Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Random Notes

In high school, my best friend Tiffany and I carried around these neon pink notebooks, in which we would record "observations."  I still have them; there are 20 volumes (not exaggerating).  So in honor of our "Pulsar Pinks," here is a list of totally unrelated notes and observations:

1. These days, I'm really into Hanging with Friends on the ol' iPhone.  Please play with me!  (clairekiefer)

2. I spent the past two days in a workshop at SF's Juvenile Justice Center entitled Trauma and Recovery, and then came home and slept.  Normal, right?  It was an excellent workshop with an excellent trainer, and I learned very acutely that I am not comfortable with silence!!!  ("Be comfortable with silence" was one of the counseling "dos").  I am talkative and fidgety and silence? . . . can't handle it.

3. Talk about dichotomous activities: after spending the day in a Trauma workshop, I spent the evening devising a grocery list for Cabo.  Someone will go shopping for us and deposit our groceries (and tequila) in our villa before our arrival.  What???  June 22 can't get here fast enough.

4.  Mesmerized by this picture:


5. What does one do when one's 30th birthday falls on the second day of #$@!ing school?  Need ideas.

6.  My hair doesn't hold curl.  It's naturally wavy, but when I blow dry it and attempt to use a curling iron?  FALLS RIGHT OUT.  I lamented this fact while my girls were visiting SF last month, and Jessie recommended this curling iron . . .y'all, it's life-changing.  Best $24.99 I ever spent.  I can brush my hair, sleep on it, put it in a bun, and it STILL has curl.  I'm so into it:

Remington T Studio curling wand

Okay, that's all I got.  I'm off to the gym . . . but only because I've promised myself a trip to Yogurtland on the way home.  


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I freakin' LOVE that pic of sexy Adam. Dude is SO HOT.

Amy said...

Oh Adam.

This is also an awesome way to get curl... mine never holds either!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

silence is no good. if i'm in the presence of another human, someone had better be saying something or i get nervous and weird.

and, i'm not necessarily an adam levine fan, BUT there is absolutely nothing sexier than a tattooed man (so of course i marry a man that never wants any...damn).

Anonymous said...

OMG that pic of Adam just made me blush. I love curling wands. I have a Ginalli and am OBSESSED with it! Becky Branch (for some reason I can't comment through Blogger....whatever!

April said...

Um, so. . . that POOR girl who had to take this photo with him. I wish I had known and I totally couldv'e taken her place. you know, just for her sake. . . haha

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

omg, i am SO a silence-filler too...i feel weird!

and i for one think a birthday on the 2nd day of school requires more presents than normal...and probably the weekend before AND after to celebrate. you know...just to even out the injustice of it all.

plus cake on the actual day, cuz DUH.

Megan said...

I so wanna play that game on my phone, but mine uses Android. Hmph. Thanks for the eye candy!

Gracie said...

Haha! I have a lot of notebooks with friends. I have some of them and it's a laugh to read through. Wow! That is a mesmerising photo :p
My hair can stay in curls if I do it properly. Sometimes it looks better the next day because it looks like natural curls.

wfayew said...

I would amputate my own leg for one night with Adam Levine. I have other comments to make but I can't get past Adam. My hair doesn't curl either, birthday will be fun, something about notebooks? Adam Levine.

Miss Chelsea said...

whaat I have not seen that picture... hollllaaaaa

nicoleciomek said...

i totally remember y'all w/your pink note books!! Cool you still have them.

As you staying at Esperanza in Cabo? I know Ross' mom has a time share at that place, and they stock your fridge for you apparently and pick you up from the airport in a plush ride. It all sounds fun and ridiculous. Maybe all the resorts in Cabo do this sort of thing?

And yeah, I have seen that pic, I am not even into him... but its impressive to say the least.

Micaela said...

O.M.G. HOTTEST PHOTOS EVER!!! that is so funny that i sent you that photo with around the same caption and you had told me that someone had sent it to you earlier... what are the odds? and so i stopped a moment and thought, how could she not have shared!?!? ha now i get it ;)

i might have stared at that photo for ages!!!! SO SEXY!!!

i'm pretty comfortable with silence... isn't that weird? cos i'm by all means not quiet but i think there's something nice about "comfortable silence." interesting though for sure that that would be a counseling "do." i love learning things about your work! and loved our casey anthony talk/opinion session right after one of your workshops this week.

I LOVE your hair curled!!! i might have to get me one of those dildo shaped curling irons haha (Jessie!!!)


Meghan said...

Oh my. He is STUNNINGLY HOT. I always loved him, but The Voice made me love him more.

And you best be celebrating your 30th, girl! I think you should leave school at the end of the day, go get a mani/pedi and have an awesome dinner with friends!

meghan said...

I would like to find out how to get someone to grocery shop for me and have it ready for me, but at my house instead. I'm thinking about getting velcro rollers. I have really thin hair that is really curly, and my problem is getting volume and a managed curl instead of a mop head.

And, what do you do at the gym? I joined one last week and have been a few times, but I get nervous about touching anything besides the machines...

Leesh said...

God I love that photo of Adam. His girlfriend is one luck b!tch. I am so jealous!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

LOL!! I had to minimize my screen real quick when I got to Adam's picture so my co-workers wouldn't see!! hahaha!

I need to add you on Hanging With Friends. I'm obsessed with it, too!

P.S. Virgin is having a sale on flights, Super cheap...hint hint ;) Ends today at 4 though!

Faiza said...

adam levine...only dude on my "list"

i love silence especially when i am around people i love.

Alicia said...

excuse me while i wipe the drool off my chin... holy hotness batman... and i have the opposite issue. i have super curly hair and i have to spend hours just to get it straight!

H. Gillham said...

You and Tiffany and your observations -- I bet those "pink" pads would be interesting to read. :)


Painted red nails model?

I have nothing to say except .... just no. I love some of Adam's music, but his "outside" recreational choices, not so much.

A wise writer once said, "Learn to be still." I haven't.

Curling iron? They still make those?

As for you being 30? *cries*

I'm gonna take a day off for your birthday, just sayin'.


undomestic chica said...

1) If you and I ever met, it would be a continual talk-fest. I'm not into silence at all. For years people have been telling me to meditate - it's just so hard! 2) OMG that pic is HOT! 3) That curling iron somewhat looks like a sex toy but if it works, I'll try it. My hair is the same as yours. I flat iron every day but my hair still doesn't hold curl.