Friday, August 12, 2011

The Back to School Spirit?

Teachers had to report back Wednesday (seriously?  August 10th? Earlier and earlier my dear . . . ), and my summery-rested body has been in a state of shock!  This whole waking up at the crack of dawn thing is for the birds.  And not only waking up early, but plunging into academic discourse about the achievement gap and special education test scores and improving our practice . . . just give me Jersey Shore!!

I'm sorta kidding; it's been great to see all my co-workers and get ready for school, but not gonna lie, I'm missing waking up at 9:30 and being in my bathing suit and watching Jax's sexiest scenes on repeat.

This is what we did after the first day back to school:

(same plan for today)

Other things I'm excited about:

*My stalking plans: Heading up to Napa/Sonoma Sunday . . . but I've learned that Ben F's Evolve Wines doesn't have a tasting room/public "winery."  So that leaves me no choice but to attend this next Friday.

*My latest nail polish find:

*I ordered this to celebrate the arrival of football season!

*My BFF is coming to visit me Labor Day weekend and I cannot wait!!!

us in . . . 2006? 2005?

Oh and speaking of Jersey Shore (several paragraphs ago), my friend Matt and I tweet each other every Jerzday with funny #s about our favorite guidos and guidettes.  Examples:


Got any to contribute?  Happy Friday!


Dee Stephens said...

I'm a jelly bean about your trip to Sonoma!! Always a good time!

Meri said...

Just think about the rest of us poor jerks who have been getting up at the crack of dawn all summer :) hehe, just kidding. I think you found a good coping mechanism for after work though! A nice cold beer is a way to hang onto summer!

this free bird said...

I can't believe you're back to work already. Claire I am not ready for summer to be over!!! Please do come visit!! xo

April said...

Love this post. And love all the beer! Can't wait to get back to the bar when school starts.

H. Gillham said...

Tiffany's coming to see you?


Give her a hug.

And I dunno about that nail polish. I hope it was cheap...

I can't believe that teachers need to drink. :)

Saw the buses do their "first" run on Friday -- school starts with children on Monday, but not for me. I'll just wave at the buses and sip my java on the deck. It's a beautiful thing.

bananas. said...

mmm beer...

is that a grayish green polish? me likes!

yay football season!!!

besties make the world go round.

and no...i don't tweet. never will. but i LOVE jersey shore!!!

meg fee said...

but back to's so fun. i miss that feeling of a fresh start. savor it for me won't you?

Micaela said...

cheers to your first day back! it does seem like it's earlier and earlier every year but nothing co-workers and beer can't make better (as evidence of my karaoke weekend! ;) lol). Essie color? LOVE! and i'm with you on the EXCITEMENT of seeing football on my tv again but you know it's the year for the COWBOYS right? ;)

love you and our catch up chat yesterday! though seriously... i think i'm still reeling over my hangover... the thought of margaritas and happy hour just makes my stomach turn again. LOL

sheba said...

i miss you! can't believe you've already started back at school! i have two more weeks before i have to report back! thought of you this weekend as e and i did a bike tour of some niagara wineries. can't wait to visit some in napa with you one day! xo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't believe school is already going back in!?! The summer has officially ended... sad.

All Glam Things said...

Love that nail polish!

Im your new follower!