Monday, July 18, 2011

Alive and Well in Georgia!

Hi everyone!  I'm back from a totally unintended blogging break, which was the result of accidentally leaving my backpack (including my laptop) in San Francisco!  I had it all packed as my carry on--laptop, books, work, phone charger, etc . . . and left it in the car when I got out at the train station.  Thus, I've been sans internet for a while . . . can't wait to catch up on all your blogs!

As soon as I got home, my mama, sis, and I headed to Tybee Island for a little beach trip.  It was good, redneck fun. ;)  I'm really grateful to have had time to spend with them--we never get time just the three of us!  Plus, the overcast weather led to much Sons of Anarchy watchin.' :)

We drove back on Saturday for my cousin Stevie's wedding:

my beautiful cousin, Stevie, and her new husband, Josh

Mama, Kate, and me at the wedding

the bride with her two sisters (we're all girl cousins on my mama's side!)

sisters: Aunt KK, Aunt Pat, my mama

uncles ;)

Daddy and me 

The wedding was beautiful and fun, and the next day I got to hold this sweet baby (my cousin Jennifer's half-sister's brand new daughter):

Emma Kate: 6 lbs 12 oz of CUTENESS

Today, after accompanying Jason, one of my bffs, to his radiation treatment (he has testicular cancer; he's gonna be fine, and he has the most incredible attitude about it), we stopped for brunch at Social House, where I had the southernest of breakfasts:

fried green tomato crepes, cheese grits, sweet tea

And then I spent the afternoon with my 91 year old grandmother, who advised that instead of seeking romance and passion, I begin to look for a man who is "rather dull."  

Off for a ride on my dad's Harley . . . so grateful he's willing to feed the obsession!


Kori Donahue said...

Wow looks like a blast! Can't believe I've never had grits! Kori xoxo

Dee Stephens said...

Love the bride's dress and that breakfast? One of champions!

Sarah said...

Great pics and a delicious breakfast suggestion!

Meghan said...

Everyone looks so beautiful at the wedding! And Emma! OMG. She is precious.

Micaela said...

Your whole family is beautiful!!! <3 (i "awwwed" BIG time at Emma Kate-- look at all that hair!)

your momma really could pass as your sister-- it's unbelievable. i giggled at your uncles and their cigars ;) AWESOME!!!

okay-- i NEED to get that curling iron! your hair looks so healthy and glam and i was contemplating how to do my hair for my little sister's wedding.

i love you as much as i wanna eat that YUMMY breakfast <3 that's A LOT!!! miss you and thanks for the quick chat the other day. xo

nicoleciomek said...

i love the picture of the uncles!!!

Looks like you have a lovely trip :) Enjoy the rest of your family time.

drollgirl said...

LOOK FOR A MAN THAT IS RATHER DULL?!?!?!? is that what we are supposed to be doing?! the horror. then again, i am rather DULL, so maybe it would be fitting!

and your family looks so nice. like really nice, loving, caring and fun people. you come from good stock! :)

p.s. i went and saw "the ledge" w/charlie hunnam and liv tyler. he is SO FRAKKING GOOD LOOKING!!! NOM NOM!!!! you will have to see it -- sooner or later!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

AW I love your fam and I don't even know them!! Loving these pictures - the women in your family are so pretty! And I'm glad your dad is well :) And same goes for your friend! He sounds like a tough dude!

Glad your trip has been amazing!!

The Girlie Blog said...

Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing! Looks like a fun trip home.

Summer Athena said...

i miss you. i love the photos and seeing your face.

H. Gillham said...

Love the pictures [you and Kate, especially], but I mostly love grandma's advice.

Hugs to Jason with the good attitude.

H. Gillham said...

Oh one more thing -- you look great -- you've aged none! It's those good genes -- look at your momma and daddy!!!

Annie Cristina said...

Great pictures! You have a beautiful family. :-)

Marz said...

CLAIRE!!! Have I told you how much I miss you?!?! I can't believe it's already been a month since we've seen each other :( So I am SO happy I got to see you in these beautiful photos!!!! You hair is sooo sexy! I love the curls. And I also love that I recognize your dress in the photo from the wedding :) You look amazing in it!

Your family is SO gorgeous!!! All you girls (including your hot mama!) are some fine Georgia peaches :) What a pretty color for bridesmaid dresses.

Emma Kate!!! SOOOO precious!!!! So teeny :)

I would do anything to have that breakfast plate in front of me right this moment. SO hungry! There's nothing like Southern food :) Although, I would have to add some sausage to my order ;)

Enjoy the rest of your time home sweet girl! I love that we both get to spend time with our families! Let's do a skype date soon!

Marz said...

p.s. Please tell me someone took a photo of you on the back of your dad's Harley :) I love it!

Feel What's Real said...

the last picture..i am hunglry now :P

Holly said...

how fun, i love posts like this! and your mama is beautiful