Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Moon-y Blues

A friend posted on facebook yesterday that the moon is in Pisces, wreaking havoc on our emotions.  Maybe that's it.  Or maybe it's the recent full moon?  Or maybe it has nothing to do with the moon at all.  In any case, I've been a huge crybaby the past couple days.  I feel like there's something afoot (over which I have no control), and nothing brings on emotional exhaustion & anxiety for me like powerlessness.  

And part of it may have to do with the upcoming execution in Georgia.  Yesterday after work, I went with the Campaign to End the Death Penalty folks to the Lake Merritt BART station to set up tables & hand out information about Troy Davis (for me, doing this type of work is always simultaneously important/empowering and terribly sad).  Georgia is scheduled to execute Troy Davis a week from tomorrow; he was convicted in 1991 of killing a white police officer, but since then, 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted (there's no physical evidence).  One of the remaining two witnesses is the other principal suspect.

(Here's a link to Amnesty International's efforts to stop this execution).

When I'm in a mood like this, I always face the following decision:  Do I indulge my wayward emotions and give into the melancholy by listening to sad songs, taking long baths, etc.?  Or do I buck up and go to the gym, listen to clips from my favorite prank caller, and force myself to snap out of it?  

I think one of the curses of being an extrovert is the longing for others to make you feel better.  It takes so little to cheer me up; therefore, my inclination is to think Ugh, if only she would do this . . . or, if only he would say that.  Which is ridiculous.  People can't read minds.

(Speaking of which, I've been listening to the Killers' Read My Mind on repeat for days).

Here's hoping for a halted execution, a shift in the moon's path, and cheerier days.  After all, we're barreling toward the weekend.


Deviled Megs said...

I am feeling pretty identical to what you described. And the worst part of all of it is that I feel helpless. I would love love LOVE it if it can be blamed on something like the moon so that I knew that eventually (and hopefully soon!) it will change and things will feel better again.

wfayew said...

This gives me chills.

Matthew Snope said...

As you know I think it has nothing to do with astrology but in saying that I can hear the collective gasp of most females and other astrology-believin' folk raise their fists against me.
Deviled Megs! That's funny.
Who's yr favorite prank caller? I like the Jerky Boys, Touchtone Terrorists, Crank Yankers, and Mr. Willie P. Richardson.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

oh my gosh, troy davis. when i worked in tv news, we ran stories about him ALLLLLL the time...the deputy he's accused of killing, mark macphail, is a native of my hometown, and then of course he worked in savannah when it all went down. (and i totally know all this from memory, i wrote that script at least 50 times in my 5 years there).

sometimes our judicial system is SO confusing and messed's like the system wants so badly to be "right" that they don't want to look at any evidence that they could be wrong.

while brian nichols, who is ON TAPE shooting all those people in the courthouse in 2004, just bides his time in jail. it's so messed up.

i think i win for longest comment EVER.

bananas. said...

these kind of stories are so depressing...

now i'm in a bummed mood. darnit!

hoping and praying for troy davis.

Marz said...

I hate days/weeks/months where I feel so sensitive to everything that almost anything can make me cry. And it's the worst when you can't really place why aside from just feeling emotional. Although I can only imagine what the execution of Troy Davis will do to you :( I'm praying and crossing my fingers that his execution will get stopped. And I'm SO proud of you knowing you're helping and doing all you can to make sure that it does. You're an amazing woman Claire! Sending you lots of hugs and hoping you're having a great Thursday! xoxo
p.s. I LOVE "Read My Mind" I love the Killers period. Anytime I hear "Mr. Brightside" it takes me back to a special pub in London ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sorry your having a tough day/week :( Here's something to cheer you up: just reminisce about us, watching weight loss shows, tweeting about them, and making fun of people ;)

Ugh see I am scared to death to ever be on a jury because even with evidence I'd be scared to give a guilty verdict just to go to prison (even for a small crime). I know that's ridiculous. I'd just hate to have so much power. So the death penalty has always scared me for this very reason you blogged about.

drollgirl said...

i hope the execution will be halted too.

and hope that happy times are right around the corner for you and for all, as i think we could all use some!

Micaela said...

us pisces...

if only i could transport myself to your dining room table again and listen to your favorite prank caller. (hilarious!)

the killers, "read my mind"- favorite lyrics: "well I don't mind, if you don't mind Cause I don't shine if you don't shine."

sometimes i take my restlessness for a run but i'm more of a wallower as of late. i love you so! and am currently drinking coffee out of my "san francisco" cup thinking of you and missing you.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I followed your link to Amnesty Int'l and signed the petition. I hope enough people will sign it and that they'll halt the execution. What a sad, messed up story that is. And the worst bit? It's not just a story. It's someone's real life.

Hugs, Claire.