Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girlfriends, Good Food, Wine, and Jax Teller

How lucky am I that Micaela, Marianne, and Jessie chose to spend vacation time here with me in San Francisco last week?  And let me just say that our trip was everything we dreamed it would be.

four girls in Napa

Marianne is the sweetest person I've ever met.  And she's incredibly beautiful, loyal, and says the cutest things. ♥

Jessie can party like a rockstar.  She's a hot & hilarious bad ass with some amazing stories.  She and I could get into some pretty serious trouble if we lived near each other.

And Micaela is my girl.  I feel closer to her every day, and am so thankful this trip gave us so much time together.  This woman could fill oceans with the love she has to give.  It's pretty unreal.

at Rubicon Estates (Niebaum-Coppola)

Texas/Oklahoma girls in Golden Gate Park 

Jessie stopping in for a quick tattoo on Haight St., ha!

foggy day at my favorite beach


Marianne was such a good sport since she doesn't really like wine :)


one of my favorite pictures from our trip

at Vesuvio in North Beach.  BEWARE!

on this trip to City Lights, I discovered a new poet
with whom I'm now a little obsessed: Evie Shockley

the Golden Gate Bridge was actin' up a little with the fog

Other things we did:
*Visited my neighborhood restaurants and wine bar
*Watched (and re-watched) super hot Jax Teller sex scenes at Cari and JJ's house
*Stayed up till 4 am with laughter, a few tears, and lots of stories
*Had a bit of a traumatic experience running into my exbf's good friend, who told me that my exbf is getting married (still coping, y'all)
*Ate authentic Italian food in North Beach
*Spent some time on my back porch
*Saw the Painted Ladies (or as I like to call them, the Full Houses) and busted out the Full House theme song 
*Drank lots of coffee!

Hurry back, girls!  My house is so empty without you.


Summer Athena said...

looks like a great time.

erin elder said...

OH i just LOVE this... You ladies are lovely and it looks like you had an absolutely FABULOUS time!! Wish I could have joined in on the fun!!


Lacey said...

Looks like such a FUN weekend together! I love all of your pictures!! I'm jealous, I want to meet all of you! :)

sheba said...

so jealous. i wanna be sipping sofia champagne with you all!

hope you're doing ok with the exbf friend run-in. xo

Dee Stephens said...

How FUN!!!! I heart everything about this post except the part about your ex bf getting married. Hang in there honey. I know how hard it must be.

Micaela said...

this made my heart full again!!! i am missing you girls something fierce. It was truly the girls trip of my dreams!!!

(OF COURSE i remember everything we ate! haha are you shocked?)

i am your girl and you are mine... that's why i am glad we were together (just us two) when the exbf friend run-in happened... i hated that it happened at all, but if it had to happen, i'm glad i was with you.

i still can't get over our first night all together!!! HA!!! the things we can not say on here that were discussed and "shown" haha!

EPIC. i already want to start planning our next trip!!!


p.s. SUPER HOT SEX SCENES. cari is hilarious!!! and deserves thank-you cards from all of us for not just having us over but for introducing us to the hottness that is JAX TELLER!

Micaela said...

that should read what we "showed" each other!!! you know what i mean ;)

and i have to include another comment anyway to say I LOVE YOU!!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

What an amazing adventure together. And so much fun (aside for the ex thing - sorry. it always sucks, even if we have moved on, when they move on. ugh). lots of love to you pretty lady!

J. said...

I miss you! It was the BEST vacation, ever. I wish I could go back in time. . although a week ago today we were waking up with EPIC hangovers. HA! And your description of me? Probably one of the most flattering things ever. Thank you, sweet girl for not saying "She's a functioning alcoholic with a big mouth" :)
And yes, trouble would ALWAYS be near if we lived close to each other.
AND- can you email me Cari and JJ's address?
Miss you! xoxo

Marz said...

I feel SO lonely without my girls!!! When you sent Jax's picture last night I was soooo sad thinking that time last week we were all together staying up late on that amazing first night. I can't get over how incredibly perfect our whole trip was. I'm so glad we made it happen! And we definitely need to make it a tradition. I just loved sitting together on your porch sharing our deepest secrets and being completely comfortable around each other without any inhibitions! :) That kind of closeness in a friendship usually takes years to get to, but not with us girls!!! :) I finally had to take off my nail polish last night because it was chipping and I didn't realize how something as little as that would make me so sad :( But it reminded me of our trip!

OMG thank you for your lovely words!!!! You were every bit as beautiful and funny as I imagined you to be!

And did we function without that kind of sexiness in our lives???!!!?! *bring out my seahorse* wink wink! - hahaha my love of seahorses goes deep as we all now know ;) I crack up thinking of "That's his mother?!?!?!" haha I'm so gullible thinking Peggy Bundy was Jax's mother in real life lol but in all fairness it was before I saw an episode and didn't know very much about SOA! :)

I loved everything about our trip! I miss you immensely!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful city with us!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!! xoxo

ag. said...

This looks like a blast, seriously makes me wish I had a girls trip coming up!

Miranda said...

Aww so cute! How much fun

nicoleciomek said...

Looks like a wonderful visit for everyone! So much fun. Visits from friends are the best.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Fun! I saw Micaela's post the other day and you are def lookin' good! Look at those legs!! get it girl. Your hard workouts paid off :)

Love all of these pictures!

And WTF, the exbf? Not the last one, right?
Where did you eat in North Beach? I went to a restaurant there last year and it.was.amazing.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I can tell from these photos that you girls had the most amazing time together! Isn't it wonderful to have uninterrupted girlfriend time? For days on end? Love it!

Kristin W said...

Loved reading about everyone's recaps of this trip. It looks fabulous! I'm so jealous :) One day I'm making it out to the west coast!

Meghan said...

This looks like the best trip ever! You ladies are adorable and I simply love those beach pics - especially the one of you all jumping. You are such an amazing hostess!

Kara said...

This looks amaaaazing!! You all look absolutely beautiful and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'M SO JEALOUS.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful time with friends. I love the jumping photo!

Faiza said...

love this! beautiful pics and so happy that you all had a great time!

Miss Chelsea said...

Aw fun!