Monday, August 1, 2011

I Left My Heart in Cabo San Lucas: Beach Pics

I'm sitting at Peet's (coffee shop, for those non-Californians among you) working on lesson plans today, daydreaming about being back at Capella.  Here are some pictures of our time in Cabo from Cari and JJ's camera.  Feast your eyes on the beauty & preciousness (of Jude).  

*you may have to enlarge these since I can't figure out how to make pics bigger on my blog.  

Jude and me upon our arrival in Cabo

Cari and Milo in the Capella lobby.  Check out his scrunchy face.

JJ and Milo having dinner at "The Office."  So sweet.

Judebug with our butler, Victor (aka guacamole master)

plunge pool on our patio, overlooking the resort & the Pacific

I got the boys shirts to match their eyes :)

me & my piggies getting some sun

view from my elliptical in the fitness center
(totally untouched iphone photo)
who wouldn't work out every day if this was the view???

me, Cari, and the boys

infinity pool numero dos: on the beach

terribly grainy picture of me and JJ
before a debauched night out starting at Cabo Wabo
(you don't wanna know where it ended)

just a pirate ship, no big thang

Cari and JJ: on our patio pre-date night
(side note: I fell in love with that dress but it didn't fit me so I got it for Cari!)

oh Capella, how I long for thee
(another unedited iPhone pic taken from patio)

If you're even thinking of going to Cabo, I can't recommend Capella highly enough.  Just click on that link and you'll start salivating.  I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is being back home after 8 blissed out days there!  Only regret: not getting pictures of the cute waiters/resort staff.

Here's to being able to return in 2012!


Bad Joan said...

Great images. Looks like so much fun!


kimbirdy said...

i'm sorry, i think i'm going to have to hate you just a little bit for just a little while. :) wow, what an amazing trip!!!

Anonymous said...

looks gorgeous!

Meghan said...

OH MY! Girl, these photos are just beautiful and your vacay looks like a DREAM! I didn't know you traveled with the little cuties, too. I bet they made the trip all the more special:)

this free bird said...

how on earth did you ever come back. holy mother of pearl.

and thanks so much for your kind words on grayce. this is the worst :(

Phoenix Peacock said...

holy cow! if they ever need a second babysitter... I'm ready! haha.
I'm so glad you enjoyed your time there (how could you not?) and feel refreshed and revived. May the light of a trip next year be at the end of your tunnel for all the months ahead!

Lane said...

We must go sometime...

nicoleciomek said...

Looks like a lovely vacation! beautiful location, i can only imagine how relaxing that was!

tara said...

I just love cabo! I hope we can go back soon! Its so beautiful there!

Kristin H said...

Looks like you had a great time. Long time since I have been there:)

passport in my pocket said...

I need to get to Cabo STAT. Also, Peet's. Love that chain.

drollgirl said...

wah!!! it is so gorgeous! and it looks like so much fun! i just had a week off and had to stay home since i blew all of my money on my last (dumb) trip to vegas. wah. this is where i want to go next. and i want to go as soon as possible!!!!!!!

Karena said...

Claire, what a great trip!! I can see how much fun you all had!! PS I need to get away!


Art by Karena

April said...

Looks like a dream!!! Lucky girl. :)

bananas. said...

so wait a they take you on vacation every year? that is niiiiice!!!

i love mexico...the sand, the turquoise waters, the heat and, of course, the fruity cocktails! your pics are gorg! i want to go!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

forget new york, i wanna go to cabo!!! i've never been, but from the pictures i've seen and stories i've heard, i can imagine i'd never want to come back to virginia!

Faiza said...

i am so thrilled that you got to have a blissful 8 days in cabo. what a terrific way to end summer vacay and start a new year at balboa and lead up to your special birthday!

pirate ship??? how crazy! did they not pique your curiousity the way the biker folk did? (giggles)

hope that the memories of that trip make their way into plans for another blissful time for you! you deserve it! love you.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Seriously amazing! Let's start saving now and head out there next year :) Or maybe you can convince them to take me along ;) JK!!

Glad you had a great trip. You all look so happy :)

this free bird said...

i just saw your comment on the bachelorette recap and almost peed my pants. wherever his vineyard is you need to get there on the double!! xoxo

Gracie said...

This place looks utterly amazing!! The views you had were awe inspiring and I truly want to visit this place.

All the boys are so adorable. x

Marz said...

CLAIRE!!!!! JEEEEALLLLOUUUUUUSSS!!!! For all the places I have been to I have never once been to Mexico...and I'm half MEXICAN!!! :) hahaha Can I go with you in 2012???!!?! I think this is where we need to have our next girls trip :) Forget Texas! You've been here already haha As you know I love the beach and I can't believe how beautiful it is there! Esp when you consider some of those are unedited iphone pics! The infinity pool - heavenly! It would be a hard decision to just stay there or hit the actual beach! And I'm so glad you got to experience this all with your Judebug :) JJ & Cari are so much fun just hanging out at their place, I can only imagine how great it would be to be with them in Mexico! :) The boys look SO precious in the shirts you got them. And can I just say how proud I am of you for hitting the gym while on such an amazing vacation :) Love all the pics Claire! You look SO beautiful!!!! That dress is so pretty!

Micaela said...

oh my gosh, i can't believe these are not edited! it looks like paradise! i LOVE the photo of you and cari with the boys (btw those shirts? ADORABLE!) and the one of you and jj on your crazy night (ha!) -- loving the dress!

can i come with you next year?! :)


Leesh said...

This is seriously a beautiful place. I usually go to the Mayan Riviera side so it would be nice to check out Cabo. Capella is gorgeous but when my hubby and I looked at the prices for the rooms, it was kinda, well, really expensive. I know that it would totally be worth it. Gorgeous photos and those two boys are cutie, especially with the shirts you bought them.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh it looks so amazing there! I'm totally jealous!