Friday, May 6, 2011

Back in Love

It's Friday and I'm happy again!  So glad to report that I don't have to share a "not in love" list today.  It's been gorgeous this week in San Francisco, it's the end of the week, and I'm a joyful girl.

1. Etsy seller justbedesigns

There are many ways to my heart; two of them are poetry and jewelry.  How 'bout this stellar combination of the two?  I found the e.e. cummings necklace first (swoon!) and then came upon these other gorgeous pieces.  And it doesn't stop there--this seller has jewelry depicting Jane Austen, Alice in Wonderland, Edith Piaf, etc.  So pretty.

2. BBQ season in California

My girl Anna has a new boo and we get to meet him and give our seal of approval on Sunday!  Can't wait to peep this guy (he lives in Baltimore and flew into town last night).  

Bring on the soy dogs & veggies.  You gotta admit, vegetables on the grill are a pretty sight.  Even if you prefer medium rare hamburgers (barf).  You know, the last time I had a hamburger was in the 7th grade. I remember sitting at my parents' dining room table, eating a hamburger, and throwing up after.  And that was the end of a (meat-eating) era.  In any case, since I can't be with my mama on Mother's Day, I can't wait to spend Sunday the second best way: grilling, sipping, and laughing with friends.  Cheers to new love!

3. The Prison University Project at San Quentin
Here's the link.  They are amazing.  I want them to hire me. That is all.

(and if you were wondering, I am still head over heels for this dress). 

Happy weekend everyone!  Hope it's as sunny wherever you are as it is here.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I love veggies on the grill too- Have you made black bean burgers? To me they are as filling and juicy as a hunk of meat.

Micaela said...

a new shop just went into my favorites-- love! thank you for sharing :)

grilled veggies... yum! our neighbors cooked out for easter and i thought- we NEED to get a grill because eating outside and food on the grill just taste that much better. i hope he gets the seal of approval! ;)

um, you would be PERFECT for that job. THAT is all. seriously!!!!

i'm glad you're in love again ;) xoxoxo

Jen said...

I LOVE grilled food!! It's that time here in MN too and I can't wait to get the grill out!

Happy Weekend Dear! xo

undomestic chica said...

Um, I think I'm in love with that shop. thansk for sharing it. I'm so jealous you have BBQ weather already.

starnes family said...

Those veggies look divine!

And, I love the poetic charm bracelet. Darling.

drollgirl said...

well happy friday little lady!

and i'll take any burger that you don't want. lol! i especially LOVE grilled veggies. they are the best!

hope you have a fab weekend!

p.s. i don't get poetry. at all. clearly i am not a fully evolved human, but that probably isn't news. lol

heather said...

oh! i love the ee cummings necklace! how perfect is that? s should gift it to me for mother's day :) haha.

happy wine sipping girl chatting and veggie grilling weekend!

hope to drop in on your somehow! you know how we roll (or how i don't roll...)

this free bird said...

get over to my place and let's get the grill on!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Grilled veggies sound so good right now!...well, and always, for that matter. I wish we lived closer so I could enjoy some drinks and BBQ with ya!

Have fun this weekend :)

April said...

I can't wait to go home and grill out with my parents on the weekends. :)

Kara said...

Those necklaces are great! The northern cali, barbeques, long hikes and farmers markets sound like a dream. I'd love to go there some time.

xx Kara
Sprinkles in Springs

Faiza said...

just favourited SOOOOOOOOO many things from that shop!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love veggies on the grill. With greek spices. Yum!

Tiffany said...

The project sounds amazing! You totally need to be working there! :)