Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Ideal Bathing Suit

That is, if I had the ideal body!

I'm still on the hunt for a cute, affordable bathing suit this year (I've been wearing one I got last year).  Once I saw this one at Victoria's Secret, I knew that it would be the one if I were tall & skinny like the model sporting it, ha!  Unfortunately, and contrary to Snooki's belief, I don't think monokins are for short people.  But check it out:

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I can't decide if I like it better in black or white.  Either way, it's HOT!  But maybe not for swimming at the neighborhood pool with two toddlers (which is what I'm up to this weekend).  

It's finally pretty here in northern California and I intend to get the tan to prove it!

Also, check out Micaela's post about her upcoming visit . . . she, Marianne, and Jessie will be here in just four days!!!


Meghan said...

It is super smokin'! However, I don't know if I would be able to pull it off!

April said...

That's a really hot bikini, but the models are also really hot, and I think that helps. lol

Micaela said...

i lOVE monokins! i have two but not as sexy as these! ;) i would go with black, just because black is sexier and with me, i'd be afraid if i got the white one and it became see-thru wet lol

i think you could totally wear one silly!!! probably not toting tots ;) ha i get that but you got ideal bathing suit right!

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!! though i have to say, if the NBA series goes to a game 7 which i hope it doesn't but incase it does, i fly in just in time for game time (i think? i'm still confused with time differences) so we HAVE to watch the game somewhere or at home please! i know that isn't ideal for my first night in but... It'll be a HUGE game! lol love you!!! and i can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Karena said...

I don't remember ever having that body!! Wow she looks great! So glad our blog friends will be visiting!

Art by Karena

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Megan said...

Oh wow that black swimsuit is so sexy. I would love a hot bod like that but I think if your confident you can rock anything :-) You girls are going to have the best time, cannot wait to read all about it.

kimbirdy said...

i totally agree, these things do NOT look good on us short people. but i actually don't think they look good on anyone. i have a friend who is tall and skinny who bought one of these and it's completely unwearable. if she moves into any other position than standing straight and tall, the middle piece pops out. if she bends over completely, it pops out so far you can see all the goods god gave her. nice in theory, ridiculous in reality.

Faiza said...

there isn't enough fabric on a single monokini to cover even one boob of mine!

hope you find the suit that is pefect for you!

ag. said...

um, LOVE this!!!! HOT is right!

Kate Kiefer said...

please see

just kidding : )