And Rowan he is soo sweet! He has some cute little dimples there.

On a random note, my 6 year old nephew has to do powerpoint presentations at school??! Although my 9 year old nephew was pretty much doing it for him.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Work hard play hard is totally cool with me.

I still think it's so cool that you know Heather IRL.

I'll pretend I didn't see Tiny Wings. I'm still obsessed with Angry Birds.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Summer Athena said...

i am going to be your most favorite visitor ever. lol.

rowan is CUTE. ps - i want one. did you know?

tiny wings is dumb.

J. said...

I've been neglecting words with friends because I keep forgetting to bring my itouch in from my car.
I haven't played this tiny wings you speak of. . . I'm still an angry birds addict. I may have to see what this new game is all about.
And I'm SO ready for this trip! I'm not sure about Burmese food (?) but everything else you listed sounds AMAZING. :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK, cutest baby ever! I want to pinch those cheeks! And girl, you had me at rooftop cocktails and Napa wineries ;)

Although you are busy you've got a lot of good things going on, I hope you can enjoy them without worrying about the bad - you deserve lots of fun!

melifaif said...

That should be everyones motto. I like to tweek mine just a tad and say, "word hard, play hardER!" Oh yeah baby. Speaking of - cutie pie there!!!! Happy Easter weekend.

Jax said...

Um, everything under your "play" category sounds AWESOME! And I also didnt understand powerpt before my last job. I had it on my resume though sooo when they hired me, I had to have someone show me before I started! LOL! Google tutorials do wonders for your life. Trust me.

heather yalin said...

Oh those cheeks! I want to eat them, but then they would be gone. So, I haven't heard of tiny wings, but everywhere I was hearing Angry Birds... And I kept thinking what are they angry about? And then my cutie cousin/nephew taught me how to play. And I realize S was totally obsessed with that game when we were living at my aunt's--before we had internets. I would look over thinking he was looking for apartments or something, and there they were, mad slingshottin' birds!

heather yalin said...

p.s. i know i'm probably too far to be of any real help, because i'm stuck here till saturday (no wheels), but i might be able to help you with ppt. i used to have to make presentations all the time. that was before yahoo, but i'm sure i can still figure my way around it.

sheba said...

i miss you! hoping to be your guest this summer at some point! xo

bananas. said...

you should try mission pupusas too, if you want to get a little crazy.

hope you get to play this weekend...yay for friday!

Meredith said...

I've been neglecting Words with Friends something fierce. Every time I open it, I'm like "Aghhhh thinking, aghhhh, loud buzzing noise in head." I'll have to try Tiny Wings!

Meghan said...

I feel like I've got the work hard part down, but I haven't been playing hard at all - I've been LAME! Ha! So glad you're enjoying life to it's fullest! Have a wonderful weekend!