Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks for gracing us with your presence, Friday.

True to form (of weeks with Monday off work), this week has flown by.  With such speed that I am now concerned that suddenly I'm going to wake up and be 65 years old.  How is it September already??

Speaking of September, the only reason I am accepting its arrival is that with it comes football.  Tragically, my team lost last night.  But they put up a damn good fight at Lambeau Field . . . and the Packers are on top of their shit when they play at home.  42-34 . . . a seriously high-scoring game.  And although the night ended with my head in my hands, I loved seeing these two quarterbacks go head to head.  A fine match, gentlemen.

While I should be spending the next two days scouring my filthy house, planning curriculum, and basking in the sun, instead I will be hanging out with boys all weekend.  Specifically, these two:

in cute news, Jude says "Claire" now

Also, I officially put the Hells Angels Pimp & Ho Ball on my google calendar.  That makes Friday a little more palatable.  And I'm looking forward to an early October visit from this girl.  What's making your Friday manageable?  


April said...

Oh goodness, that Pimp and Ho Ball looks like something else. I can't wait to hear all about it!!! There's a party around here called Robots and Sluts. Not as cool as Hell's Angels, but it's funny to see what kind of outfits people put together.

Just Cherish Today said...

I was rooting for the saints! :) I'm not a packer fan!

Gracie said...

Haha Pimp and Ho that ought to be fun! Wow of course you would put that on your Google calender :)

So cute that Jude can say Claire. That always makes you feel special.

As for time speeding past. It freaks me out!

Marz said...

A damn good fight is right!!! :) I am seriously amazed that your Saints were able to come back because honestly I was a little worried for you and Jessie in the beginning. They were such a hot mess! When they came back it made for such a good and exciting season opener :) I cannot freaking wait for Sunday...Dallas Cowboys baby!!! (plus we get to swoon over Mark Sanchez at the same time :) Man I love football season!!! :)

The boys look absolutely adorable in their jeans :) You're going to have to call me when Jude is in a talking mood so I can hear him say your name :) SO adorable!!!

I am so excited for your Hells Angels event and for Shelly's visit!!! It's so neat that she was my first blogger meet up and I just fell in love with her. You're going to do the same :) I wish I was there too :(

Have a great weekend sweet Claire! Love you xoxo